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The Mystery Method

The Mystery Method

The Mystery Method

The human mind is curious and will always feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations.

It will try to come up with ways to make the situation familiar.

Mystery Metho

You hear people talking about the honeymoon phase in a relationship to be the most blissful because you start your suffering sentence.

The reason that the honeymoon phase is the most blissful and thereafter disaster is very simple.

During the honeymoon phase, you get to know each other and it’s always thrilling to experience new things. However, the phase might end as soon as you know what to expect from each other. Before you know it. You fall into a routine and the fights start.

The element of surprise keeps the fire burning when you’ve been in a long-term relationship. It also triggers curiosity in a woman you just met which can make the woman interested in you.

That gives you the power to escalate and attract the woman more.

In this blog, you’ll explore the mystery method. It occurs in three phases which are an attraction, creating comfort, and seduction.

How can you use the mystery method to attract a woman? How can the mystery method inspire emotional connection? How can you use the mystery method to define your worth and let women chase you?

The possibilities that the power of mystery presents is limitless.

Women are attracted to how you make them feel. But it’s challenging to know a woman’s desires and get her to associate you with them. However, that’s not true if you’ve mastered the art of mystery.

Let’s explore the mystery method and how to use it to get the girls you desire.

Phase One: Attraction

You’ll have to create attraction with a woman you want if you want to avoid the friend zone. How you approach a woman and how you build up the conversation are crucial to getting a woman attracted to you.

The attraction phase works to get a woman sexually attracted to you.

Here are some tips of how to create a strong attraction using the mystery method:

▪     Create an intriguing first impression

Beautiful women get approached frequently by guys every day. You need to have a distinctive feature that will make the woman remember you or want to spend more of her time with you.

Your first impression can hook a woman’s interest to you. A woman will try to figure you out based on your physical appearance and how you’ve approached her.

The finding she creates is where the magic lies.

A mystery is an elusive and enigmatic concept that lures people in. You become a quest for a woman to decipher. Creating a warm and confident body language makes you approachable.

You can use your storytelling skills to create a mystery that might contradict her initial judgment of you.

▪     Build an interesting personality

Have you ever noticed that most movies look interesting when you watch the trailers? The movie appears very interesting because they have only highlighted the selling points of the movie.

It only focuses on intense emotional moments and then cuts short to trigger curiosity. The mysterious nature of movie trailers is what makes them very interesting.

You can use the same concept when you approach a girl. Appealing to her emotions and using the element of mystery can make a woman crave for you. Different women will be attracted to different things in a man.

Know what the woman wants and highlight those moments in your life. The mystery surrounding your personality will make you have an appealing personality to a woman.

▪     Make your presence felt

It’s challenging for a woman to ignore a guy with a strong personality. A strong personality dictates that even when you are silent you are still being heard. Making your presence felt will attract the woman’s attention to you.

You then decide the trips you’ll take her attention to and the things she’ll explore to make you irresistible to her.
Social proofing is one of the sneakiest ways of making your presence felt.

A woman will notice a guy in a corner that everyone wants to associate with better than a guy on a podium making noise.

Build a rapport with people around the woman so that everyone seems to like you. She’ll be curious as to why you have the effect you have on people. She’ll be attracted to you to find out more about you which is still a win.

▪     Show the woman you are attracted to her

It’s important to show the woman that you are attracted to her in the initial stage. When a woman knows you are attracted to them, it triggers a reaction. She’ll want to also know how she feels about you.

Her journey might open up new possibilities in the conversation and make you more attractive.

The mystery is inspired by the confidence you show a woman when you want her but you let her make her decision. In other blogs, I’ve talked about different ways you can build attraction in a conversation.

The mystery will make a conversation with a woman you want multifaceted, which can be crucial to building a strong emotional bond with the woman.

Phase Two: Creating Comfort

Creating comfort is crucial when you want to escalate and get the woman you desire. A woman will adjust their boundaries and be more permissive to your escalation when they are comfortable.

Creating comfort is a phase you take things from casual to sexual. It’s a delicate phase but mystery can hook the woman to you want throughout. Here are tips to create comfort with a woman you want:

▪     Engage a woman in a deep conversation

Conversations provide a good environment to know more about the woman you are interested in. Engaging a woman in a deep conversation can trigger a wide range of emotions.

The idea is to connect with as many types of emotions that the woman experienced during the conversation.

She’ll be more comfortable exploring deeper her emotions with you when you have an emotional bond.

You can open up about your vulnerability and insecurities to show the woman you can relate to. It creates a sense of trust which is crucial for a woman to become comfortable around you.

Deep conversation inspires intense feelings. It’s good to know how to balance the feelings because they can be overwhelming.

▪     Build a strong emotional connection

One thing that will guarantee a woman is comfortable around you is a good emotional connection. But the critical question is how you use mystery to build a strong emotional connection?

Mystery inspires curiosity. If the woman is impressed with where her curiosity leads her, it builds up her interest in you. That can trigger a strong emotional connection.

Create mystery in areas that shed light on your strengths. When she’s doing her detective work to solve the mystery, let it lead to something she’ll want more of.

Sharing your experiences can be a good way to connect emotionally. Adding the mysterious sauce to experiences that later on she’ll find you have in common can build a strong emotional bond.

▪    Break the touch barrier

Breaking the touch barrier can boost a woman’s comfort. When a woman is not comfortable with you, she’ll maintain some distance. However, when creating comfort, you reduce the distance between you and the woman to establish a physical connection and establish physical trust.

Touch can show a woman that you are interested in her more than your words are saying. Where you touch a woman, can send a message of intent. The mystery that breaking the touch barrier inspires can draw a woman to you.

You can also use breaking the touch barrier as a test to know if the woman is ready for escalation. A woman that fidgets when you reach out is not ready for physical contact or any sexual escalation.

Phase Three: Seduction

Seduction draws its power from the elusiveness and enigmatic nature of the mystery. Guys that have mastered the art of seduction know how to inspire mystery to create intense emotional and physical responses.

Most women experience last-minute withdrawal when this phase of the mystery method is not done skillfully.

The mystery method builds anticipation for a sexual encounter but delays it longer to force the woman to start moving towards you. Here are tips to seduce the woman you desire with the mystery method:

    • Flirting is the key. Stimulating a woman’s mind before engaging her physically can make her crave for you. Flirting makes the woman feel special and triggers desirable emotions. It communicates your sexual desires towards the woman, which will help you be on the same page in escalation. When you are flirting with a woman you are able to know how far she’s willing to go. That gives you the power to trigger the process and take it to a point she needs you to complete it.
    • Kino escalation. Kino escalation creates physical intimacy that is crucial for seduction. Women have different sensitive spots that can cause intense arousal. Kino escalation explores the woman’s physical triggers. You can use a woman’s physical triggers to create sexual tension that will make the woman want you
  • Roleplay. It’s a sneaky way of seduction because it’s a shortcut to know a woman’s dark desires and fetishes. You can easily build strong sexual tension when you start exploring each other’s sexual fantasies. Our sexual desires and fetishes give us a form of fulfillment when achieved. A woman will chase after you if she has attached you to her sexual desires and fantasies.

The power of seduction lies in balance which triggers the right mystery. When you are too mysterious, a woman is likely to think that you are hiding something.

That will raise doubt and might block out the woman from you. The right balance of mystery is when you feel you have enough to go on with and realize you are not when you are sailing already.