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Signs she is walking all over you!

Signs she is walking all over you

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about Signs she is walking all over you

We have a group in a society where the women have been empowered to the point that the men have been left behind. Many men are in emotionally frustrating relationships and are not even aware of it. The following are signs that a girl is walking all over a man. This could be for you, but in case you notice signs of a friend’s girlfriend, be sure to let them know so that they can get of the relationship and get a healthier one.

She undermines you

This could be an idea or even regarding respect. She doesn’t see you as someone worthy of her time, love or money. She disrespects you even in front of your friends and tells you countless times that she is better off with some else. She is rude and downplays all your ideas. She doesn’t value what you have to say. Nothing you do is good enough for her.

You always initiate contact

This is sad but true, you may be in a relationship with her, but it feels that you are in love alone since you are always the one who calls, texts or initiates physical contact. You are the one who always plans the outings and meetings. You are always the one who pays the bill, and even then, you do not feel appreciated. It feels like you are fulfilling a duty. You are always the one who seems to always to trying to get laid. It is always you doing things first, and she never seems to be there with you emotionally or physically.

You are always on the receiving end

This is true especially in fights and disrespectful encounters. You are always on the wrong side; it is almost always your fault as to why things haven’t happened. It is always your fault when things happen differently. There is no margin of error as far as she is concerned.

You are scared

You are always scared of letting her down. You are scared for your life, and it feels that she is tad psycho. You are scared of trying new things and being away from her because you are dependent on her. You are scared of getting on her wrong side. You are afraid of not replying her text on time or not picking her calls. You are always in a panic and not living your best life. Most of all, you are afraid to communicate with others, and you almost seem to be in seclusion and isolation.

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