Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety

Hi guys it’s Iain Myles here from – today gents I’m very psyched and really pumped because I’m pleased to announce that my new eBook on Social Anxiety is finally finally finished and is out right now. The strategies written within the book have been used in our training’s for a while now, and the successes recorded have been overwhelming. So I’m really happy to be releasing it as I’ve been working on it for a while now but let’s turn the tables a little bit as YOU are the reason why our team is always on the move. So guys, Do you have a friend that you secretly love, but you can’t collect yourself to let her know how you feel? Do you find yourself feet heavy, heart beating fast, sweaty, and tensed when you see a beautiful girl you like? Well, today is your lucky day, my friend. As today we make ordinary men into the alpha males of their packs. I’m pleased to introduce to you Social Anxiety: A Gentlemen’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety. A book that will help you build the confidence you need to overcome approach anxiety and get the girl you want.

As I said before, this eBook has been pilot- tested for a while now. And the outcomes and the results that we got have been extraordinary. Approach anxiety is real amongst men and EVEN amongst women too. To some, it is more evident than in others. It is one of the reasons why some men live in the shadows. Let’s be real here. It is hard to tell your mates that you have approach anxiety. Our friends and brothers suffer in silence but they won’t need to suffer anymore. Sometimes we put our self-esteem to the test with people that are not worth it, and we end up losing confidence. Guys, this eBook is going to help you build the character and the personality that you have always desired. You are going to get the courage to approach women anywhere and at any time.

Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety

During a few of our Kamalifestyles Residential trainings where we pilot tested the eBook, the guys who used the book, they couldn’t even initially walk up to a girl they did not know and say hi. By the end of the training, to overcome their approach anxieties, they became the Casanovas every man wants to be. I will give you a sneak peek of what you can expect to find in the book:

The eBook will enlighten you about the role of your wingman when you experience approach anxiety. Approach anxiety changes the game. Your wingman has to compliment you in a way such that approach anxiety will not be a factor in getting the girl you want. Your wingman is your secret weapon; he is able to rescue you without the girls knowing. So this eBook also gives you a great insight into the type of relationship that you and your wingman should have when he is winging you. It is essential because approach anxiety can be a game-changer in getting the women we want.

Get to know the real triggers of approach anxiety and how to navigate around them. I am a believer that it is easy to beat your enemy if you know their strengths and weaknesses. This eBook gives you a broad scope of approach anxiety to help you figure where you fall and how to conquer approach anxiety.

This book is also designed to bring out the best in you and not change the excellent person you are. Basically my book talks about creating a comfort zone outside your comfort zone. Imagine if you could meet the girl you want in your comfort zone, imagine how things would have flow. This is one of the proven ways to help you overcome approach anxiety and enjoy approaching women. So go and grab yourself a copy of my book to learn all about it!

My favorite section of the book are the techniques used to calm you down when experiencing approach anxiety. You will learn that most men experience approach anxiety, but some come out of it fast while others get stuck. So what is the secret of overcoming approach anxiety within seconds? Well my book introduces you to various techniques that will discreetly calm you down and help you get the woman you like.

Another captivating section of the book is the part where I talk about choosing topics to engage a woman you like. You see, this can be a problem because women are different. However, there are telling signs that can help you know what topics interest her. Being controversial is exciting, but how far can you push it without looking like a social outcast. Not knowing what to tell a women can also trigger approach anxiety. So you will find out sneaky ways in terms of how to be an interesting, and an unforgettable guy in this book.

Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety

When approaching women, confidence gives you the higher ground. Women like it when men are in control, nevertheless some women do love it when they think they are in control. Confident men find ways to navigate around the two. So in my eBook I highlight interesting facts on how to boost your confidence when approaching a girl you like. Building your confidence and self-esteem also goes a long way in making you live a happy life. So my book: Social Anxiety: A Gentlemen’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety gives you a systematic and straightforward way to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

The beauty of this eBook is that everything is workable. You don’t need unique props or fancy skills to start your journey of overcoming approach anxiety. I have always been a believer in simplicity, and that’s what this eBook revolves around. You are a beautiful person, and you need to let your light shine to the world. So Social Anxiety: A Gentlemen’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety gives you the push you need to come out of the shadows and live a happy and fulfilling life.

So go and grab yourself a copy of my new book today! You can get yourself a copy by clicking on the link in the video description below or by clicking on the card above. As always I must thank you for your support on KamaTV over the years and I hope you enjoy reading my eBook. I’m Iain Myles and I’ll see you next time!

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