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Top 10 Reasons Why A woman Loses interest

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from with the jaw droppingly handsome Ian Miles. Today I will be talking about Top 10 Reasons Why A woman Loses interest

A woman Loses interest

Women are interesting creatures. They are known for their immense love but how come some seem to lose interest in a man or the relationship altogether? Here are some pointers on why a woman loses interest.

A woman is bred to crave romance. At a tender age, she watched soap operas, read romantic novels and erotica and has a perception that she will one day marry her prince charming and have a fairy-tale ‘happy ever after.’ However, when this is not so, she loses interest and hopes that she is a few kisses from her frog turned prince. Moreover, the emotional connection (chemistry) plays a huge role in her losing interest. The woman craves for an emotional connection when you meet which can be felt by the butterflies in her belly or her hair standing up when she sees you or the instinct that you around by spotting your cologne.


This does not just imply that the woman is bored, which of course can happen depending on her personality type but also the fact that the man is boring. Women are all rounded creatures, and they are attracted to intellectual connection equally to the emotional connection. She wants to be kept on her toes and wants to have a conversation with someone who will thrill her with new topics, someone who will get her to read more books, watch more movies and get a chance to explore the unknown. The woman doesn’t want monotony. She doesn’t want predictability. Shes very capable of being in charge, but she hopes that you will take the reins from her once in a while and give her the time of her life while you are at it.

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