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Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

Female coworker likes you

You probably have your eye on a certain lady in the office, but you are not very certain she feels the same way about you. Are there methods you can use to determine whether she likes you? In short, yes. Women are not as complicated as you think.

When someone likes you, it is difficult for them to hide how they feel about you. There will always be telltale signs that reveal to us that a person is interested, and women have distinctive ways they pass this information to us. When you learn to look for these signs, then you may be able to catch a secret admirer.

The workplace is a very formal setting. This means that a lot of the interactions within the workplace are limited to professionalism. No one wants to find themselves in the HR office getting an uncomfortable talk because of something they said. Therefore, if there is someone that likes you in the office, chances are, they will keep their feelings to themselves.

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However, with time, it becomes hard to hide what you are feeling and it all comes to light. With women, you only need to know whether she is interacting with you to be friendly, or if she thinks you’re a keeper. This means that you will catch him easily if you only pay attention.

In this blog article, I will shed some light on the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

1.    She wants to be physically close to you / Touches you

One thing is certain, women cannot stand physical contact with people that they do not like. If the physical interactions are unwarranted, she might feel violated and immediately get her to guard up. When a woman likes you, however, she will most likely establish physical contact several times when you are together.

For example, if she brushes something out of your hair, or fixes your clothes for you, it might mean she is physically attracted to you. Another way you could tell that she wants to be physically close is that she looks for any opportunity to touch you, especially when she is laughing.

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Many women desire a man that they can feel secure with, someone they can trust. When a woman starts to feel as if she can trust you, she will automatically start to be comfortable around you. Subsequently, the amount of physical contact will rise exponentially.

The interaction might start with something as simple as brushing something from your clothes, progress to lightly brushing your arm, and eventually, she will start hugging you a little tighter or longer. This is also something to look out for.

Depending on the kind of physical interactions she is making with you, you will be able to tell how much she likes you, or how invested she is in getting to know you. If the interactions are getting closer and closer, you may want to figure out whether you are going to ask her out or start hanging out with her less.

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2.    She looks at you a lot

I guess beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder after all. When she is constantly throwing glances at you, or you catch her looking at you severally, you may have an admirer on your hands. When women like a person, they like to look at the person, even if it is just pictures of them.

Women tend to qualify the men they date before they interact with them. If she is looking at you, she is probably trying to pick you apart and figure out what your deal is. She wants to know how well you dress, how you carry yourself, what makes you mad, and how you react to things.

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In her own way, she is trying to make sure that you are worth her time. The more a woman spends time looking at a man, the higher the chances are that she wants him. If you catch her staring at you more often, then her attraction for you is definitely growing stronger.

Cheer up gents, if she is looking at you a lot, then it also means that she appreciates what she is looking at and finds you attractive. Do not start to doubt yourself and wonder what you did wrong. Allow her to go through it, enjoy the attention, and try your best to give her something to work with. Put on some perfume, dress well, and pay attention to your hair.

3.    She asks you and your coworkers about you

If coworkers are telling you that she is asking about you, then she definitely wants to get to know more about you. If a woman is interested in finding out more information about you, she will find it, even if it means asking common acquaintances. If she is asking about your life outside work, including your relationship status, then she definitely wants to get to know more about you.

It might also be a good idea to pay attention to your conversations when you are having them. Is she asking a lot of personal questions about you? If so, then she is definitely interested in getting to know you a little more.
Finding out personal information about you is her way of trying to figure out if you are a suitable suitor.

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When the questions she is asking are directed towards interests you have told her about, then it means she pays attention to you. Women do not make an effort when they do not like a guy. If she is making an effort, then you know she wants something to do with you. Wanting to know you means that she has considered an entanglement with you.

4.    She pays a lot of attention to you

Paying attention to a person is a great indicator that you are interested in what they have to offer as a person. When you want to make a girl know that you are interested in her, then you pay attention to her. The same applies in reverse; when a girl likes you, then she becomes intentional about paying attention to you.

She will pay attention to physical changes, for example, if you get a new haircut, she will comment on it. If she is noticing things about you that are physical, then she finds you physically attractive. She will notice even when you change your dress code slightly, or if you are putting more thought into the way you dress. She might even notice if you get a new scent.

Sometimes, she will notice other significant things about you that are not necessarily physical. When she pays attention to your life, you will be able to tell from the comments she makes or the questions she asks. If you told her about something important to you that was coming up and she remembers, she might be warming up to you.

Paying attention to you is her way of showing you that she is willing to invest her time and energy to ensure you are okay and happy. This is a clear sign that a woman is interested in seeing more of you in her life. If you are also interested, that is a great indicator to kick things up a notch.

