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What to do if you are an introvert! How to pick up girls?

What to do if you are an introvert (how to pick up girls)

Hi guys It’s me your expert dating coach Annabella Rose again and I will show you the ways on how to pick up girls if you’re an introvert. So I made today’s video with most of you in mind. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!

I mean, I have to stay true to my kind; I am an introvert too only that I am female. The inspiration to talk about introverts and how they can pick up girls came a weekend I spent with my high school best friend. He is this assertive guy who knows what he wants and is not afraid of expressing it. However, being an introvert, getting a girl to date outside his comfort zone is not something he can lose sleep over. He is so comfortable with his solitude that he has not found the need to venture outside his private space. Being his best friend, of course, I will take it upon myself to medal in his life and make it my responsibility to push out of his comfort zone to pick up girls, not for dating purposes at first but so that he can live life.

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Of course, he has had girls but not as I would want; being a best friend gives me the rights to decide what’s best for her. So I got down to business to gather all the information on how to make my dream of him come true. I managed to collect a load of crucial and useful information, and I thought to myself since I am a best friend to all of you why don’t I make a video for you and here I am.

For starters, what does being introverted mean?
I have realized that most people do not know its meaning. An introvert is a person who prefers being in their personal space. Such people recharge by being alone unlike extroverts who recharge by being around people. Being around people drains introverts.

What to do if you are an introvert! How to pick up girls?

Such people more often than not come across as shy and timid which is not necessarily the case. It is just a conclusion derived from their need to remain in their private space as opposed to being around people.

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