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Top tips for dating

How to make a girl like you more than a friend

After securing the phone number you can enjoy knowing you have attracted a girl enough that she wants to see you again well done. Here are a number of questions our students regularly ask us.

Tips for dating

Where should I take her?

This can seem quite simple but look at this way if you go to a noisy place where you can’t hear yourself talk it won’t last long. Good planning is required.

Firstly do not go to the cinema, sitting in silence for about 2 and a half hours without muttering a word is not a great way to build a connection with a person you have talked to previously for about 1 – 2 hours.

The top rated place for a girl to go is a coffee shop. Try if possible to choose a place with a bit or character. Taking to a restaurant is not recommended mainly due to a large number of girls having issues eating on front of guys.

This can include bad breath and stains on shirts from eating. Coffee is simpler. If you find the right quiet bar this can also be a great place.

Remember to make it memorable it’s good to go to a few places this makes it seem like you did a lot during your date.

What about the kiss

By this stage you may or may not have kissed the girl. It’s actually not required in fact in some cultures it’s an insult to kiss a girl the first time you meet her. Awareness is the key.

If you’re not sure just ask. Something like this should help. “I really want to kiss you but only if you’re a good kisser”. Something like this can test the water.

If you’re really unsure take the risk and go for it. You’re the guy it’s your job to take these risks that’s just the way it is. Very few cultural norms will see the girl go for it first. Same goes for the first date.

Put yourself in a position where it’s more likely to happen by moving close and standing a little closer. We teach exact body language on this. I recently worked with a student called Jeff on this.

Jeff was a tall guy about 6ft 2in. He followed our proximity exactly however he preferred girls much smaller. Beware of height no matter how much she likes you standing over or leaning in too much with height can be a little intimidating for some smaller girls.

We got around this with Jeff by letting the girl sit on a higher seat and he could lean close.

What should I wear?

In Kamalifetsyles we train guys how to dress properly. We work closely with a stylist. A blazer is a must always dress to impress. It’s ok to over dress.

I would even recommend dressing in a tuxedo it will give interesting conversation. Make sure the cloths fit. No oversized cloths. Find a good tailor for all those shirts. Make sure however to feel comfortable with what your wearing.

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