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Signs a woman wants to sleep with you

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you. Women are masters of sending mixed signals. She shows you that she just wants to be your friend, but her actions tell you that she wants to be more than that. She doesn’t want to date you but gets jealous when she sees you with other women.

What do you do when you are in a position feeling confused about the message that you are getting? Should you consider her actions and ignore what she’s saying? These questions become more challenging to answer when you want to determine if a woman wants to have sex with you.

Woman wants to sleep

A good percentage of men don’t get laid because of their inability to identify the signs a woman wants to have sex with them. First, as much as modern women are open about their sexuality and what they want, the majority of them still are not bold enough to open up to you in black and white when they desire to have sex with you. Nevertheless, they’ll give subtle signs that will give their desires away to guys that have mastered identifying and interpreting “womanese” subtle language.

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you

When the pandemic hit, one of the things that frustrated men more than the lockdowns, business going down, and not being able to go to bars and fun places was a dry spell. Some guys went for months without getting their freak on. I bet that’s why X-rated websites skyrocketed their new sign-ups and downloads.

There’s a slight difference in signs a woman wants to sleep with you when you meet her face-to-face and when you are texting or calling her. In this blog, I’ll explore surefire signs a woman wants to sleep with you in both scenarios. It will give you a clear guide on how to get out of forced celibacy by being able to pinpoint the signs that indicate a woman wants to have sex with you.

Understanding signs a woman wants to sleep with you goes beyond looking out for the sexual cues. It’s about understanding how women communicate at different emotional levels. You’ll be susceptible to misinterpretation of a woman’s signs if you don’t understand how women communicate.

For example, one of the signs that a woman wants to sleep with you is touch. However, women use touch to communicate emotions. It can be used as a way to communicate friendship, trust, or comfort.

Nevertheless, sexual suggestive touches that are too obvious can give away a woman’s intention. But most women will be subtle with their touch even when it’s sexually inspired which can make deciphering the touch a bit of a headache.

It’s a slippery slope when you misinterpret a woman’s signs to be sexual when they are not. When you think a woman wants to sleep with you, your approach is different from a woman you want to pursue to sleep with you.

Misinterpreting the woman’s signal will prompt you to go for the kill with the wrong approach. Unfortunately, when a woman is just trying to be nice, you’ll lose all the chances you had with her because you’ll be perceived as a creep.

To be safe in interpreting signs a woman wants to sleep with you, there are some things that you need to consider to reduce your error rate.

Things to consider first before interpreting a woman wants to sleep with you

Most women don’t want to appear like an easy target that any guy can hook up with. Before a woman sends you signals that she wants to have sex with you, she’ll have to build a good rapport for it. So, unless you are getting the woman from the red street, here are things to consider before interpreting that the signs a woman is giving you are inspired by her sexual desire towards you.

1.      The level of comfort

Sex comes with a great emotional vulnerability that a woman has to be comfortable with. For example, most women are body conscious and they’ll want to be comfortable getting that vulnerable around a guy. Another thing is that you are probably going to be alone during the act and a woman has to be comfortable being alone with you.

The level of comfort you share with a woman can give you a clear insight into the signals that you are receiving from her. If she’s okay touching you in public but doesn’t want to isolate herself from the crowd to be alone with you, that shows you that the touch is more friendly than sexual.

2.      The level of trust

The existing trust between you and a woman is a crucial aspect to consider when interpreting a woman’s signals. There has to be a certain degree of trust even if the sex is only casual.

It’s easy to get sidetracked during the infancy stages of building trust because the woman also makes herself vulnerable to foster the growth of trust between you. For example, she might call you frequently. Trust intensifies the bond between you and makes a woman’s intentions clearer.

During the infancy stages of building trust, frequent calls can be a way of the woman trying to understand you. Taking it as a sign of sexual desire can be a premature move.

3.      Her personality

One of the most crucial factors to consider when interpreting a woman who wants to sleep with you is her personality. People have a unique way in which they socialize and connect with people. Having a fixed sign in mind that acts as a giveaway to a woman’s sexual interest can be misleading.

Some women are naturally touchy when they are talking to guys they are comfortable with. While that can be taken as a strong sexual interest towards a guy, in such a case, it’s a woman interacting and connecting with guys the best way she knows how.

