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Signs that you are a rebound guy!

Signs that you are a rebound guy!

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from and I am back with yet another video. Today I will be talking about signs that you are a rebound guy.

Signs that you are a rebound guy!

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So are you a rebound guy? Well don’t worry as you will find out very soon. There is that adrenaline that a new relationship has, and during this period, there is a unique bond formed. Things happen fast, and life is exciting. However, rebound relationships can be very confusing.

One point the adrenaline in the relationship is so high the next there is no adrenaline at all. Most people believe that rebound relationships are doomed, but it’s the emotional roller-coaster that comes with it that scares people. It is a hard place to be if you are in a relationship and you have to shoulder baggage that’s not yours.

In some cases, we’ve seen rebound relationship work if you know you are the rebound from the start. So, how do you know if you’re in a rebound relationship? What are the signs? In this video, we will explore the signs that you are a rebound guy.

They are all in at once

You know that period that you get to know each other. You are still trying to figure out what you want in that relationship. That’s the perfect time to tell if you are in a rebound relationship. Women we don’t heal easy, especially if we were so invested in that relationship.

So, two months if not enough for most women who have been in a long-term relationship to heal. Now, what happens when we get into a rebound relationship is that we bury our pain by behaving things are back to normal. It’s like she’s in her previous relationship but with you.

So, we feel like we have always known you, and we try to take things fast to where the other guy left them. So, when you notice that she’s taking things to fast chances are you are a rebound.

She’s emotionally MIA (missing in action)

Breakups after long-term relationships usually have an emotional toll on us. It makes you a bitter person if you feel that you have been short-changed in the relationship. That shows that there is usually a state emotional confusion that we go through after a breakup.

Signs that you are a rebound guy!

Most women will be reluctant for a while before they give that trust and commitment again. So, if you are in a rebound relationship, you will notice that she’s emotionally out of reach. Your relationship might have a lot of physical connection to make up for the lack of emotional connection.

You can even notice from your conversations. There will be nothing in them that will show emotional vulnerability because their guard is up.

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