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What Turns Women Off?

What Turns Women Off?

Let me take you to the following scene…

You have just matched with a stunner from a dating app.

She’s blonde, with blue eyes, a spitting image of Margot Robbie!


You get super excited as she responds well to your opener and all is smooth sailing from there.

What Turns Women Off?

You then hit her with a message requesting a date, which she agrees to.

However, sadly, the fling doesn’t last for long or even past the first date.

You then begin to question yourself…

“Is it my dress sense?”

“Could it be my height?”

“Are my arms too small?”

Unfortunately, most of you guys pay too much attention to your physical appearance, the perfume, your shirt, but seem to totally forget one thing…

Your words.

Despite that nice smelling cologne or your fantastic sense of fashion, the words you say to us will determine whether we go forward with another date or not.

Why is this so?

In as much as we are great observers, we are also great listeners.

What Turns Women Off?

We would definitely notice what you wear to the date and where you take us for dinner, but we pay very close attention to the words you will utter.

By now, you are probably wondering how the hell you could possibly know the right words to use.

But do not sweat.

Here are the three main phrases that should never leave your mouth the next time you go on a date.

“I don’t mind, what do you want?”

Actually, this is one of the famously overused phrases in most relationships and dating.

But what this shows is how you are an indecisive person who cannot commit and give a direct response to making any plans dating coach for men.

Understand one thing, make an effort to show us that you can actually make a decision.

Whichever plans you make with her for the day, have different options in mind so that you give out the suggestions.

I know men imagine being “nice” whenever you ask us where we would like to go, or which restaurant we would like to eat.

But all you are showing us is that you do not have whatever it takes to confidently take charge and lead the way as a real man should.

It actually shows how charming you are to us by letting us relax, just like a woman who is being swept of her feet.

On top of that, we love surprises and don’t worry about making a lousy selection of areas to hang out.

It is the unforgettable dating stories that we make.

What we will remember is that you are direct and willing to take the lead.

“You are so pretty.”

It is a straightforward compliment and yet so innocent, but it can land you on her judgment’s wrong side.

The truth is we like to be told of how pretty we are, but now the problem comes in when a man says it every five minutes.

And this is what most men do.

When you say the phrase too much, it leaves you looking too needy or desperate most of the time.

I remember having a chat with some of my girls, and the topic came up.

They complained that the phrase has been used too much and on every other lady who feels less special to them.

But what if you want to let her know she is pretty? What can you say?

I would advise on taking a more focused approach where you compliment something about her rather than the whole of her.

For example, “I love your big blue eyes” or “short hair,” which is actually more appealing to the ladies.

“You are different from other girls/I’m not like other guys.”

Your manly instincts will direct you to tell us how we are different from the other ladies out there, thinking that it is a sweet compliment.

To most women, it is the most inappropriate phrase a man can use on a woman.

On the surface, your “innocent” compliment is supposed to make her feel special from all the other females out there.

But trust me, that is not how she will interpret it.

It would rather portray you as someone who has a low opinion on women, and girls are not open to any remotely chauvinistic phrases.

Also, telling her, you are not like other guys can reassure her, especially if she has had some terrible experiences.

But this is also an example of actions that speak louder than words.

So, telling her you are not like the men she has come across is one thing, and acting it is another.

But when you are trustworthy, loving, caring, and you give us the attention we want, then you wouldn’t even have to say those words.

So there you have it, the three things you say that could turn off 99% of women!

Hope this was insightful.

Take care and use what we have learned today to make your dating experience more fun.

Lots of love,

Gaby 💜

P. S. Ever wondered what it takes to become a true Alpha Male?! I will reveal ALL this upcoming Sunday so stay tuned.