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This five common habits will end your dating life!

This five common habits will end your dating life

This five common habits will end your dating life! Hello guys, its me again expert dating coach Annabela Rose and am back yet again with a somewhat sensitive topic. If you have ever been in a romantic relationship you know too well that it is not all about chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day. I mean, not all days are like the valentines. Things get real and tight, and at that moment you realize that it’s not only about love and that a relationship also needs to be healthy and fourth bearing happiness.

This five common habits will end your dating life!

Therefore, a lot goes into making a relationship healthy. It requires communication, respect, compromise, commitment among other non-toxic habits. However, since you are two different people who led completely different lives before you met and have different past, it is almost impossible for you to coexists without dragging along some of your bad habits which when not well handled, can cause toxicity in your relationship. With that said, what I will present about five toxic habits which when not managed well would bring your relationship to an end. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!

Lack of assertiveness

Assertive behavior is fundamental in any connection. Regardless of how much you love your woman, you need to have a sense of individuality if at all your relationship is healthy. Inability to assert yourself romantically means that you do not often express your needs, desires and wants transparently, and more often than not they are overlooked by your significant other, or they probably don’t even know about it. It means you go with the flow of what your partner wants because you want to remain kind to them. This behavior could ruin a relationship in two ways; one, when you make it too easy for women, they tend to get bored since they are all comfortable. I mean she already knows that she will always have her way since you are a “nice guy.” women like a challenge, you have to make her live her life on the edge as far as the relationship is concerned.

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