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Tips to attract and kiss a girl on the first date

Tips to attract and kiss a girl on the first date
Tips to attract and kiss a girl on the first date

You are going on a first date with someone and hope to get a little smooch action during or after the date.

Kiss a girl on the first date

There is nothing wrong with that unless you lack the skills needed to achieve this daring feat.

Most people will tell you that it is a complicated process that might end up in disappointment but I am here to whistle a different tune.

Everybody deserves to be smooched by somebody they like.

However, not all smooching incidences go over smoothly because many guys miss the point.

Some guys don’t even get a kiss at the end of the date. There are many reasons for this, but you have to make sure that you were not the reason you didn’t get to lock lips.

It is difficult to kiss a person that you are not attracted to, which is why it is always a good idea to find out if someone likes you.

Finding out if someone likes you might feel like a daunting task, but this article will help with that. If they do not like you, they could still like you if you only put in a little effort.

If you really like a girl, you should work on the attraction part first and see if she wants to be your smooch buddy after that.

1.    Making a move

You need to know each other well enough for the kiss to even be possible. Most girls want to feel safe and secure with a guy they like, so you may want to establish a bond of trust first.

After the trust is established, then the question of kissing should be able to come up a little more naturally.

When making a move, there are several factors that you should have in mind, and a lot of preparation has to go into the approach.

The way you approach a girl determines whether she will be attracted to you or not. You can ruin a chance with the perfect girl who would have liked you back if you do not prepare in advance.

You have to plan the move before you make it so that nothing goes wrong. Your intentions have to be clear so that you can focus on being present when it finally happens dating coach for men.

Here are a few ways you could make sure your move works:

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●    Time and Place and Mood

Timing is everything when you want to lay your moves on a girl. You should be able to set the mood correctly and be in the proper setting to allow you to lay your charm on.

Picking the right location to hang out with your girl is very important in setting the mood for the kiss.

From the beginning of the date, everything should go smoothly so that she can feel comfortable and safe with you.

The mood leading up to the kiss is going to determine whether she leans in for the kiss or pulls away when you go for it.

Sometimes when she pulls away it is not because she does not want to kiss you. It is easy to read into a situation and make a judgment of error that may make her pull away.

Look for subtle cues in her body language that will help you know if she is ready to kiss you.

If she leans in while you are talking and touches you a lot, then she might be getting warmed up to you and she may be ready for that kiss.

Another great way to know if she is thinking about it is if she looks at your lips a lot when you are talking.

●    Excitement

When you have a crush on someone, you feel some type of adrenalin rush that can only be equated to doing something extremely exciting.

When picking a date or time for a special moment, try and make sure that it elicits such a reaction.

When she does an activity that brings her excitement, she will most likely associate that feeling of excitement with you.

Doing something exciting is a great way to bond and by the end of the activity, both of you will have formed a great memory.

When she thinks of you, she is likely to get a head rush which will make her want to hang out with you more often.

The adrenalin rush from a fun activity will help her create an attraction towards you that aids sexual chemistry.

●    Good Grooming

The way you present yourself to a girl that you like makes all the difference in whether she wants to get into an intimate moment with you.

Nobody wants to kiss a guy with bad hygiene choices or someone who looks like they do not make an effort in how they look.

What she sees when she looks at you is going to help her determine whether she is attracted to you.

Brush your teeth, take a shower, and try on some fresh scents for when you are around her. She will notice the effort you put in and appreciate it instantly.

Picking the right clothes will also help her get a sense of your style which is a big part of your personality.

Remember, kissing is a very intimate process that requires her to be in very close proximity to you.

If you have bad breath or body odor, she will not want to kiss you and may even feel less attracted to you which could cause you to strike out.

Make sure you always look sharp and smell nice so that she can’t get enough of you. No one likes a smelly cat!

2.    Get to know her

Getting to know a girl will determine whether she is the right girl for the smooch and it will also give you points that ultimately help you lock things down with her.

You might even aim for getting to know her as a friend so that things go over smoothly.

When she feels like you are her friend, she will become comfortable with you and feel safe when she is around you.

Now don’t get me wrong, no one is trying to push you into the friend zone buddy, only you are capable of putting yourself in the zone.

Becoming her friend allows you to have deeper conversations and therefore make deeper connections.

She will also want to spend more time with you if she enjoys your company.

If you are constantly hitting on her, she will only feel uncomfortable and prefer to spend her time in places where she does not feel objectified.

By getting to know her, you will also increase the level of attraction you hold towards her because you will know more things about her.

Knowing more things about her also lets you decide whether she is everything you hoped she would be.

Sometimes you’re just boiling in the juices of infatuation so getting to know her will help you decide whether you are wasting your time with her.

Here are a few tips to help you get to know her:

●    Talk to Her

Talking to each other is a great way to get to know each other. Take advantage of the time you talk to her to get to know her.

You have to be present at the moment so that you can notice subtle changes in her voice and tone.

Listening to her talk is a great way to get to know who she is while forming a great connection with her.