Understanding a woman’s personality before drawing a conclusion allows you to see the unique signals that the woman only sends to you that might suggest sexual desire. It even makes it easier for you to identify those signals immediately they manifest.

4.      Reality vs fantasy

When you are attracted to a woman, you become susceptible to being a victim of your own emotions. You’ll consciously or subconsciously desire to be liked by the woman you are attracted to. That can make you biased in your judgment because of the outcome you desire.

She might have laughed at your jokes. But she has done that with every guy around her so there’s nothing special to prompt you to think you are exceptional. Look and judge at the situation for what it is and not what you wish it to be. It will save you from the emotional damage that can be triggered by rejection.

Women are unique and that can make you misread her signs and intentions. However, when you have considered all the aspects that we’ve discussed, your probability of being wrong in interpreting a woman’s signal will be significantly low.

Your success in interpreting a woman’s signs can also be greatly facilitated when you’ve mastered how to read the signs when talking to the girl over the phone or face-to-face. Most women tend to be much bolder when texting or talking over the phone with guys.

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you over the phone

Let’s explore how you can identify signs a woman wants to sleep with you over the phone:

1.      She likes to make contact at odd hours

Most people are busy during the day and it will make sense to text or call when a person has fewer distractions. Nevertheless, you can tell a lot about a woman’s intention and motive by observing how she reaches out.

A woman that’s trying to be nice or likes you but not too much to want to sleep with you will text you randomly. She knows that sometimes you’ll take hours before you respond to her text but she’s okay with that.

On the other hand, a woman that wants to have sex with you will desire your full attention. She’ll start a conversation through text or call when she knows you have fewer distractions. That’s because a woman that wants to sleep with you has made up these fantasies about you and what’s a better time to play out those fantasies than when the world is asleep.

Also, a woman that wants to sleep with you will want to gauge her chances of having you. She’ll reach out during ungodly hours to try and figure out if you are sleeping with someone else. Most guys will ignore the phone when they are with other women.

2.      She’s interested in your home affairs

Another sneaky way that you can tell a woman wants to sleep with you is when she shows too much interest in where you live and who you live with. The difference between a woman that’s just making a conversation and a woman that wants to bang you is one will be more interested in the details.

The woman that wants to sleep with you will want to know if you live close enough for her to come over or invite you over to her place or if a hotel will do both of you justice. Another thing is she’ll want to know if she’s safe at your place. So, she’ll want to know the people you live with or if you have any pets.

Now, a woman might be interested in sleeping with you because she wants a relationship. That type of woman will ask about your home affairs to determine your level of independence, responsibility, and financial stability in case the sex brings other beings.

3.      She sends you seductive media

Women know how to play innocent when there’s nothing innocent about their motive. The type of media a woman sends you during conversation can tell you what she wants. Some women are bold enough to send you private pictures but most will be subtle with their signs they want to sleep with you.

A woman that wants to sleep with you will desire you to be attracted to her. So, that will prompt her to want to show you her flattering side. One subtle technique that women use is sending selfies that will have you drooling over her.

Women also understand the auditory art of seduction. She’ll send you an audio message with a tone that will shift your attention to unspoken desires. She doesn’t have to say anything seductive but you can tell from the bedroom voice.

4.      She shows interest in your sex life

Most guys when they are sexually interested in a woman, they’ll have a stronger desire to quench that sexual urge than to know much about the woman.

Beta guys are the only men that ask women, “What’s your body count?” It’s good to know what you are getting yourself into but that can also be a good way to get discouraged if you desire to sleep with a woman.

Women on the other hand are very cautious about the men they are sexually attracted to. Most women will show signs that they want to sleep with you when they want a relationship with you. They’ll want to understand your sex life so that they also determine their emotional safety in the relationship.

She’ll be interested to know how many exes you have, or if you are seeing someone. She’ll even subtly try to know your sexual preferences and fantasies.

5.      She opens up about her sex life

Women are very secretive about their sex life. However, a woman that wants to sleep with you will want to show you indirectly what you are missing or show you that it’s safe to have sex with her.

For example, she’ll be comfortable telling you how many guys she has slept with if she knows the number won’t scare you. If the number is low, most guys will be impressed and will want to have a share of the cake.

Most women that want to sleep with guys open up about their sex life to attract guys with it. She might tell you she enjoys a sexual activity that she knows would trigger desire in you.