5.   Texting and Communication goes up

Before a female coworker is interested in you, she will try to keep all of your interactions professional and that includes texts and phone calls. When a girl is interested in you, she starts to feel the need to spend more time with you. Therefore, if she is texting you a bit more often than she usually does, and she is doing so about non-work issues, she might be falling for you.

Texting is a great way to flirt with people and tease them while getting to know them better. If a female coworker initiates a fun texting thread with you, it probably means she is interested. The texting will always be flirtatious and she will focus on keeping it light and flirty because she wasn’t to showcase her best qualities.

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If she is taking her time to carefully word out the cute messages she leaves on your phone, then it means she cares what you think about her. If she cares about what you think, it is because she is attracted to you in one way or another. No woman will put in that much effort if she does not value your opinion or thoughts.

Communication will also go up beyond texting. That means that she will also call you casually to ask how you are doing or to follow up on what you are doing. If she prefers emails, your inbox is probably full of fun flirty emails from her. That is a very clear indicator that she wants to play a bigger role in your life.

6.   She invites you out away from work

If she is trying to take things out of the office by inviting you out, then it is a clear indicator that she likes you. Her inviting you out means that she is interested in you beyond the office. It is a way of separating the work/ life balance without committing to too much.

If a female coworker invites you out, she wants to get to know you better. Unless you are not interested in her, try not to invite other people or make it a group hang. If she wanted to hang out with everybody after work, then she would have invited everybody out after work.

If she wants to get to know you better, it means she is interested in seeing what you have to offer beyond the office space. She is genuinely making an effort to understand who you are beyond being a coworker. She will take the initiative and even come up with the activity you will do when you are out.

Sometimes, she will hang out with you in a group after work, but it will be clear whether she likes you from the group dynamic. Have you ever been in a group and it seems like two people are really interested in talking to each other? That is what it will feel like every time the two of you are in a group setting.

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She will address you directly more than she does anyone else and she might even throw in an inside joke that only the two of you understand. In some instances, she will even make an excuse to try and get the two of you away from the group so that she can have you to herself completely.

After some time, you will be able to tell that she is becoming more direct with what she wants and she will make her needs clear. She might even get mad if things don’t go her way when you are together. If she behaves that way, then she definitely likes you and is becoming cautious about sharing you with everyone else.

7.    Other people have mentioned it

If your coworkers have mentioned to you that she might be interested in you, then she probably is. When other people start to notice that she acts a certain way towards you, then it is probably because she does. If your coworkers are telling you that someone has a crush on you, sit back and watch them, you will see it yourself.

A lot of women wear their emotions openly, so even if she is trying to hide how she feels about you, she will eventually break and tell you what is happening, even if she does it in subtle hints. That is why it is important to learn to read body language and listen to a person intently when they speak.

8.    She likes to look at you

If you have caught her staring at you one too many times, that girl might have a crush on you. Women tend to stare at a guy they like a lot. This is because they are trying to figure you out and see what sort of person you are. She may also be creating fantasies in her mind about you, which is not a bad thing if you like her back.

In some instances, you will find that she has cleared a path on her desk so that she can see you when you are at your workstation. Even when you are talking to her at her desk, you will see her move some things that stand in the direct line between you because she is trying to eliminate any distractions.

9.    She fixes herself a lot and blushes

If a woman genuinely likes you but she is trying to hide it, she will subconsciously fix herself every time you are in her vicinity. You might see her constantly check her makeup or fix her hair when you are talking to her. That is because she wants to present herself in a great manner towards you so that you view her as special.

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If she is not known to be shy but you can see that she is being shy about certain things you say, or she acts shy in your conversation, then it means she wants to spend more time with you. Maybe she does not know how to let you know how she feels, or she is afraid you do not feel the same way. If you make a woman blush, then it is a clear indicator you have something going for you.

Does she like you?

The workplace is intended for advancing careers and making a living, but office romances are usually accounted for as inevitable. Making a meaningful connection at work is difficult, which is why you might benefit from knowing who in the office likes you. Women are not that hard to read, so if you use the tips provided above, you will easily get to understand whether a girl likes you.

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Dating at work can cause a lot of anxiety and that might be the reason she is hiding how she is feeling about you. When you figure out a girl feels a certain way towards you, it is best to take your time and figure out whether that is something you want to invest in. When an office romance turns sour, a lot of people get involved and it becomes difficult to bond normally again.

If you like a girl at the office and you are worried she doesn’t feel the same way about you, then you need to delve into this guide and figure it out as quickly as you can. There is no use spending your time fascinated by her without actually getting anything done. And when you figure that she likes you back, make sure you shoot your shot!
I hope this article has given you some insight on the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

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