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Why Are Women Attracted to Risk-Takers?

Why Are Women Attracted to Risk-Takers?

Have you ever tried to impress a woman and everything you do seems to backfire?

Each and every guy has experienced this at one point in his life.

…it almost feels like breaking into Area 51 would be way easier than impressing her!

Well, there is your mistake number one.

Why Are Women Attracted to Risk-Takers?

Depending on the level of your interaction, women are more attracted to guys that challenge them than the guys trying to impress them.

So today, I want to look at behaviour patterns of risk-takers and how it makes women attracted to them.

The modern dating scene is changing at a fast pace, and some guys are being left on the sidelines without knowing it.

Guys that want to increase their success with women take mastering the skills of dating as a hobby.

Whether you are meeting her on the dating app or approaching her at the café, mastering dating skills is vital.

Women want the same things, regardless of where they met you.

However, the species of men that get women on their heels are the risk-takers.

Risk takers are not the typical guys that walk past us at the bar, looking all cute.

They are the type of guys that look dangerous, devilishly sexy, and have something about them that you can’t accurately pinpoint as dating coaches for men.

So, how does the risk-taker get women chasing after him?

The art of mystery

Women know that most guys can’t stand silence when they are trying to impress them.

They feel like it’s a moment they are losing her. However, risk-takers are entirely different.

You can’t predict their moves using the gauges we use on the everyday John Doe.

They will thrive in that silence and switch it up so that the woman feels the need to talk.

They are not the guys that you get home and wait for to call dating coaches for men.

They have mastered the art of mystery, and that’s what every woman wants.

Dating risk-takers is like waking up to a new puzzle every day.

They reveal just enough to keep you hooked.

Conversations with mysterious guys are fun, and that’s why we love it.

You never know how or when he will twist things.

They are a breath of fresh air from all the routine that goes on in our lives.

Natural charmers

Have you ever charmed your way to her bedroom?

Well, don’t feel sorry for yourself if you haven’t because my upcoming webinar will change that.

We will talk about mastering the art of charm.

Why Are Women Attracted to Risk-Takers?

You see, our attitudes towards life and the future have a significant impact on our behaviour today.

Women are attracted to risk-takers because of the positivity that they possess.

They live for the day, and they believe they can get anything.

That gives them a platform to speak to any woman as if they have known each other for a while.

That makes them comfortable and confident talking about anything, including sex.

And by the way… we don’t think you are perverts if you talk about sex in a playful and exciting way.

On the contrary, risk-takers use their sense of humour to charm their way into our hearts.

They know which feelings to provoke with their charm.

They possess supreme confidence

One day I was at a club with my friends when a guy came and sat beside me and ordered his drink.

He looked at me, straight into my eyes, and smiled and then took a sip of his drink.

He sat patiently, and when our eyes met again, he turned and faced me.

He said the following, “You’re cute but I don’t think I can trust you”, with a huge smile on his face!

Now, that was a decent opener, and it also shows intention, happiness, and cockiness.

It was a huge risk considering he had never seen me, but I was very impressed with his confidence and timing.

He waited until our eyes were locked to each other.

Risk takers are not afraid of rejection, and that makes them kind of immune.

They will take a woman on a roller-coaster of emotions then leave when the timing is perfect.

Lack of confidence makes guys overstay their welcome because they want to explain every single thing.

Mastered the art of storytelling

Risk takers are not afraid to approach a woman because they always have something to say.

Storytelling is one of the sneakiest ways to form an emotional bond with someone.

Women are usually very reluctant, opening up to strangers.

Risk-takers use the art of storytelling to show their vulnerability and open up to a woman emotionally.

He has a set of emotions in mind that he wants to trigger and connect with, and the story he tells serves the suppose.

Risk-takers use this technique to understand the woman they have approached.

Once you have connected with a woman at an emotional level, it becomes hard for her to let go.

That gives the risk-taker a chance to pull back and let her draw in.

Pushing boundaries

Can you dare say what you want, to a woman you just met?

Most guys will beat around the bush until the time you want to go when they start opening up their intentions.

There are boundaries that you can push that will make a woman intrigued with you.

Risk-takers push the limits that girls would rather not do in public, but think or fancy about it.

One thing that you have to give the risk-takers is their understanding of the female dating psychology.

They know what women want, and they provide them with the option to chase after it.

You can only successfully push her boundaries if you know how far to push them.


Annabella 😚