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What Makes A Guy Nervous Around A Girl

What Makes A Guy Nervous Around A Girl

What Makes A Guy Nervous Around A Girl. There are an infinite number of reasons why guys are nervous around women. The tribulations are neverending!

The list is ENDLESS.

A Guy Nervous Around A Girl

Funnily enough, most guys are nervous before they even approach a girl.

However, the men that get the women are the guys that can overcome this anxiety phase.

In this video 🎬, I will show you sneaky ways to stop being nervous around girls.

But first…

Let’s look at some of the reasons why a guy might be nervous around women.

Image inferiority complex

Mindset is crucial when it comes to approaching and picking up women.

It will dictate how you will interact with the woman.

A positive attitude will prepare you for anything that might be thrown your way.

It’s a 50/50 chance that she can accept your advances or reject them.

But a negative mindset makes you weak against the woman you like.

It drives you to place her on a pedestal that’s way above your reach.

Once you feel she’s too good for you, it will be an impossible task to approach and game her.

You lack self-confidence

Believing in yourself can push your abilities to get what you want.

When you are confident in yourself, you understand what you have to offer.

That’s a bargaining chip that can get you any woman you want.

Before, I said that sometimes you could get a woman you like by selling your purpose and ambition.

It’s how you present yourself that will determine how the girl you like interacts with you.

When you lack self-confidence, you will be prone to rejection.

You might find yourself nervous around girls if you have been rejected a couple of times without success.


One of the main reasons why guys are nervous around girls is because they overthink.

It’s an advantage to cold read a girl you like before approaching her.

It gives you the frame in which the conversation might start and flow.

However, trying to write a script in your mind will NOT play in your favour.

It gives a lot of room to overthink how she will respond and how you’ll counter her response skillfully.

Overthinking gives rise to doubt and then anxiety.

You’ll end up concluding that the cost of approaching the woman you like is too expensive for you.

Fear of rejection

The fear of rejection can play a significant part in why you are nervous around women.

Forget what Hollywood tells you about romance and approaching women.

You can be handsome and still get rejected.

Women are different, and so are their preferences in choosing mates.

Almost all men have encountered rejection at least once in their careers as bachelors.

However, when you fear rejection, it makes you anxious and nervous when you are around girls.

You always think that you’ll be rejected, which prevents you from approaching the woman you want.

Now you know the possible cause why you are nervous around girls. That gives you the power to resolve the problem directly.

But look, here are some sneaky techniques that will help you stop being nervous around girls full stop.

Just do it

The hardest part of meeting a woman you like is approaching her.

You think about 1000 ways that things will go wrong, and that sends shivers down your spine.

However, once you approach her, you’ll be bound to start a conversation.

You can even start the conversation by saying how nervous you are.

The nervousness fades as you talk to her and realize she’s not the monster you thought.

In the process, you’ll also build your confidence in the conversation, increasing your sex appeal dating coach for men.

Stop trying too hard to close the deal

Approaching a woman with the aim to pick her up can put unnecessary pressure on you.

You have to be on your best behaviour and impress her.

You want to create a perfect conversation that will get her attracted to you. That can increase your nervousness levels.

Instead, approach a woman to know her.

You might find out that she’s happily married and leave there with a friend rather than a rejection pill.

Approaching women from a neutral level reduces your nervousness levels because the stakes are not high.

Let the conversation build naturally and gauge whether she might fall for your bait.

When you know her, you’ll have an idea of which buttons to press to get her attracted to you.

Hang out with gorgeous women

Hanging out with attractive women is one of the best ways to overcome being nervous around girls.

You learn how to swim by getting yourself wet.

Some guys are nervous around girls because they are not used to hanging out and talking to them.

When you hang around gorgeous women, you understand that looks are not a big deal.

You’ll also get to understand their mindset.

You can start hanging around attractive women indirectly and slowly grow into it.

For example, sign up to a yoga class. You’ll be around hot women, but you’ll not have to talk to them.

This way, you get familiar with the scene before you explore the deep end.

Hope you found this helpful!

Best of luck,