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Signs you are a pushover!

Signs you are a pushover

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Signs you are a pushover!

A pushover is someone who is quickly taken advantage of ideally because they are too nice or are in a position of a disadvantage. It mostly happens in your workplace or relationship. Realizing that you are a pushover is hard. An aspect of denial and guilt will play in but depending on your reasons for being a pushover. This newfound awareness can be used to grow you into the best version of yourself and give you better skills to cope up with the harsh society. The following are signs that you are a pushover that cut across your love life all the way to your workplace, relationships, amongst other social interactions:

You have a hard time saying “No.”

Unfortunately, you have little willpower and are pushed to always being a ‘yes’ person, or because you are in a position of disadvantage, you fear to let them down. Hence you give in and say yes. This lack of ability to refuse to be immersed into a sea of duties and chores that are not yours to begin with is disheartening.
What should you do? :
Learn to say no and mean it. Do not even offer anyone an excuse or try and justify your decision in unnecessary situation. Sometimes we say no because we don’t like something and you don’t have to explain or justify that.

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