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Signs a Girl Is Jealous and Likes You!

Signs a Girl Is Jealous and Likes You!
Signs a Girl Is Jealous and Likes You!

Girls are so hard to understand, one minute they are up the next they are down, sometimes you will think you have a girl all worked out but in reality, you really don’t.

Girls can act like they really like you but, in their head, they could be thinking “EW”, and that is the Gods honest truth.

Girl Is Jealous

It is shocking the number of girls that will like a boy and do nothing about it.

You might think she just likes you as a friend but in so many cases you are wrong.

A girl will literally be in love with a boy and say nothing.

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I know a boy’s reaction to this would be “why though”? “It is not even a big deal to tell us”.

But for a girl it is, they never really want to make the first move or say how they feel, especially when they do not know how the boy feels.

Who likes rejection?

However, in some cases a girl will make it really obvious when she likes you and you will be able to tell straight away.

Girls will flirt and flirt endlessly until you get the hint, some may even just say it straight to your face.

But that is a very rare example so do not jump the gun.

The easy signs to look out for when a girl likes you is:

  • You catch her constantly looking at you
  • She is always smiling when you are around, or even looking at you when you are not looking, or a classic one is when you are talking, and you catch her smiling
  • Does she go red when you say something? This means you are making her nervous
  • Look out for her eye contact, sometimes when a girl likes you she will not give you any, if you are staring at her and she says something along the lines of “ stop looking at me “ in a giggly voice and she cannot give you any eye contact back, SHE LIKES YOU
  • Is she touching you? for example speaking and stroking your arm?
  • Lip biting, she will do this when you are around.
  • If she is trying to get your attention, sometimes a girl will be in the same room as you and she will start talking louder and louder to her friends because she wants you to notice her
  • Does she follow you around, not like a stalker but as in she is always there? This means she tries to go to every event you are at because she wants to see you, even if she would not usual go to that place.
  • Always trying to find a way to come up to you and make conversation
  • Tries to make you jealous by talking about other boys Infront of you or posting them on social

Now one major sign that will get all the boys confused.

But trust me I know girls, if she brings up the fact that her friend likes you or is interested in you and asks you what you think about her, and then continues to talk about what your type is.


She wants you to describe someone that has her features, she is also testing you to see if you are looking at other girls.

Her ideal reaction to that would be for you to say, “no I do not find her fit” and then you making a move on her, either saying something that shows you are interested in her as well or describing you type with her features.

Can I also just put a quick mention if you are an average looking guy with average features etc and you like a girl but your worried she does not like you back, because she shows no interest, let me tell you in that moment in time she probably does not.

However, if you start talking to her and you got good chat and other good features, in most cases she will end up starting to like you.

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The amount of girls that did not like the boy in the first place, and the boy liked them, then the boy tried to get her and then boom his dreams came true and he got her.

One thing you need to take from this blog is that girls are weird to figure out.

You will never know what a girl is thinking. Girls catch feelings fast and do like boys they originally thought of as a no go.

Now, the signs listed above are really easy and obvious signs to figure out when a girl likes you, so guys just try to be a bit more vigilant and you will see them.

However, signs a girl who likes you is jealous will make a guy’s head do a 360.

The signs a guy thinks a girl will give off are usual different to the signs a girl actually gives off.

For example, a guy will think the girl will try harder and fight for him, if he is deliberately trying to make her jealous.

Although half the time girls will just get jealous for no reason. You would think a girl will communicate with you and tell you what is up and sometimes yes, she will, but half the time no she will not.

You won’t even know she is jealous. Next thing you know you are blocked, and she is not talking to you and then you think she is not interested.


She is just hurt and upset with you, because she thinks you are doing something wrong and she is jealous.

Since a girl will leave you in the dark these are the signs to look out for when you think she is jealous:

  • Ignoring you
  • Blocking you
  • Post on her snap chat story she is out with other boys, she is trying to now get you jealous
  • Pretends to be busy
  • Posting hot selfies, she wants to show you what your missing
  • If she sees another girl messaging you and goes “who’s that”, or asks to see what she looks like, she is jealous! Especially if she has never heard of this girl before.

Those signs above are cries for attention, she wants you to now call her fifty times, and ask her what’s wrong. Girls constantly need reassurance.

Girls wants you to know the problem without even telling you, and this is crazy I know because how are you supposed to know the problem without communication.

The best advice I can give you is to just communicate with her and ask her what is up and try getting it out of her, especially if you guys are not at that stage where your comfortable to talk to each other about anything yet.

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So just look out for those signs above.

However, saying this a girl might just tell you straight up she is jealous, especially if you are not deliberately trying to make her jealous and she can tell, this will just make her more overprotective over you.

If she can tell you are trying to make her jealous on purpose, then watch out girls can play the game as well!

But do not get it confused some of these signs also overlap with signs when a girl is not interested and sometimes you will think she is not interested but in reality, she just wants your attention and is jealous.

A little fact to take away is that girls will get jealous over the littlest of things, you will think you are doing nothing wrong and then out of nowhere she is acting all weird.

Girls are really sensitive, and I know some of them will disagree, but girls do need constant reassurance, every girl has trust issues when it comes to men.

Girls always think the worst.

You will always be able to tell when a girl is jealous and likes you, girls are really bad at pretending everything is okay when it’s not.

Good luck boys, especially if you have a jealous girl after you, as girls that are jealous usually go crazy over that guy and trust me you won’t find it fun and neither will she.

Therefore, the best advice I would give is to not play games at all, and to communicate with her at all times.

Communication is key to a long-lasting relationship!

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However, if there is still a problem after you have tried to talk to her and solve it, then you need to ask yourself is this a healthy relationship? If you think to yourself no, then why are you still in it?

Toxic relationships never work, and the best advice I would give is to set yourself free.

Just keep in mind at all times that All girls want is communication, and if you do that then the relationship you have with her should not be toxic at all!

Say she is upset over something, and you have a conversation about it as early on a possible, you should be able to come to a solution, do not forget every problem can always be fixed if you really want it to be.

All it takes is that one conversation, which will show you care about her feelings.

Although you have to fall through with your actions, otherwise you will be back to square one.

As the saying goes “happy wife, happy life”.

Good luck!