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What does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you

What does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you

It’s a glorious feeling when a woman you like shows hints that she likes you. It gives you the confidence to explore each other and escalate your relationship to all possible heights. However, women are not always blunt with their attraction cues, which can leave you in limbo not knowing which step to take next.


Girl keeps hitting you

Interpreting a woman’s nonverbal cues and body language is one of the foolproof ways in which you can decipher a woman’s level of interest or lack of it. Various scientific research studies have indicated that women are better at sending and interpreting nonverbal cues as compared to men. That means if you are good at reading nonverbal signals, you can tell what a woman wants.


Nevertheless, the delicate nature of reading nonverbal cues as a communication interpretation technique makes it susceptible to misinterpretation. A single nonverbal cue can have several possible translations depending on the context and the personality of the woman displaying it.



For example, touch is an important part of interaction when forging a solid connection. However, a touch can be a sign of flirting or a display of friendship.


In this blog, I’ll explore what does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you and how to read a woman’s nonverbal cues and body language. I’ll also show you surefire ways of how you can improve your skills in reading and sending nonverbal cues.


Let’s see what does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you:


1.      It indicates comfort


People have a weird way of expressing themselves in different situations. However, most people try to be socially correct with their verbal and nonverbal cues when they are around people they are not comfortable with. For example, a girl that snorts when she laughs will try to be very civil with her laughter when she’s around new people.


Women try to refrain from touching guys during interaction because of the subtle message that it sends. However, when a girl playfully hits you during a conversation, that can be a foolproof sign that she’s comfortable with you. One thing for sure is when a girl playfully hits you, she knows that your response might also include touch.


Women lower their guard when they are around guys they are comfortable with. She’ll playfully hit you because she knows you’ll not take it out of context and smack her in the face.


2.      It’s a subtle flirting technique


Another way to look at what does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you is considering sexual attraction. When a woman is blushing, she feels like the whole world is seeing it. Even though the majority of guys fail to notice when a woman is blushing as a result of sexual attraction.


Playful hitting is a common distraction technique that women use to take attention away from them when blushing. It’s also a subtle flirting technique that could indicate a woman is experiencing overwhelming emotions that she can’t control.



It’s however important that you understand how a woman nonverbally interacts with other guys. If she playfully hits most of the guys that she interacts with, then that’s probably her nonverbal communication style. There’s nothing special to the contact that the hitting initiates.


3.      It’s a sign of escalation


Most guys understand that women maintain touch barriers until crucial elements such as trust and comfort are established. However, sometimes men remain oblivious of these elements when they are established. For example, you’ll know the type of comfort and trust you have with a woman depending on where she touches you.


It can be very challenging not to make touch sexual when the context of the conversation is sexual. Playful hitting is a sneaky way to tone down the sexual intensity of touch.


She’ll playfully hit you on your arm when she’s starting to get comfortable around you. But she might also playfully hit you on your chest to show an escalated form of comfort and trust.


When a girl playfully hits you, it can be a sign of escalation. Therefore, it’s important to also observe where she’s hitting you frequently.


4.      You are in the bro zone


The level of emotional attachment that a woman has to guys she considers friends and family is different. When you are in her bro zone, you’ll get more than what guys in the friend zone get but not anything close to what her romantic partner would get.


When a woman is attracted to a guy, she’ll be more feminine. However, when a woman loves a guy like a brother, she might display more masculine energy when she’s around them. Also, she’ll not shy from showing her weird traits that might make her less attractive as a sexual partner.



When a girl keeps hitting you, that can mean that you are in her bro zone. She’s very comfortable with you more than a friend but she’ll not display her feminine energy that might show sexual attraction. What you are experiencing is sibling rivalry.


To understand fully what does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you, it is important to observe the actions of the woman as a whole and not a single gesture. Let’s explore how to read a woman’s nonverbal cues and body language that can help you accurately interpret what it means when she keeps hitting you:


▪         The eyes


When a girl keeps hitting you, consider what her eyes are saying. A girl that is into you might avert eye contact with you when she hits you because of shyness. However, if you are able to maintain eye contact and observe her pupils, you might get to know what emotions she’s experiencing.


Emotions triggered by desire can make a woman’s pupils dilate. Or if she’s kinky, she might hit you while displaying bedroom eyes.


▪         The mouth


Another part of the body that can give you more than the words coming from it is the mouth. The mouth movements can make a huge difference between a woman that’s hitting you because she’s driven by passion and desire or anger.



A smile softens the blow and it indicates that she’s being playful when hitting you. However, when a girl hits you while seductively biting the corner of her lower lip, then that can be a surefire sign that she’s into you.


▪         Facial expression


What does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you can simply be extracted from her facial expression during the act. Facial expressions can display emotions of anger, happiness, desire, surprise, or confusion among many others.


When a girl keeps hitting you, you’ll know her intention by observing the general emotions from her facial expressions. The advantage of using facial expressions to help you determine what the hitting means is that facial expressions are universal. It’s hard to miss the emotion behind a facial expression dating coach for men.


▪         Gesture


When you are considering gestures to determine what it means when a girl keeps hitting you, it’s important to evaluate the intensity of the impact caused, the place where the impact is directed, and if it’s an open palm or clenched fist.



The blow will be light if the woman is trying to be playful. Also, an open palm can be a good sign when you are looking for attraction signals. However, when a girl keeps hitting you with a clenched fist, that could be a sign of anger or even discomfort.


▪         Tone and pitch


A girl’s tone and pitch can show you the type of emotions she’s experiencing. Take note of her pitch and tone when she’s hitting you.


Including all these nonverbal cues and body language when evaluating what does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you can give you an accurate answer.


The studies that indicated women to be better at sending and interpreting nonverbal cues and body language attributed this success to higher emotional intelligence in women as compared to men.


Building your emotional intelligence can improve your skills in transmitting and interpreting nonverbal cues.




It can be confusing to get the accurate meaning of what it means when a girl keeps hitting you when you look at it in isolation from the other nonverbal cues. However, it is simpler to understand a girl’s intention when she’s hitting you when you can put it into context and observe the other present nonverbal cues.


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