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The Weather Matters – A New Dating Strategy

The Weather Matters – A New Dating Strategy

Hi my lovelies it’s Maria here from Kamalifestyles – the number one most popular and most highly viewed dating training company in the UK and Ireland. Guys the summer days are upon us , the long days of daylight are at our disposal and so I really can’t stress more how important it is to go out and make the most of those days. Guys in today’s video I’m going to give you a key observation that I’ve made to make your dating with women more efficient.

This is an observation which myself and the rest of the Kama Team have discovered over the years of going out and training guys in cold approach pick up. The observation which I find really interesting is the fact that girls tend to come out in large numbers following days of really bad weather. We chicks tend to stay in when the weather’s colder than the norm and when it rains and it’s miserable, it’s just not what we like and probably impacts our moods too. However whenever the sunshine picks up following a really dreary day that is when you’ll see us come out in shear numbers and volume. So watch out for those days and try to plan your dating strategy based on this trend. Okay don’t get me wrong it’s impossible to predict the weather and weather forecasts change themselves so there has to be an element of dynamism in your dating strategy.

The Weather Matters – A New Dating Strategy

Be dynamic in your thinking and be willing to change certains plans you had in your head in order to meet women. For example, you might roughly have a gym routine on certain days of the week, say on Mondays and on Wednesdays, and you’re quite reluctant to give those up so easily. Well Gents I’m gonna have to break it to you that you can’t have it both ways – if it rains and the weather’s miserable then go to the gym on that day and if it rains again the next day, go to the gym again the next day despite you not wanting to and despite it breaking your workout routine. I mean in reality having a repetitive workout routine is bad anyway!

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Maria is infield trainer and she regularly publishes infield approach videos on different dating topics on KamaTV. She is always on the road training our clients and filming regularly for our youtube channel. Maria gives very honest dating advice from a female perspective and she is always direct and give her honest feedback to our clients and youtube viewers.

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