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The Ultimate Guide To Becoming More Confident Around Women

Confident Around Women: “All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure”, Mark Twain famously wrote.

Lovely quote but prosaic if you ask me.

Confidence is a word thrown about but what does it actually mean?!

It essentially refers to believing in yourself, in your own personal judgment, and decision-making abilities.

(This is in contrast to self-esteem, which is an emotional evaluation of your self-worth).

Imagine having the ability and the freedom to control any situation with the click of your fingers.

Confidence can also be used to master your interpersonal relationships and establish dominance.

So, how does one develop this skill?

Building self-confidence requires knowledge and patience.

It is like running a marathon where it is not how fast you finish, but rather how you actually run the race.

Here are some tips to help you to improve and build your confidence:

Focus on self-care

Confident Around Women: This is basically focusing on your general appearance.

With confidence building, we work from the outside going in.

You gain a boost of confidence when you are given compliments on how sharp you look.

Alpha males don’t bank so much on others approval but when you are starting to build your confidence a little compliment can go a long way.

You always have to strive to look your best.

Because girls are attracted to men who can take care of themselves.

Embrace your imperfections

You cannot be confident if you do not accept who you are as a man.

It is about time that you realise and acknowledge that you are not perfect.

Alpha males are not men without flaws.

In fact, they have more flaws, but they know how to turn it to work to their advantage.

Imperfection breeds a lack of confidence. You have to look for a way to turn your lemons into lemonade.

These imperfections can be regarding personality or physical appearance.

Whichever the case, you have to love yourself as you are and acknowledge that even great men have issues.

Identify the things that you think about yourself that you wish you could change.

If it’s possible to change, then you ought to take the chance!

But for the things you cannot change… look for a way to embrace them.

Tune out the negativity

Confident Around Women: We all have the voices in our heads that speak to us and tell us if we are capable of making it or not.

Guys who are confident try living a fulfilling life that pleases them.

You have to tune out those negative voices and listen to the positive ones.

Do not get me wrong and shut out your instincts.

There is a difference between the voices in your head and that in your heart. Women know this very well!

However, sometimes there is a discrepancy in the voices, that of the angel and devil talking over your shoulders.

Tune out that negative voice that keeps telling you that you cannot do anything right.

Try engaging in activities that make you grow as a person and make you happy, then make it a lifestyle.

Embrace your mistakes

You have made mistakes, and it is about time you let go and deal with them like a man.

Mistakes do not define you as a man but rather what you chose to do with the realisation of the mistake is what counts!

Did you choose the wrong girl?

Did you invest in the wrong deal?

Mistakes can either pull your confidence down or boost it sky-high.

Take every mistake as an opportunity to learn something new.

Confident guys don’t go around feeling sorry for themselves after a mistake because that robs them of the chance of being in charge.

So, don’t let your mistake push you to the service lane of your own life.

Self-reflection leads to self-improvement

Lastly, you should seek to become someone who takes a back seat once in a while and reflects about who they are and who they want to be.

This will enable you to analyse the areas in your life that need improvement.

After which, you will think of ways to improve the areas that you feel need some work.

Never forget that…

An assertive guy tries to become the best version of themselves and that is what helps in building their confidence.

Lots of love,

Annabella 😘

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