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Sex body language!

Sex body language!

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about sex body language

I read a novel long time ago by Lucy Keene ‘Magic Carpet’ had Zelda told Aram that sex is a language, it is no good if you have nothing to say. And we know that the conversation starts way before the initial contact starts. You both have to communicate that this is a road you both want to travel. For us, saying what we want upfront is not easy. We will show you what we want. However, please keep in mind that each woman is unique and these signs are not universal. Take time to know your girl then find out her tell signs.

Sex body language!

Often sexual body language is like a poker game. There are ‘tells,’ even when someone believes that they have a poker face on. It’s a dead giveaway that’s often more involuntarily, and once you learn how to read what someone genuinely has a sexual need for you, you gain the skill of getting what your body also wants without much struggle. What this basically means is that you should improve on your reading and interpretation skills when it comes to reading our sex body language.

I can categorize the languages to be in two: verbal and non-verbal. In the verbal, the lady will indirectly hint at what she wants, what she wants to do to you and you to her. She will either talk about sex directly or hint at what she likes and doesn’t like. She may even talk about what her exes did and didn’t do. Another way she can verbalize this is my paying you sexual compliments. She will talk about how your chest looks good in your shirt rather than how the beautiful the shirt is. When she pays your body compliments instead of your clothes, just know that she envies ham and sees that the clothes are having a much better time with you than she is. In short, she wishes she could get into your pants.

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