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The consequences of not being an alpha male!

The consequences of not being an alpha male

Hi guys this Emre and this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose and today we will be talking about The consequences of not being an alpha male. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!

Alpha males are the updated version of the male species. They are strong, bold, confident, charming and guys who know exactly what they want in life. They are the guys that normal guys want to be and women want to have. They are everybody’s dream and any guy who doesn’t work on improving themselves to be an alpha male is missing out a big deal. Here are some of the consequences of not being an alpha male.
You will not live your dream

The consequences of not being an alpha male!

Alpha males are vision driven. They know exactly what their purpose is and work towards it without allowing anything to slow them down. Anything like unproductive friends who add no value is scrapped off his priority list. When it comes to relationships, alpha males won’t let any woman who comes into their lives affect his operations or hinder them from fulfilling their goals.

Failing to be an alpha males leaves you at the mercy of the world. You will end up struggling to accommodate everyone in your life to the extent of putting your time and dreams in jeopardy. Most of the guy who isn’t alpha males will tend to change their lifestyles when they meet a beautiful girl in order to show her they really love her.

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