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What to Compliment a Girl On?

What to Compliment a Girl On

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan from Guys Today, I am going to talk about What to Compliment a Girl On! When you are romantically interested in a girl you want to make her feel special and appreciated. However, sometimes even with the best intentions, some men find themselves in hot soup for their compliments. Women are sensitive and there are things about themselves they are very cautious about. One of the silent rules of complimenting a woman is you have to be genuine with what you are saying. When we notice dishonest compliments it becomes a turn off because it seems like one of those attempts to get in our pants. Here is what to compliment a girl on when you want to be safe and impress her:

Compliment her on her fashion sense

Guys don’t know the effort we put in dressing up when we are coming for a date or simply meeting up with the guy we like. When you compliment a girl on her dressing it makes her feel beautiful at that particular moment. Compliments have a way of bringing our guard especially when we believe they are sincere. The trick when complimenting a woman on her fashion sense is to be as general as you can. When you are specific she will think that maybe you didn’t like the other aspects of her fashion like the makeup. Say something like “You look ravishing”. That way you have included her makeup, dress, jewellery, and all other fashion aspects.

Compliment her confidence

We try so hard to hide our insecurities and put up a confident personality when we are next to a guy we like. A compliment is a way of assuring someone that they are beautiful and confidence is a secret beauty ingredient. It is a safe place to trail and when the woman feels our compliment is sincere you inspire her to be more confident. It opens doors for you to talk about anything without the girl feeling insecure or offended when you accidentally say something that pokes their insecurity.

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