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The Top Signs Of Attraction From A Woman

There are many different body language signs that a woman will display when she is attracted to you. It is very important to be able to identify these, so you can access where you are in the interaction and you will know when it is time to take things to the next level. The first sign of attraction we will focus on is touch.

Attraction From A Woman

Anytime a woman touches you it is positive (Unless of course she gives you a slap in the face, at which time you should probably move on!).

A woman will never communicate physically with somebody she is not attracted to or at least feels very comfortable with, so if you are chatting to her and you notice that she is emphasizing her points by touching you on the arm etc, then you have made a great start.

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Another important point is to always look at what she is doing with her hands. A woman’s hands will tell you everything you need to know about her level of attraction to you.

Perhaps she is playing with her straw in her drink, moving the ice cubes around in a circular motion. This is a great sign of attraction and if it is followed by intense eye contact, you are on to a winner.

Everybody knows the generic sign of playing with her hair, but this is emphasized if she tilts her head to one side to display her neck. This sign comes from ancient times and if a female displays her neck, she must be extremely comfortable with the other person as it puts her in a very dangerous position.

Even though the dangerous times in our evolution may be over, these signs and unconscious gestures still remain. Another sign of attraction is if a woman displays her wrists while she is speaking to you.

Unlike a man, a woman’s wrists are very erogenous and she will gesture and show her wrists to you while she speaks, if she is comfortable with you. This continues on to smoking, where the same action takes place.

The next time you are in a smoking area look around at the women. Some will hold their cigarette up beside their shoulder, while others will just hold it down at their side. You will never see a guy hold a cigarette at shoulder level, unless he is gay. You can compare this to a peacock spreading its feathers.

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When a woman wants to be noticed, she will display most if not all of these signs and it is important to realise that you never look for individual gestures or aspects of body language and then assume you can read that persons thoughts.

They may be only feeling that thought for a few seconds or they may be just affected by external circumstances. For example, if you are talking to a woman in a smoking area and she folds her arms, she may just be feeling cold, not defensive.

Body language is read in clusters of 3 so always look for 3 or more similar signals before making a judgment call.

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