Signs She Has a Boyfriend but Likes You!

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Boyfriend but Likes You

You have probably heard that the heart wants what it wants. We get in relationships for different reasons or sometimes the flame that kept the relationship going burns out. Sometimes we find ourselves in a dilemma because we have a boyfriend but we also like another guy. Sometimes it’s a fling and we get over it with time but sometimes it just doesn’t go away. We try to hide it but emotions are like pregnancy, you can’t hide them for long. I will give you tips on how to identify the signs she has a boyfriend but likes you:

Wants to talk to you all the time

Men are jealous and we know how to set boundaries with our male friends when we are dating. However, when a girl likes you she will always want to talk to you because she believes you would understand her more. When she calls you late at night and start a conversation about nothing just to talk to you then that’s a sign that she likes you. She will tell her boyfriend that she wants to sleep only to get uninterrupted time to talk with you. Most of the conversation with a girl who is interested in you is to know as much as they can about you. The more they find out the more she grows fond of you if she likes what she is hearing. So if the calls, texts, and emails have become more frequent then just know she is deep into you.

She hides the fact that she is dating

We are always proud of the people we are dating and we never hesitate to tell any guy that tries to make an attempt on us. However, when a girl likes you she will be afraid to tell you right away that she has a boyfriend because she does not want to lose you. She will tell you later on as a sign that she is honest with you not because she does not like you. Throughout this period she will behave like she is single when around you even after she tells you she has a boyfriend.

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