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What to do on a first date with a girl you met online

What to do on a first date with a girl you met online
What to do on a first date with a girl you met online

How wild and interesting the online dating world is. There are several people online that might spark your interest but there are a few that you would want to meet in person for a date.

If you came to this blog, it is probably because you have met a person who fits the criteria for a physical meet. What should you do on a first date with a girl you met online?

First Date With A Girl

The online dating scene has picked up quite a bit during the last few years. You may prefer to go online where it is easier to determine whether someone has similar interests to yours.

While some of them might be deceiving, profile pictures also go a long way in picking potential chat buddies.

After getting to know the person, you might feel inclined to meet them, which is okay. How do you prepare for the date, and how do you go about it?

Before Asking Her Out

Before meeting your fair maiden, it might be a good idea to know some things before asking them out.

For example, during online conversations, it might not be a good idea to have lengthy chats with her.

The danger of lengthy chats is that most people talk about everything, thus depriving themselves of the opportunity to have meaningful conversations in person.

Lengthy chats might also trick her into thinking you want to play the role of the best friend in her life, yikes!

There are a lot of people out there that are not compatible so it might not be a good idea to ask every online girl out for a date.

Get to know her a little bit, you could even initiate a video call when the time is right. Such calls, when done infrequently cause a familiarity that dissipates the awkwardness of the first date dating coach for men.

What to Do Before the Date


If you are the one who asked her out on a date, make sure you pick a location that is suitable for you.

If money is tight, picking out a place allows you to stay within your budget. However, you might want to ask her about splitting the bill if she insists on a location that might be too hefty.

Remember, don’t break the bank! It is only a date to get to know her and see if you would want her to be your girlfriend.

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The location should also be safe and in a public place. If you are meeting a person for the first time, it is a good idea to remember that even if it feels like you know them, you really don’t.

You also want her to feel safe meeting you in that location. You should also inform somebody where you are going or share your location.

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The first date should not be very complicated. You could ask her out for coffee.

A coffee date usually takes one hour, which will be enough time to figure out whether you want to go for ice cream or drinks later.

Drinks are also a great option but you do not want to drink and become too drunk to get to know her; it would defeat the purpose of the date.

If both of you share common interests or hobbies, you could kill the monotony of coffee and drinks by planning an activity you might both enjoy.

If you are both competitive, you could ask her to team up for a fun yet challenging activity with you. You will feel as if you know each other by the end of it.

Remember, it has to be a fun date that lets you know new aspects of each other and where you both feel comfortable!

It is always good to plan a “date after the date”. This is a plan to extend the date.

What to do on a first date with a girl you met online

The first date should be short and casual. However, if you are enjoying each other’s company and would want to extend the date, it might be good to have something in your back pocket.

Plan for it in advance so that you are able to transition the date smoothly without ruining the tone.

She will also feel as if you are good at planning things and great at handling impromptu situations.


You have to look great on your date because it is the first physical impression, she will have of you.

Your sense of style and the clothes you choose are a small taste of your personality, so make it count.

Make sure you choose clothes that highlight your best features. Practicing a few poses in the mirror in your outfit will also help you feel confident in your look.

Personal hygiene is important for a lot of social interactions, and this one is no exception.

Take a shower before you show up for the date, use a bit of cologne and make sure your hair looks great.

If your date feels that you put in an effort, she will feel appreciated and will immediately feel more attracted to you.


There is no use in showing up to your date as a nervous wreck. This will ruin your chances at having fun and might spoil the fun for your date by extension.

If your hobby, exercise, meditation, or music helps rebalance and reset you then do whatever you have to do. Your mental state needs to be in top shape for the date.

The Actual Date

First impressions

The day has finally come, what could possibly go wrong? You show up late, that’s what.

Showing up late to the date makes her feel like you do not value her time so don’t mess it up by showing up late.

If you’re going to show up late, it would be better to call or text ahead and make it up to them when you can, if they let you.

Remember, if she is running late, you should let her know if she has inconvenienced you, it lets her know you value your time as well.

When your date arrives, you have to exude confidence, and the first thing you should do is compliment her.

The compliment should be sincere and will help her let her guard down.

Stay relaxed and make sure that your body posture makes her see that you are non-threatening yet ready to get to know her.

Do not sit too close to her or hug her too tight if she goes in for a hug.

Get a handle on the conversation

There are plenty of ways by which people can get to know each other on a date but talking is most of it.

Getting a good handle on the conversation will definitely make the girl want to talk to you past the first date.

A great conversation also lets you in on who the person is and lets them know what kind of person you are.

Be interesting

It is always a good idea to have other activities in your life. Such interests and hobbies build up your portfolio as a person and make you a more wholesome individual.

If you do not have activities going on in your life, she is likely to feel (even subconsciously) as if you will constantly be needing her time.

If you have other things going in your life, it is also a great way to keep the conversation going when you start running out of topics.

Telling her about a recent experience you had when you traveled out of town on an adventure will immediately make you attractive in her eyes.

