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The Game Neil Strauss

The Game Neil Strauss

The Game Neil Strauss

The Game Neil Strauss is the autobiographical story of the author’s, also known as Style, experiences with the pick-up artist (PUA) community after stumbling across them while working on an article. Strauss is a short, balding man and not the picture of someone one would expect to be wildly successful with women.

His journey started with taking part in online discussion groups out of frustration with his own failures. His continued involvement with the community leads him to a PUA Bootcamp presented by Mystery where he and the other participants approach women.

Mystery and Sin observe them, giving them advice on what to say, their body language and behaviors.

The behaviors The Game Neil Strauss learns are so simple that the author is amazed when he sees how effective they are. The book tells the story of Strauss’ metamorphosis into a PUA and describes the other members and his relationship with them, especially his friendship with Mystery.

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Throughout, Strauss tells readers how to pick up beautiful women using the indirect approach, how to seduce them, how to build and maintain attraction through using touch, and a variety of other methods he uses to attract women.

He claims that pick-up artists’ main goal should be to make other people feel good instead of themselves, making women feel challenged and leaving them laughing.

In The Game, Neil Strauss talks of his life at “Project Hollywood”, a mansion shared by Strauss, Mystery, Tyler Durden, Playboy, and other people in the community.

“Project Hollywood” also referred to a lifestyle plan the group had developed, but rivalry and in-fighting between a number of members of the community lead to its eventual disintegration.

Strauss’ experiences as a member of the community leave him promoting a more balanced and emotionally healthy lifestyle incorporating PUA habits.

The Game Neil Strauss works on dispelling myths related to relationships and dating. According to Strauss, saying that women aren’t attracted to nice guys is inaccurate.

The truth is that they’re attracted to strongmen rather than weak ones and that it’s possible to be strong without being a jerk. He also explains that women aren’t only attracted to good looks and money – presentation and ambition are equally important.

He goes on to say that women aren’t put off by men hitting on them. In fact, provided the man is sincere, interesting, and engaging, women enjoy the interest. According to Strauss, it’s important to remember that women like sex as much as men do.

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The Game Neil Strauss gives some important advice for aspiring PUAs;

1. Don’t be afraid of approaching a woman who is part of a group, even if that group includes men.

2. Don’t wait for more than three seconds after you’ve seen her before approaching her.

3. Keep your opener strong and never apologise. Apologising makes you sound weak.

4. Don’t open with a generic compliment that she’s heard a million times before. Instead, engage her emotionally with a story or question.

5. Don’t buy her a drink. You shouldn’t give the impression that you’re so desperate to talk to her that you’ll pay for her time.

6. Wait for attraction to build before you touch her. Never grab her immediately.

7. Control your body language and avoid hovering or leaning in.

8. Don’t ask her personal questions right from the start – wait to ask her what her name is, where she’s from or what she does for a living.

9. Focus on her friends and winning them over before you focus on her.

The Game Neil Strauss author has written for Rolling Stone magazine and a number of other publications. He has co-authored autobiographies with Marilyn Manson, Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction, Motley Crue and porn star Jenna Jameson.

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