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Thing to Avoid When Texting A Girl

Thing to Avoid When Texting A Girl

Thing to Avoid When Texting A Girl

Ever had a girl you like go silent on you and you cannot explain why. One day you were talking on a daily basis the next day she does not even reply your text or worse she has blocked you yet you cannot explain it. Well you answer one thing, you just didn’t how to talk to her through texting properly, or you became inappropriate with her without even knowing, well am here to give you tips on things you should avoid when texting a girl:

Asking for nudes

This is a huge turn off to any lady unless that’s the nature of your relationship, just sexual but if you like her do not text her asking for nudes. We feel objectified when men do that .it is unpleasant because it is tough to see a woman asking for nudes, don’t get me wrong am not saying it is impossible am just saying it is rare.

Do not interrogate her

Yes, it is good to ask her questions to get to know her better but does not interrogate her on everything also try to bring up a discussion that is a two-way street. Interrogating her will make you look like a stalker and not like the possible boyfriend you were hoping for.

Drunk text or emotional text

Do not drunk text a girl at all cost; you may say something you do not mean and end up freaking her. You will sound sloppy, and it will be a huge turn-off. Same applies to when you are emotional; you could be angry or sad. Avoid talking to you a girl when you are in that state you may react differently to situations, and you may end up overreacting on really small issues.

Over texting and oversharing.

This goes hand in hand. When she does not reply your text give her space am not saying give up on her but give her space like a day or two before reaching out. Do not force yourself on her or even guilt trip her for not texting you back. It shows desperation and neediness. Also, avoid oversharing with her she makes .look needy too. If I ask you how are your, do not give me details about every second of your day just give me a summary of your overall activity.

Send her mass text.

A lady can tell by your wording if it is a mass text or not. So when men do this, it is a huge turn off because we know someone else is also in your mind and you are giving them the same treatment as you are doing to me. Women hate being compared or feel like they are fighting for you.

Using abbreviation and wrong grammar

First of all, some abbreviations are not international so for you to start using abbreviations when you text her then just know you have lost her and you are making the conversation boring because she may not understand what you are saying. This also applies to grammar, if you shorten words and use wrong grammar, then your conversation will be hard and boring, and no woman wants a man who cannot text her in proper grammar.

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