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Signs she thinks you’re bad in bed, but you don’t know it

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Hello amazing people, welcome to our channel. I am Annabella Rose, the dating expert, and coach that always has your back. Today I have a smoking hot topic for you, so if you are with your girl, here is where you sneak away from her.

Signs she thinks you’re bad in bed, but you don’t know it

How much faith do you have in your bedroom game? How much faith does your girl have in your bedroom game? The truth is your partner will never be 100% honest with you if you have a weak sex game. We care about how you feel, and also, we don’t want to hurt your ego.

However, this can be dangerous because sexual intimacy is vital for a happy and progressive relationship. If you have a weak sex game, you leave a window for your partner to look for what you cannot fulfil her with.

So, the best way to eliminate that window is if you can tell how your partner honestly eels about your sex game. Since they cannot be 100% honest with you, we will look at the nonverbal cues to help you figure it out. In today’s video, we will look at the signs she thinks you’re bad in bed, but you don’t know it.

You feel there’s something off about the whole thing

If you are bad in bed, this is a sign that you cannot miss. Gentlemen, one way or another we get to pass our message. So, if you feel like something is off about the whole thing, then chances are that your girl is sending you a message. The lack of enthusiasm in everything you try will make you uncomfortable.

She will be like just be done with whatever you are doing. She will not be evident with it, but you will know she’s not satisfied with whatever is going on. It will make the sex seem like a duty rather than a lovely intimate moment, and that’s what makes it seem off.

Signs she thinks you’re bad in bed, but you don’t know it

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