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What to do when your girlfriend ignores you

What to do when your girlfriend ignores you

A lot goes on in your head once you realize that your girlfriend is ignoring you. The limbo that your thoughts land in trying to figure out why can create anxiety because you don’t know if she’s still interested or not.

Your girlfriend ignores you

You know that your relationship is in the balance when your girlfriend is ignoring you and you have no way of contacting her. But what do you do when you are at this point in your relationship? Is there a way to reverse the relationship to what it used to be?

In this blog, you’ll explore what to do when your girlfriend ignores you.

What does it mean to the girl when she ignores you? We’ll shed more light on what goes on when you find yourself being ignored by your girl and how to maneuver it.

1.      Understand the situation

The first thing to consider when pondering on what to do when your girlfriend ignores you is having a clear mind of the situation.

Most girls find insecurity in a guy they are dating as a turnoff. Furthermore, people don’t like being falsely accused in a relationship. It undermines the effort and emotions the other person is putting in to make the relationship work.

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When you feel like you are being ignored, take a step back and assess the situation critically before approaching your girlfriend with your concerns. Look out for the incidents that you consider a sign that she’s ignoring you.

Understand if your perception of the situation is triggered by insecurity or unrealistic expectations. People still need to have individual lives especially when they are in a relationship to avoid unhealthy dependence.

It can be challenging to call yourself out when you feel insecure about something. But try as much as you can to approach the situation for what it is.

2.      Understand why she’s doing it.

It’s challenging to have patience with a girl that is ignoring you. But to have a clear mind to make an informed decision about the next step, you’ll need to understand why your girl is ignoring you.

When you understand the cause. It becomes easy to gauge the intensity response and approach you’ll need to get the desired outcome. Your girlfriend might ignore you because you offended her. That will require you to backtrack and figure out what it is and make things right.

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Nevertheless, it can be challenging to understand why your girlfriend is ignoring you if she has severed all the forms of communication. In which case, you’ll have to accept that you can’t do anything about it. See how long it lasts and make a decision that favors you and your happiness.

3.      Give her breathing space

The first reaction when you feel that you are losing the girl you love will be to try and quickly fix things. You’ll notice her ignoring you and that’s when you’ll be motivated to spend more time with her because you don’t want to feel ignored or the undesirable aura in your relationship.

However, not every time that your girlfriend ignores you is a situation leading to a catastrophic outcome. No one is ever prepared for how overwhelming long-term romantic relationships can be. It’s important that you take silent breaks in the relationship and reflect on yourself.

What to do when you notice your girlfriend is ignoring you is take a chill pill and give her some space. Maybe she gave you silent hints that she wanted to be alone and you didn’t note the hints and drastic measures had to be put in place.

Raise your concerns when you see that the situation has been persistent for a long time. You’ll have more to back your story when you are patient.

4.      Talk to your girl

When your girlfriend ignores you, the first reaction will be to think it has something to do with you. On the contrary, your girlfriend ignoring you can be a sign of emotional distress or disconnect. It might have nothing to do with you.

Talking to your girl when you feel she’s ignoring you is an accurate way to go to the root of the problem. The more you keep guessing about why she might be ignoring you, the more anxious you’ll become. You’ll have multiple scenarios that answer the ‘why’ but they might all not be correct.

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When you decide to take this approach, it’s vital to consider the aspect of timing. If your girlfriend is going through a rough emotional patch, bringing up your emotions without understanding hers can brew a disconnect. Try to understand what’s going on with her before you tell her that you feel ignored.

5.      Give yourself self-care

When you feel ignored in a relationship, it can inspire feelings of neglect which is a painful place to be. What to do when your girlfriend ignores you is to focus on yourself because no one is going to do it for you.

If your girlfriend is intentionally ignoring you, she’s also seeing the emotional stress that her actions cause you. And if she doesn’t notice, does it make a difference? It still shows that she doesn’t care.

Focusing on trying to fix things or figure out why she is ignoring you might take a heavy emotional and psychological toll on you. It can drain your confidence and self-esteem because you might be chasing a girl that doesn’t want to be chased.

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Redirect all your energy and love to yourself when you are ignored in a relationship. Go to the gym and get the amazing body you want. Take a masterclass and learn a skill that you’ve dreamt of for a while.

You’ll grow happier as a person and your energy will start attracting more people. Your girlfriend will want you because you’ve improved yourself. At that point, you’ll make a decision if it’s worth it.

6.      Practice patience and compassion

It can be very tempting to ignore your girlfriend when you notice that she’s ignoring you. It’s that voice bouncing echo in your head that you should avoid. You’ll create a bigger emotional rift between you when you ignore your girlfriend because she’s doing it too.

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You’ll always have conflict in your relationship when you let ego take over. Sometimes you have to calm down to understand what your girlfriend is going through. It might seem tough but if you love a person you always desire what’s best for them.

What to do when your girlfriend ignores you is show her compassion and patience. If she’s going through stress, she’ll be happy to know that she still has you. It can make her comfortable to approach you and confide in you what she’s experiencing.

7.      Accept that things might be over.

It’s a desire that when you love someone it will always be that way. However, when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, feelings might change. You or your girlfriend might fall in love with other people even while still dating coaches for men.

What to do when your girlfriend ignores you is assess the intensity of the situation and accept the outcome. If your girlfriend has cut all communications and sabotages any attempt you make to initiate contact, it can be a sign of lost interest or breakup. Girls ignoring guys is common in some girls who fear confrontation during a breakup.

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Accepting that she’s moving on without you can help you refocus on rebuilding yourself. You’ll avoid the negative emotional drag that comes with pursuing a girl that is no longer interested in you.

Tips on things that will show you that you are being ignored because the relationship is ending:

    • She is ignoring you and making rapid moves to secure her independence from you. She’ll try to reduce things that might make you spend time together in the future.
    • She’s blocked you in every way you might make contacts such as social media or calls. It’s a way some girls trigger guys into letting them go. You’ll lose interest in someone you can’t communicate with.
  • She stops acknowledging your relationship. A girl can be ignoring you because she is already emotionally detached from the relationship. Take note of how she refers to your relationship.

Final Take

Relationships experience unique challenges. When you are thinking about what to do when your girlfriend ignores you, it’s crucial to have realistic expectations of the situation. You’ll get a solution when you are honest with yourself about the actual situation.

If your girlfriend is ignoring you because she has moved on, take the hard truth and find the best thing for you. People change and emotions change even in a relationship. But always be kind to yourself when you don’t feel it externally.

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