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This Train Doesn’t Stop 🚆

This Train Doesn't Stop 🚆

The seduction community has markedly changed over the past few years.

The tides have turned as a revolution has taken place.

What do I mean exactly?

Train Doesn’t Stop

Ways of thinking applicable to attracting beautiful women have evolved, in the sense that.. We have walked away from the desire to using cringy pick up lines..

We have walked away from the need to using canned routines..

We have walked away from the lust for rehearsed stories..

…in place of becoming a “natural” with women.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to become a natural, right!?

You enter any nightclub, you show up to any date, and you communicate flawlessly, whilst building an incredible amount of attraction at the same time.

It is without a doubt any man’s dream!

Or is it?

If only it were always sunshine and rainbows…

The desire for becoming a natural has somewhat, paradoxically, put more pressure on men to perform on their dates with gorgeous women.

Men feel a greater strain to perform than ever before, and as a result, the quality of what they say has deteriorated.

We find ourselves back at square one.

…back in the past, where guys were lacking the content in order to foster quality conversations and create connections with the opposite sex.

This has lead me to the following important conclusion, namely..

What you say is equally (if not more) important than how you say it.

In fact, in order to progress to a level of true mastery in seducing women..

One must first have a concrete understanding of what to say, a definitive structure, so to speak.

This cannot be avoided!

The good news is, I have come up with a breakthrough solution I need to reveal to you…

I have created a Frankenstein that will alleviate these issues for you.

I have been working on an immense project that cannot be described with words.

On Sunday 19th July, I will finally switch this monstrosity on, a weapon for you to be able to construct perfect conversations with girls.

It will be able to guide you in each of your interactions at the tip of your fingers.

You will be able to effortlessly start conversations, make women attracted to you, and never run out of things to say.. ever again!

Can’t wait to reveal what I have in store for you.

Speak soon and take good care of yourself.


Annabella Rose