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What to talk about with a girl

What to talk about with a girl

One of the elements of dating and seduction that a lot of guys get caught with is conversation or to be more precise lack of. Time and time again it is an area many guys get stuck on.

Think about the scenario, you have managed to pluck up the courage to walk over to that pretty girl waiting at the bus stop and you successfully deliver an opening line but then what then? Most guys get caught here and neither he or the girl walks away due to the awkward silence.

So it is vitally important that you have this area covered and you know where to go with the conversation after the opener.

It helps to have a few stories memorised but the most effective thing to do is to learn how to develop a rapport with the person.

Talk about with a girl

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Essentially it is about developing a connection.

The biggest mistake that most guys make with women is that they start asking them question after question like “where are you from?” and no quicker than she has barely answered that question than the guy has moved onto asking the next question which is another boring question that she has been asked time and time again.

Think about it, you go out with your friends to relax and enjoy yourself and the same goes for a girl so why honestly would she want to keep talking to you if you keep bombarding her with boring questions about where she works or where she is from?

Instead you should ask open ended questions or better yet, make statements instead of asking questions. If you want to know where she is from guess where she is from rather than ask, even if she is not from Spain like you guessed, it will intrigue her to why you thought she was from there to begin with.

This also gives you a valuable way of bringing the conversation to where you want it to go as you could have a great story memorised of a time when you lived and worked in Spain that will interest and intrigue her.

If you are interested in sports you could tell her that she looks sporty or she looks like she is a fitness instructor which will give you a chance to talk about yourself and what you are comfortable talking about

Listen to what she is saying as everything that she is telling you is another way to bring the conversation forward and develop a genuine connection with her.

If she talks to you about her job, make a genuine effort to know more about her job like if she says to you that she is a doctor, make a positive statement like “wow it must be a great thing to be able to improve people’s health you are very lucky” by making statements like this you are showing that you genuinely want to get to know her rather than just sleep with her.

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If she works in a job that she hates don’t get caught with this, just simply ask her what job would she love to do or what is her passion in life.

Remember to always control where the conversation goes so as to keep it positive. The goal of this is to be able to develop a positive connection with her.

You do not even have to talk about what she works at but I am simply just giving you an example of how you can go about developing a good connection with her.

Remember your main goal when you approach a girl is to give her the chance to know you better and what your passions in life are and also for her to be able to talk about what her passions are in life which will essentially make you connect with each other better.

Always remember not to get too caught up with just one area either, you approached her because you are attracted to her so always be looking at the next stage.

If you have approached her during the day, once you have developed a good connection with her, you should make your excuses to leave and get her number, if it is in a bar or a club you should be looking to kino or touch her to develop a connection while looking to isolate her and kiss her.

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