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Signs she is a cheater!

Signs she is a cheater

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about Signs she is a cheater.
Cheating is condemned in most societies. But sometimes, some people get away with it and only show you signs that they are cheating.

Too busy

When your girl is cheating, she will get to busy with work or tasks that do not have a veering. She will be too busy to hang out with you, to talk to you, to sleep with you and even go out with you. She will always be doing one thing or another, and you will hardly see each other even when you are in the same house.


She will begin to keep things from you. You will notice this pattern as soon as the affair starts. It is as though your bond is broken and you are no longer one. She will not let you in to know the new occurrences in her life. She will try to shut you out of her life. She will also be secretive with her dealings. She will now have a separate account and have transactions without your knowledge. She will be creeping around the house, and her walk will chance to a quiet one, and you will not know when she is coming in or going out.


This could be as a result of the raging hormones and guilt, and she will seem very off. She will become moody and sensitive, and anything you tell her will trigger a response of either rage or extreme sensitivity, and she could just end up tears. You will not know where you lie with her.

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