Through the talks, you will find out what things you have in common and that ultimately leads to a strengthened bond.

Talk to her about the things you love to do and make some funny jokes that she can relate to when you are talking to her.

The subtle things she says when you ask her about herself will also help you determine whether she wants you to kiss her.

●    Observe Body Language

Body language is the language of souls, the language that enables us to speak non-verbally but still communicate volumes.

If she is not having a good time, even if she says she is, her body language will ultimately sell her out.

That is why it is important to take note of her body language when you are around her.

Once you have established a connection with your date, stay alert so that you can notice when there are changes to the way she feels.

If she is having a fun time on the date, she will smile more and might not recoil if you try to touch her.

A great way to know if she doesn’t mind it when you touch her is that she will not get mad when you lightly push her when you laugh at something funny, she said.

Her body language will also let you know when it is the perfect time to kiss her.

She will look at your lips when you are talking and she will not lean back when you lean forward during the conversation.

You definitely need to pay attention to the way her body is speaking to you.

●    Bond Deeply

Try and bond with her on a deeper level so that she can feel closer to you.

Bonding deeply involves revealing parts of you that you wouldn’t otherwise reveal to other people.

She needs to know that you are not like the other bros in her life by building a deeper, more lasting connection.

●    Physical Contact

Physical contact is a tricky subject on the first date and it needs to be approached with caution.

The physical connection should build up slowly and gradually evolve into the kiss.

Physical contact lets her know that you are attracted to her and if she reciprocates then you know she likes you back.

You can try and kiss her on the cheek first to see if she is okay with it then try for a kiss later if she is.

3.    The kiss

Okay, so you have done everything you need to do to get to that moment and you are finally there.

It is important to make sure that the kiss is memorable if you want her to be coming back to the smooch doctor.

While many guys think it is about the technique, the first kiss should be based almost entirely on being memorable.

Any small error at this juncture could lead to a serious foul and even ruin your chances of seeing her again.

There are many factors to consider before locking lips with that foxy babe.

The mood and timing should be just right and your technique has to be sensual and sparing. Here are tips to help you nail that first kiss:

●    Timing

Timing is everything during that first kiss. Everything could be going smoothly on your date but then it could get ruined by missing the right opportunity to kiss her.

Make sure that she is maintaining eye contact and that she doesn’t mind being physically close to you.

The kiss has to be spontaneous and asking her if you should kiss her might not elicit the response you hoped for.

If you read into her cues, she will tell you if she wants you to kiss her so you do not have to ask her out loud.

If you lean in for the kiss and she pulls away, try again later, maybe you caught her by surprise or she is not comfortable with kissing you in that location especially if it is public.

●    Take the Lead

Taking the lead is not a game for small boys.

You have already established that you want to kiss her and that she is okay with it, the only thing left is taking charge of the situation and kissing her.

When you are ready, lean in for the kiss but make sure you leave room for her to meet you for the kiss.

Be in charge of the kiss and make sure she is enjoying it. For a first kiss, try not to use tongue and keep the touching respectful.

●    Sensuality and Aggressiveness

When you kiss her for the first time, you have to make sure it is sensual and well thought out.

When done at the proper time in the proper way, a sensual kiss will provoke a positive response from her.

When you kiss her, everything should disappear and the only focus should be the two of you.

Make sure you are not aggressive and you let her set the pace for the way she wants you to kiss her.

If she tenses up when you touch her neck, stay away from the neck, and try the shoulders instead.

If you are aggressive with the kiss, she will not feel appreciated and may think you are only out to satisfy your needs.

Take your time with the kiss and limit the amount of tongue and saliva, you should do fine.

●    Dealing with Rejection

Sometimes you will meet a girl that flat out rejects your advances.

It could be heart-wrenching I know but it is an integral part of dating that every man should experience.

Rejection helps you build character and learn from your mistakes so that you do not repeat them with another person.

Sometimes when she rejects your advances, you might feel as if she is not interested in you but in a lot of cases, that is not true.

Sometimes the rejection has nothing to do with you and you are just reading into it.

Maybe she is not in the mood for a kiss, your timing might have been wrong or maybe she is nervous about the kiss.

Do not beat yourself up for it, just keep calm and let her know that you are comfortable with her choices.

What you need to know…

Kissing is an art that has been in the history of human beings for a very long time. Perfecting the art of kissing is an integral part of most dating scenes.

Figuring out the first kiss with anybody could elicit feelings of anxiety and doubt but there is no need for that to happen.

First and foremost, you need to be sure that she is the one that you want to lay your moves on.

This means that you should be able to determine whether she likes you back and if you are attracted to her.

Getting to know her will let you connect on a deeper intimate level and this only improves the quality of the kiss before it happens.

Once you have learned the art of approaching girls and getting to know them, it is necessary to learn the art of kissing.

You do not want everything to go well up to that point then ruin your chances by slobbering all over her or misreading the cues and getting rejected.

Almost anybody can get a kiss from the person they like if they follow the tips above.

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