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Short Guys Fitness Tricks to Look Attractive

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Short Guys Fitness Tricks to Look Attractive

Hello everyone, it’s me, Annabella Rose, your personal trainer and dating coach from Here to help you get in the best mental and physical shape you can be so you can take the dating world by storm. Today I am going to talk about Short Guys Fitness Tricks to Look Attractive. Before we start, click that subscribe button and turn on the notifications as you won’t want to miss a single thing from us are at Kamatv.

If you are here watching this today, you have probably never been among the first choices for any sport, especially basketball. Also, ones too often, women in heels eclipse you. This is not an all too good feeling mainly because of the perception everyone seems to have about men.

I mean, every woman wants to be lost in 5’8′ man’s chest while he is kissing her hair. Well, height is what it is, and there is not much we can do about it. As a short man, however, you have an advantage over tall guys: you can lift more weight than them proportionally. Here is how. With reduced height and arm reach, you neither have to work as hard nor move as much as the taller guys during a squat or bench press.

In other words, you do less work. Now, less work equates to more weight, which ultimately equates to more muscle. Now, it is not all fun being short; here is where it sucks yet again. Instead of looking all ripped, too much muscle on a short person makes you look like a dwarf.

Therefore, to get past the shortness and considerably attractive, aim your body’s ability to lift efficiently – your advantage, at workouts that will not only build muscle but also create the vertical lines. This way, you will look taller. Here’s how to do this.

1. Maintain your body fat below 12 percent

Believe it or not, having a belly makes you shorter. Yea, imagine that – something making your shortness even worse. This is because it adds width to your midsection, essentially cutting your body in half. Alternatively, aim for a flat stomach and a small waist. This way, you lengthen your torso, which makes you look taller.

Short Guys Fitness Tricks to Look Attractive

If you want to melt belly fat as soon as possible, ensure that you eat 85 percent of the time. You could also try intermittent fasting- you could spend a few days juicing only. This will jump-start things. Once you safely have your body fat under the 12 percent mark, it is safe for you to slow up or ultimately stop increasing the weights you have been working with since you are not looking to add more mass.

Hope you enjoy!
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