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The Best Opening Lines

The Best Opening Lines

This is something that I get asked a lot and I know for a fact that I will get asked a lot in the future as well which is what is the most effective pick up line that you can use.

The reason that I get asked this question a lot is that guys are basically looking for the quick fix solution that will get a girl to respond to them positively. Already they are looking at their apparent issue in the wrong way.

Best Opening Lines

Quite simply you can almost say anything that you want provided that you deliver it in the right way.

(Accepting your control is limited plays hand-in-hand with your level of confidence. Reading this article will certainly help: Confidence Course).

Most guys make the mistake of delivering a line that they read in a book or on the internet and if the girl responds negatively they come to the conclusion that the so called pick up line does not work.

Like I said already it is not actually the line that did not work it was how the guy delivered it that did not work.

Women are very intuitive and they will pick up straight away if it is a line that you read in a book and there is nothing that a girl dislikes more than a guy coming across as not being authentic.

Put yourself in her shoes, you are with your friend and you are constantly being approached by guy’s non-stop who are constantly using canned and cheesy lines.

From your point of view they are just looking for a quick fix solution for one thing which is to sleep with you.

Girls do want to meet guys that they cannot trust and a half attempted canned line is not going to change their mind anytime soon. You simply just have to be confident and true to yourself when you approach a girl.

Simply saying “hi how are you?” in a confident manner is just as effective as any chat up line that you will find on the internet.

(Perhaps you just want to move on from the relationship. If so, then read this: How to move on from a toxic relationship).

Another big mistake that guys make when they approach is that they do not think any further than what they say to open a conversation with a girl and usually they end up with the girl neither ending the conversation or the guy himself leaving because of the awkward silence.

It is important that you know how to develop a conversation and not only that but not to find yourself bombarding the girl with never ending questions like where are she is from and where she lives.

Instead what I would recommend is that you make statements instead of questions.

An example of this would guessing where she is from or what she does as a profession, instead of boring her you are challenging and intriguing her, I will cover this more in a future article but to put it simply it is about doing something different instead of doing the same thing that every other guy does.

The most important thing to remember is just to keep approaching, like anything that you practise and put enough time into, the more that you do it the better you will get.

Guys use lines from books that they have read because they are looking for the best way to approach a girl and for them not to get rejected. Like I said before guys usually get rejected because of how they approach and how they convey themselves.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes and if you get rejected you will get stronger and better at approaching the more that you do it. Do not take the rejections personally and enjoy the good interactions.

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