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What girls think of needy guys?

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Neediness results from feeling threatened. When you have a desperate urge to find a woman, you open yourself to the risk of falling in the vicious cycle of neediness, which is unhealthy behaviour. When you become needy, you instantly get the result of what you are looking for; instead of winning over women, you repel them almost immediately, which adds to your neediness.

Think of needy guys

No man would admit to being needy. As a result, they will all attribute the rejection to other factors. The stress that comes with this can affect their lives negatively.
Being needy is such a deal breaker for any woman. It is off-putting, gives off a wrong first impression and sells you short. It is, therefore, a maladaptive behaviour that you should do your best to do finish.

To see how much of a deal breaker neediness is, here is a brief overview of how women perceive it:

1. Neediness thrives on low self-esteem.

I can bet you have heard countless times that confidence is the real deal when it comes to attracting women. It encompasses everything else. With confidence, you have the upper arm when it comes to picking up and impressing women.

Confident men are content with their lives and everything in it. It does not mean that he does not desire the things that he doesn’t have; his self-worth is still intact with or without the things he wants. They are not desperate by any means.

However, neediness speaks, ” I am not worthy of you, and I don’t feel like you would be interested in a person like me.” you are almost seeking for this person’s pity. It projects and feeds low self-esteem. Knowing this, why would a woman want to be with a person who does not feel worthy of love?

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