What is KamaTV

What is KamaTV

What is KamaTV

Everything around us is changing fast. You could previously travel anywhere in the world and meet new people without much restriction. But now you have to follow certain guidelines the size of an encyclopedia to just get in a café and meet with friends.

The same phenomena are happening to relationships and dating. Relationships and dating rules are constantly changing. It becomes nearly impossible to keep up to date with all the changes.

Is KamaTV

KamaTV is the one-stop-shop where you get all your dating and relationship solutions. KamaTV is the media side of Kamalifestyles that has been helping men improve their game for years. And it has been a success throughout!

After reading this blog, you’ll almost certainly know the answer to the title of this blog article, namely, “What is KamaTV”.

If you’ve interacted with Kamalifestyles coaches before, you know that KamaTV gives you all the information that mainstream media doesn’t talk about in dating and relationships.

What is KamaTV?

KamaTV is our YouTube channel that explores the vast opinions of individuals about dating, sex, and relationships. It’s also a place where you’ll get expert advice on dating and relationships.

Kamalifestyles has a team of experienced dating experts both men and women that are keen on the trending issues. At KamaTV you get to hear genuine opinions about dating and relationships that most people are shy to talk about.

What should you expect to find on KamaTV?

Let’s explore briefly the categories of topics that you’ll find at KamaTV:

Dating advice and dating tips

Building your dating skills can improve your success with women significantly. However, with so much dating advice and tips that don’t work, it becomes challenging to get genuine dating advice that will make you a master in your game.

KamaTV brings you insights of both men and women that are experienced in relationships and dating. Here you’ll explore a vast variety of topics that engage you on different aspects of dating, women, and relationships.

The advice that you’ll get from KamaTV is advice that has been used by guys that were in related situations and it was a success.

(Here’s a noteworthy example of the free advice you’ll get from us: Get a Girl to Like You).

Here are some interesting dating tips you’ll find in KamaTV under dating advice and tips:

How to confront a girl you just started dating?

When you are in a new relationship you want everything to be roses. But what happens when there’s something happening that gets to you? How do you confront your girl without starting a fight that might end the young relationship?

You’ll find the solutions from our dating experts that are neutral and easy to apply on KamaTV. You don’t only get advice on how to confront a girl you just started dating but also sneaky ways to set boundaries so that you don’t have to experience it again.

Reinventing yourself as a high-value guy

There are aspects that women consider in men that approach them. Understanding what can make you stand out in a crowd of guys can improve your chances of getting the woman you want.

Reinventing yourself as a high-value guy requires mastery in certain skill sets that you’ll find easy to learn. KamaTV sheds light on crucial skills that will build your personality and make it attractive to women.

You’ve been told a million times that confidence is vital to getting the woman you want. But no one tells you how to build that confidence in a way that it will not seem borrowed. KamaTV gives you tips that can be easily manipulated to fit your personality and allow you to master it in a short period.

(Check out this awesome free eBook on how to build rock solid confidence: Confidence Pillars).

This section takes you through a series of techniques that can make you appear as a high-value guy. For example, ways to capture a woman’s attention without approaching her.

Scoring difficult women

Do you know those women that despite what you do they never seem to get impressed with your game and get hooked?
That’s no longer something you have to worry about because KamaTV got you covered. Women might be different but they still desire something in dating and relationships.

Understanding different techniques that you can use to approach a difficult woman can get you the woman you want without much hustle.

The ‘how to’ section

Relationships are delicate and sometimes one wrong move can end your relationship or prevent you from getting the woman you desire. Sometimes you are just curious about something new that you want to explore.

KamaTV feeds your curiosity and gives you solutions to all your ‘how to’ questions that you might have about women, self, dating, and relationships. It’s a section that has a perfect blend of expert opinion and public perception of how to handle certain dating and relationship matters.

Here are some interesting how-to topics that you can explore:

How to know when a girl is playing hard to get

Women like to qualify men that approach them to sieve the serious ones from guys that want to take advantage. Understanding when it’s a test can help you navigate through it and impress the girl you want.

There are few silent rules that you need to know to make a clear judgment on whether she’s playing hard to get or she’s rejecting you. When a woman is not interested and you pursue her with the same energy, she finds you creepy.

(I’d highly recommend reading through this article for some general relationship advice: Relationship advice for men).

The advice you’ll get here will allow you to know which battles are worth pursuing and when to let them go.
How to make a girl jealous?

I have been asked several times if it’s important to make that girl you want jealous. Dating is not all roses and playing a bit dirty sometimes can make you different and attract the woman you desire.

Dating is a game of perception and everyone wants to land where they feel they are getting the best deal. Making a girl jealous can skyrocket your value to her and make her want you.

However, the challenge is usually how jealous should you make a girl? To what intensity? KamaTV takes you through the crucial insights that can help you make a girl jealous enough to want you not despise you.
How to seduce a woman?

Building sexual tension with a girl you just met is not easy. However, strong sexual tension can make a girl find you irresistible and extremely sexually attractive. Mastering the art of seduction makes you smooth and sneaky when you are building sexual tension.

(If you want to master the art of seduction you MUST read this article: How to Seduce a Woman).

KamaTV brings you expert advice from female coaches on how to build sexual tension that a woman will find difficult to resist. You’ll find easy and sneaky ways to build your seductive game.

The infield videos

I like to call it the fun side of KamaTV. Here you’ll find all the playful and controversial topics about relationships and dating that most people shy from talking about. Nevertheless, the fun side gives you crucial insights into how women perceive certain aspects.

Understanding female dating psychology can build your approach and dating game. The infield videos focus also on building your day game and night game. How different is “day game” to “night game”? Which one guarantees you more success?

(For those of you who are new to these concepts I’d advise you read this: PUA Training).
Here are some of the interesting topics that you can explore:

Picking up girls

You’ve probably heard about the PUA techniques of getting women. But what you’ve not seen is these techniques in action. KamaTV sets you up for success by showing you genuine approaches that can help you pick up women in different places.

One thing that you’ll master whilst watching these videos is timing. Timing is everything when it comes to approaching and picking up women. Which types of body language and nonverbal cues will tell you if a woman will be receptive to your approach and which ones suggest you wait it out? KamaTV unveils all that and more!

Does it matter?

It’s interesting how women and men see things differently when it comes to dating? There are some lies about sex, women, and dating that men have been made to believe over years which affects their game.

KamaTV clears out the smoke by bringing to you what women think. Does the size of your Eiffel tower really matter during sex? Which positions do modern women prefer and what does it mean to them?

You’ll find out all that in KamaTV. But that’s just a teaser of how deep and intimate our questions go to find out individual opinions of what women think about sex and dating.

Final Take

What is KamaTV? KamaTV is a diverse channel that brings you all the juicy, informative, and controversial topics on dating, relationships, and sex. The channel is designed to give you a wider perspective on the subjects to build your game.

If it’s related to dating and relationships and it’s giving you a sleepless night, KamaTV will give you insights that will inspire self-based solutions.

Do you want to drastically improve your dating life?

Reach out to me today if you’d like some highly effective 1-on-1 Dating Training: CONTACT US

Iain Myles

Iain Myles is an internationally recognised dating coach and co-owner of the UK’s largest dating coaching company, Kamalifestyles. Iain is also an internet sensation thanks to the multiple viral videos posted through the YouTube channel KamaTV, which has grossed over 100 million views.

Iain has appeared in numerous newspaper columns and radio shows across the world. He is a regular contributor to BBC Radio in the UK.