Mastering the art of active listening can make you a pro in identifying and accurately interpreting the signs you are picking from a woman over the phone. When you are still unsure if you are reading the signs correctly, you can prompt her to get a clear understanding of her intentions.

For example, if you are flirting with a woman and you are not sure if the signs you are seeing indicate that she wants to sleep with you, you can take flirting to the next level that will show you she wants to sleep with you.

It’s an art that can also be very instrumental when identifying signs a woman wants to sleep with you when she’s physically present. The signals tend to be subtler when you are face-to-face with a woman that desires to have sex with you. However, when you know what the signs look like, you’ll have a landslide identifying when they pop.

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you when she’s physically present

Let’s explore signs a woman wants to sleep with you when she’s physically present:

1.      She displays her art of seduction

You’ve probably heard that when a woman wants a guy, she’ll get him. That’s because most women have mastered the art of seduction. They know how to observe and understand what makes a man tick.

Although men are attracted to what they see, not all men can be seduced by a woman flaunting her natural or doctor-given gifts. When a woman wants to sleep with a guy, she tries to understand what the guy wants before she shoots her shot.

Guys that are turned on by power like their women to be submissive in certain ways. A woman that wants to have sex with you will position herself perfectly in the middle of your desires. She’ll tell you what you want to hear as long as it brings you closer to her bed.

Women can also use subtle gestures that can make you desire them sexually. For example, biting the lower lip in a seductive way can throw your attention off the woman’s face to somewhere I can’t put in writing in this blog.

2.      She ditches her friends for you

Guys, only one thing can make a woman ditch her friends for you and that is the thing that she desires but she can’t get from her friends. Before a woman sends you signals that she wants to sleep with you, she’ll have to trust and be comfortable with you. Also, she’ll show you what you mean to her by giving special treatment.

Take, for example, you meet a gorgeous woman at the bar and she’s with her friends. You have a conversation for a while and forge a connection and realize that she’s comfortable going outside the club with you and leaving her friends behind. That’s a sign that she’s comfortable with you and depending on what you are talking about, she might be game for going home with you.

Sexual desire is a strong emotional feeling that sometimes can override the rational mind. She’ll feel safe around you even though you’ve not done anything to guarantee this feeling.

3.      Her touch is sensual

Touch can be a foolproof way to tell if a woman wants to sleep with you. You can tell this from how the touch starts and progresses. A woman that wants to sleep with you will hug you tight to make you feel her breasts and she won’t mind where your hands are during the hug. This calculated touch move gives the woman boldness to escalate gradually without making it obviously sexual.

You’ll also know she wants you in her bed by where she touches you. Most women that are comfortable with you can touch your shoulders or hand when talking. But when a woman touches your thighs, chin, chest, or lips, that’s a sign that she’s comfortable with you touching her in the same areas. These are areas that can stimulate and escalate sexual desire.

4.      She sexually disqualifies other women

Another way that women subtly display their sexual desire is by disqualifying other women. It’s a survival technique that eliminates women that might be a threat to her. By disqualifying other women and qualifying herself, a woman hopes that you only have eyes for her.

For example, a woman might disqualify other women’s perspectives of sex and men to make herself more acceptable to a guy. The trick is usually identifying the small statements a woman makes that display her as a better sexual partner as compared to other women.

5.      She’s passionate about you

You can be in a relationship with a woman and you don’t know if she’s ready to sleep with you. Understanding her behavior around you can show you if she wants to sleep with you. Signs a woman wants to sleep with you can be drawn from the fantasies she has created about you.

Fantasies sometimes make us feel comfortable and familiar even when we are doing something for the first time. The level of passion a woman shows you can tell you what she wants. For example, she kisses you passionately or gives you long intimate hugs that leave you walking in funny positions to hide your boner.

When a woman is displaying her passion, it is her way of trying to be the best you have ever had. She’ll kiss and touch you like she’s in a movie scene. Being able to tell the different intensities of passion can give you a clear picture of what a woman desires.

Final Take

There is no one sign that tells it all when it comes to identifying signs a woman wants to sleep with you. It’s about your mastery in identifying the different signs that a woman displays.

Sometimes the signs you are getting from a woman might not be clear to give you a conclusive interpretation. Prompting a woman to open up in a way you would understand her intentions is also a sneaky way of understanding what a woman wants through a language you comprehend. Nevertheless, that’s a skill that requires a high mastery in conversation and persuasion.

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