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Tips on how to get a girlfriend fast and easy

Tips on how to get a girlfriend fast and easy

Tips on how to get a girlfriend fast and easy

The best way to get a girlfriend is to work on yourself as a person. If you are constantly working on yourself then it will reflect and women admire that about a man.

Girlfriend fast and easy

If you have unresolved issues about other relationships, it will also reflect negatively. If you find yourself going out with any woman who will take you, you need to sort out some issues dude.

Learning from past encounters will also help you avoid certain mistakes. For example, are you a person that people would enjoy having a conversation with?

Are you a good conversationalist or do you dominate the conversation? Would you hang out with yourself?

Past encounters also help you know what kind of girl you like so you sort of get better every time. That sounds like good news to me!

To get a girlfriend, you first have to determine what kind of girlfriend you want. There is nothing wrong with having certain preferences and no man should be ashamed for his choice of women.

However, you should be able to leave room for learning because no one ever got far from being close-minded.

It is always a good idea to know what kind of things she would want in a man. This helps you determine whether those are things that you are going to be able to provide.

If you feel as if her expectations are too high or that she is looking for somebody that you cannot offer then it is probably best to leave.

If you want to find a girlfriend fast and easy, you might want to try out a few more tips to make sure you seal the deal.

Using these tried and tested tips, you are sure to get a girl who is right for you. Buckle up guys as we take you through the fifteen sure-fire ways of getting a girl to be your girlfriend.

1.  Stand Out

Focus on yourself and she is sure to come to you. When you have things going for you that you enjoy doing and love, it radiates.

Being busy stops you from acting desperate when you are on your date and it gives the vibe that you are impressive and have a lot going for you.

When you are focused on enriching your life, it will reflect in more than one aspect of your life including the way you relate with people.

You will exude more confidence and even the way you present yourself including your personal grooming will reflect. When you like yourself from head to toe and work hard on being who you are, you will have the right heads-turning dating coach for men.

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2.  Compliment Her

A lot of women spend a lot of time looking good and they appreciate it when people notice things about them.

Remember, the compliments do not have to be based on something physical all the time. Get to know her, find out what is admirable about her, and compliment her on it.

Compliments show her that you have paid attention to her and it makes her feel appreciated. This immediately helps her let her guard down and get comfortable around you which is the aim.

The compliment will also make her feel more confident when she is around you and she will begin to crave being around that feeling. What was that they said about honey and flies?

3.   Always Keep it Short and Sweet

There is a tendency for people who do not know each other well to overdo things. When you meet a girl you like, try and keep a healthy distance between you.

Make sure she knows that you have other things to do so that she does not feel as if you are taking up her time.

It is easier for her to want to spend time with you if she misses you.

If you are interesting every time she sees you, then you are less likely to be overlooked as a potential boyfriend for her.

The same applies to text messaging and calls. Try and limit the interactions to only an acceptable amount of time.

If the conversation feels like it is dragging out, end it and try again later. She might be busy so if she doesn’t text you back or call, there is no need to channel the stubborn stalker within you to text fifty times and leave seventy messages.

Let the relationship set its own pace no matter how slow it is.

Sometimes it takes a lot more time to get to know some people so rushing things might not work in your best interests.

You’ve got time, it is not a life-or-death situation.

4.  Crack Her Up

Yes, guys, the funny guy gets the girl in the end. Studies show that if a woman is attracted to a guy, she will find him funny.

If you can make her laugh then you are well on your way into her heart.

Some studies even indicate that when she is attracted, the more jokes you make, the more she will laugh and fall for you.

Crazy huh? It is a pretty great way to know whether she is into you.

Of course, you will have to know what makes her laugh and you might have a few failed attempts. However, if she is the one you have been searching for, you will know her by her laugh.

Some studies suggest that a guy’s humor is a great sign that you’re smart and this will attract the woman to you even more.

Laughing also makes people feel nice, and people like to be in a place that elicits such feelings.

5.   Tease Her

Teasing is a great way to let a girl know that you like her without directly saying it.

Teasing a girl about something she is embarrassed about or treating her like a child might be the way to stand out and let her know that you are interested in her.

Teasing helps her get her to guard down and it makes her vulnerable with you.

Remember, the teasing has to be on a light note so that you do not hurt her feelings. Using past experiences to tease her also makes you seem familiar to her.

6.   Focus on Her During Conversation

Paying attention to her when she talks will immediately let her know that you are interested in her.

Women enjoy meaningful conversations so make sure you are active during the conversation. Try not to talk too much about yourself and do not let her talk the whole time.

You might spend most of the time asking her questions that might leave her feeling interrogated.

The conversation should be able to evolve naturally into other things. If you two have a lot in common, or if she is the girl for you, you shouldn’t have a problem with that.

Paying attention to what the girl is saying will also help you to determine what kind of person she is.

7.   Stop Trying too Hard

Women can smell desperation from a mile away, so the last thing you need to do is to try too hard. When men try too hard, they come off as standoffish or desperate.

