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Client Testimonials

“The program introduced me to a new set of skills and I started approaching conversations with women differently. I completed the program in a few days and then wished I’d found out about this program earlier” Jay

“Now women love engaging with me in conversations, which I’m so happy about, and know I’m able to secure way more dates. This is without a doubt the best program I have ever taken! I can’t recommend it enough.” Andy

“The program helped me find different storytelling styles to keep the conversation flowing. Since the completion of the program, I have seen a massive increase in my success rate with women.” Marcus

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Iain’s eBooks and Online Programs Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World…

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Get My Top Programs and Save $1,614

Iain Myles is one of Kamalifestyles’ finest dating coaches. His experience and passion have made him help thousands of men find love and increase their success with women. He has written many eBooks and launched many online programs that were a huge success. He’s mostly known for his flexible techniques that easily blend with different personalities.


Get All Programs for $97


The programs and eBooks that you’ll get
access include:

  • Social Anxiety: €36/$39
  • Conversation Secrets €29/$35
  • Carpe Diem: €38/$43
  • The Persuasion Master €21/$24
  • Script Builder: €488/$576
  • The Conversation Booster: $497
  • 1 Hour 1- on- 1 Private Roadmap Session $497

Total: $1711

Save: $1614

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Over $1600 in Value

You can build your skills in different areas that women focus on for less than $100. When you are playing a game with cheat codes, you don’t anticipate failure. You can understand the modern dating scene and what women want from men. Get information that will redefine you and make you a women’s magnet.

What You'll Get Access To

1. Social Anxiety

It’s one of the best-selling eBooks by Iain Myles. It has sold tens of thousands of copies from its release date. Social anxiety can make a guy withdraw from the dating scene. The eBook is a guide that helps you overcome social anxiety which is one of the main reasons men have a low success rate with women. Explore the extend of social anxiety and discover new techniques to shed your fears.The eBook aims at helping you restructure your confidence and approach to dating and women to increase your success. It also holds a mirror to you and helps you reflect on your strengths. You’ll know where to draw confidence from within whenever you experience anxiety.

2. Conversation Secrets

You can make a conversation easy with any woman you want. The eBook Conversation Secrets takes you through a series of skills that can build your eloquence and charisma around women. You’ll discover ways to express yourself that inspire confidence and trust in women. The eBook is designed to help you understand the woman you’re with and how to get her with an enticing conversation. There are conversation hacks that women fall for every time and you’ll get to understand all of them.

3. Carpe Diem

Discover a fool-proof system of picking up women during the day. It’s easy for men to pick up women with the cover of darkness. But it’s an uphill challenge to most guys to pick up women during the day. The Carpe Diem eBook takes you through a mindset of approach and why your state of mind is crucial. You’ll learn new techniques to level the playing field during the day with women and pick them. You’ll also explore techniques to build a powerful first impression and make yourself social proof to a woman during the day.

4. The Persuasion Master

Mastering the art of persuasion is a skill any alpha male cannot miss. Women distrust men and get approached by many guys. To get the woman you desire, you’ll have to alter her perception of you so that she feels you the only man for her. The Persuasion Master brings you sneaky techniques to be persuasive and irresistible to women. You’ll master how to turn a woman’s doubt into curiosity and interest. As the eBook name suggests, you’ll master how to draw women in which is a fool-proof way to guarantee you get the girl.

5. Script Builder

The Script Builder is one of the hidden gems at Kamalifestyles.com. The program was used in Residential Training at Kamalifestyles for years before it was recently made public. You can easily build the dating and text scripts using the templates in Script Builder. The Script Builder is designed to make you a silver tongue Casanova. The program will help you arrange your conversation structure to maximize mystery, trigger curiosity and interest, build sexual tension, and overcome conversation barriers. The program alone has sharpened the interaction skills of more than 10,000 men and inspired a form of mastery that comes with personalizing the Script Builder.

6. The Conversation Booster

Conversation Booster training program is one of the intensive programs at Kamalifestyles to build men’s conversation skills. It’s an online program that contains 8 modules. Each module tackles a different conversation challenge and builds a new conversation skill. The modules come with 10-12 training videos, exercise sheets, and additional information to build your skill. The program aims at making you a master of conversation and boosts your conversational confidence. You’ll master how to indirectly be in control of the conversation and manipulate emotions experienced in the conversation. That will make it easy for you to understand a woman and build her interest in you.

7. 1 Hour 1- on- 1 Private Roadmap Session

We understand that people are different and techniques can be challenging to master depending on a guy’s personality and individuality. You get 1 Hour 1- on- 1 Private Roadmap Session when you buy the Spring Sale bundle. You’ll get one of our finest dating coaches to establish personality and show you how to use the programs and eBooks. The roadmap session will also be to determine the skills you need to improve and how best to incorporate those skills without changing your personality.Take advantage of the Spring Sale now and start a new journey to redefine yourself in the dating and social worlds. Save $1614 and still get a one-on-one private roadmap session with our best dating coaches. Now you have no reason to have your romantic life in crisis.

Client Testimonials


I have been battling social anxiety and confidence issues for years. I saw Iain’s eBooks at kamalifestyles.com and the Social Anxiety eBook is what caught my eye at first. But after buying Ian’s eBooks and online programmes, I understand why it was important to take the bundle. It’s like each program and eBook was building my skills to deal with social anxiety and confidence. I’m not get done with all the material that was sent but my success rate with women has skyrocketed. I am confident around women and I always seem to tell them the right words. Thumbs up for the amazing eBooks and programmes you guys have. It’s very helpful. I highly recommend Iain’s eBooks and online programmes.


One thing that I have really benefited from Iain’s dating training products is the boost in my confidence and conversational skills. I was the guy who would sit in a corner and no one would know I exist. I didn’t know how to talk to women and that created insecurity in me and gave me social anxiety. The Script Builder, Conversation Booster & eBooks have helped me improve my conversation skills and also boosted my confidence. I don’t cave in a conversation because I don’t have anything to say. I’ll see it coming. I can now attract women in a blink. This bundle gives you a huge value for money because the skills and techniques that will be enhanced are priceless.


This is a great deal! I bought Iain’s all products and it has been like an investment. Before I got his eBooks and online programmes, my romantic life was struggling as it has always been since I started approaching women. I thought it will be a good project as I work on myself. The Persuasion Master, Conversation Booster and Script Builder have given my romantic life a perfect turn-around. I realized the mistake I was making and started learning new techniques. I am officially a lady’s man. Guys definitely invest your time and money. You will improve your dating life.

To read the terms and conditions regarding our 100% money back guarantee for this bundle, please refer to our Ts & Cs.