Remember, she has to know the real you so do not struggle to keep the conversation going. If the conversation comes to a natural end, it is okay to leave.


Most girls only want a man that can listen to them and actually hear what they are saying.

Listening to her will give her the impression that you care about what she has to say. Listening also lets you get to know her a little more.

However, most people make the mistake of letting the girl talk about themselves all night without actively participating in the conversation.

A great way to avoid that would be to ask her questions, wait for her input, then offer her your opinions on the same.

When you can take charge of the conversation, she will not spend all night talking about herself and thinking you are interrogating her.

Keep it light

The conversation that you have should steer clear from hot topics that might ruin your date experience.

Do not bring up your exes in the conversation because it can only go badly.

Talking about them in a negative light makes you sound bitter, and talking fondly of them makes you sound like you have unresolved feelings.

Other hot topics include politics and religion. Such topics spark a lot of debate which may cause friction during the date.

You do not want to spend the rest of the date arguing with them or trying to force your opinions down their throat.

Such topics can be discussed when you know each other a little better if they are important to you.

Be open-minded and expect anything

You should be open-minded about your date even if you might feel as if you know her from your interactions online.

She might not look like her pictures, and you may find out things through the conversation that you didn’t.

Being open-minded gives her the opportunity to express herself in an honest way so that you are able to determine if she is the right fit.

If there is no room for you to accommodate aspects of her life you did not know about, you ultimately deny yourself the opportunity of liking a new person.

Do not go into the date with expectations because she is going to sense that she is not free to be herself immediately. Come on buddy, nobody wants that!

Watch body language

Make sure you observe body language because it is another way your date will be communicating with you throughout the date.

Maintain eye contact so that you can let her know that you are interested in what she has to say.

The way her body moves during the date is also likely to let you know whether you are being a major flop or whether you are doing a good job.

Take note of the direction her toes are facing. Most people point their toes in the direction of the thing or person they are interested in.

If her toes are pointing towards you and she is making eye contact and engaging in the conversation, you are safe.

Remember, if you are doing everything right and she is still not interested, it is fine, maybe you’re not what she expected.

Don’t drink too much

Try to keep it light on the alcohol during the first date. To avoid drinking altogether, you should plan a coffee date so that you are clear-headed and able to make the right decisions.

If you are not in the right frame of mind you might not be able to know whether she is second-date material. .

If your date is set on drinks because you want to get to know her before ordering food, then make sure you eat before you show up to the date.

You do not want to drink too many drinks on an empty stomach. If the conversation wears on well past your drink minimum, you could suggest getting food as a date extension.

Keep your boundaries

During the first date, there is a tendency for guys to want to please the girl by letting her cross lines that matter.

Letting the girl know that you have lines and boundaries makes you come off as a leader and not a pushover.

Any time that you start to feel like your date is violating your boundaries, make sure you politely emphasize your boundaries.

It is a great way to establish a rapport with someone who might be in your life in the future.

The bill

The rule of thumb is that the person who invites the other person on the date has to be the one who pays for the date.

If you are the one who invited her for the date and planned it, you should pay for the date.

If she insists on the date being in a different location and it is too expensive, then you should bring up splitting the check.

Remember, these are not a set of rules that every person should abide by.

If you believe strongly that people should go Dutch or that a specific person should pay, it is a good idea to bring it up.

The date should go as smoothly as possible, there is no use in having a great date and then ruining it at the end arguing about the check.

Going for it

When her body language calls for it, you could dive in for a kiss.

A great way to know whether she would be interested in the kiss is by observing her body language.

If she leans in when you talk and keeps looking at your lips, she might be ready for a kiss.

If you go in for the kiss and she pulls away, don’t lose hope, she might have been caught off-guard.

Keep calm and continue with the conversation, she may be ready the next time you go in for the kiss or maybe she is uncomfortable with public displays of affection.

When the time is right, you could go in for the kiss which will set a precedence for the rest of the night (If you know what I mean wink wink).

Second Dates

If you have had fun with your date, you might want to ask her out again. Dating games are a thing of the past.

Instead of waiting three days to call, people are taking the initiative to ask for another date.

This lets her know that you had a good time and that you’re interested in getting to know her better.

However, you do not want to immediately set up a date and tie her down for the next meeting.

Suggest a date but make it open-ended.

You could ask her if she would want to see a play you discussed during the date sometime.

Using words like sometimes or in the future lets her know that she can say no or take her time.

If she answers in the affirmative, you could then set up for that date.

What to do on a first date with a girl you met online

Remember guys, this date is as much about you as it is about getting to know her.

Make sure that she wants to get to know you as well. Focus on highlighting your best traits while being yourself unapologetically.

Hey, if the date doesn’t go well, maybe just maybe, it isn’t your fault. So, go to that date and have fun regardless of how it goes.

If the date doesn’t go well, you could use it as a lesson for the next time.

Being able to see mistakes made and a little practice in self-criticism is the only way to understand the complex world of dating, online or not.

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