When a woman feels as if you are either of these things, they will immediately lose interest in what you have to say.

When you try too hard, the girl you like will not even get an opportunity to know the real you. Trying too hard shows that you are not confident in who you are.

if you are not confident in yourself, other people will not want to know you. Always keep in mind that if you cannot hang out with yourself then no one else will want to either.

When you are trying too hard, there is a chance that you will not be able to pay attention to your date.

8.   Be Yourself

Be yourself at all times when you are near the girl you like. It will help her get to know you and you will always be comfortable around her. It is difficult to keep up a charade and still impress someone at the same time.

Your mind will be scattered and you will always be trying too hard when you are around them.

It will become frustrating to you and you might take it out on the person you are trying to make your girlfriend.

9.   Respect Her Opinions and Decisions

Her opinion matters just as much as yours does.

If she holds an opinion that is different from yours, it is important to respect it even if it differs from your own.

When she feels as if it is difficult for her to voice her opinions because they are not respected, she will not want to be your girlfriend.

Respecting her decisions goes as far as who she decides is going to be her boyfriend.

If she is having trouble seeing herself in the amazing relationship you have in your mind, then she’s probably not the one for you.

You should respect her decision and walk away respectfully, with your dignity and your head held high.

10.   Ask Her Out on a Date

When the time has come and you feel that you need to start seeing her, then you should definitely ask her out on a date.

Make sure you ask her properly so that you make it clear that you want to go out with her.

However, it is always a good idea to leave the invite open so that she does not feel as if you are desperate.

Instead of asking her to go out with you on Friday for dinner, try asking her whether she wants to go feed ducks at the park sometime.

By using the word sometimes, she does not feel cornered or pressured to say yes, the date suggestion is also casual so she does not feel pressure agreeing.

If she agrees to go on a date, make sure you plan a date that is going to be interesting.

Keep it short and casual and choose activities that are going to help the two of you bond and get to know each other.

Being respectful and being chivalrous also goes a long way in helping her decide to be your girlfriend.

11.   Keep the Texting Interesting

Between the periods when you are not hanging out physically, texting is a great way to get a girl to like you.

You can earn points just by knowing when to text and how to text her.

Being able to uphold a conversation in a chat is just as important as learning to do it in person.

Make sure that you text her only when it is necessary.

If you text her about something, try to forget all about it even if it takes her a long time to reply.

Do not overthink your texts, keep the conversation light and playful so that she looks forward to your texts.

The mood of the text should always be positive.

The text should be able to elicit a positive response from you and if it does not make you smile, then you probably shouldn’t send it.

If you can laugh at it, then she will probably be able to do the same.

12.   You’re High Price

When she agrees to be your girlfriend, you will not be the only one who will have received something of value.

You need to know that you are at a high price.

If there are a set of expectations you have, she will sense them and respect them.

Overlooking your needs will only make her lose interest because she will think you are a push-over.

13.   Flirt Physically

When you are with her physically, try and make a physical connection with her.

Physical touch is important to be able to tell whether someone is interested in being your girlfriend.

If you push her slightly when she says something funny, she is more likely to feel comfortable to do the same when you say something funny.

Flirting physically establishes sexual tension as well and lets you know whether she is interested in building a physical connection.

If you have tried severally to lightly brush her arm or touch her and it has had a negative effect, then she might not be interested in you.

However, maybe your timing is wrong and that is why she pulls away every time.

14.   A Little Mystery

A little mystery goes a long way in getting a girl to be interested in you.

If you want her to be your girlfriend, you probably want to spend a lot of time with her in the future.

If she feels as if there are no layers to peel, then she might not be interested in sticking around.

Retaining mystery does not mean being aloof. You could retain your mystery by speaking about subjects that you want to talk about and leaving her curious about some aspects of your life.

This will make her participate actively in getting to know you which will also reveal to you whether she is girlfriend material.

15.   Channel from Experience

A fool refuses to learn from experience.

Looking back at previous interactions with women will quickly help you determine what kind of girlfriend you want.

It also helps you avoid mistakes that you have been making and it lets you work out the small kinks about yourself.

Channeling from experience also lets you see tell-tale signs to avoid so that you do not have to waste your time on somebody that might not be compatible.

Certain patterns usually begin to appear when a person goes on dates frequently. Seeing and recognizing these patterns helps you realize that not all that glitters is gold.

Having the right experiences with women can also give you tips on how women want to be treated.

Recognizing the things that make women happy opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities.

It is not that difficult to understand women so maybe paying attention is the way to go.

Before you go..

Any guy can get the girl he wants if he only knew what he was looking for.

It is no use for a guy to spend most of his time going on countless dates with countless women if he is looking to settle down. It might grow old quickly and become demoralizing.

If you think it is time you settled down, then do just that. Anybody can get a girlfriend if only they followed the tips.

Most men forget that they are just as important as the woman, which causes them to have low standards.

Looking for a girlfriend without prior preparation to find out what you want and what to do is futile.

Make sure you listen to her and she gets to know who you are and there is no way you will not get that girl!

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