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What women secretly want in bed?

What Women Secretly Want In Bed

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan from Guys Today, I am going to talk about What Women Secretly Want In Bed. Men always complain that women are complex and they have a better chance of understanding astronomy than their women. However, the truth is that we are simple and if you only listen to our actions then you will understand us. Most women are not open to sexual discussions, and it might be a challenge to know what they want in bed which creates sexual anxiety in men. Although women are different but here is what most women secretly want in bed:

Get her into the mood

If your woman has started having headaches every time you want to have sex with her, then you are doing something wrong. Women want you to create a romantic fantasy for them even if you do not live up to it. Once my head is tuned to your beat, then I will start fantasizing about what I like which will ease me up for the action. Talking dirty is not bad; most women like it, but they are shy to say or start talking dirty. Flirt with your woman and tell her how beautiful she is to boost her confidence before the action.

What women secretly want in bed?

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