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“Welcome To The Ultimate Kamalifestyles One on One Training Experience!”
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As appeared on RTE One, TV3’s Ireland AM, 2fm, and The Ryan Tubridy Show Our 1 on 1 Coaching Course is our Premium Services and allows you to cram 12 months of the most advanced, yet natural dating skills into just Three DAYS! Chatting up girls is a skill set you can learn. Without money or good looks, you can meet and attract beautiful women and we will show you HOW.

Hundreds of men who have taken our boot camps are proof that Kamalifestyles works. We would be out of business if we couldn’t show you that your ability to create relationships with beautiful women is a skill you can learn. After our training, you will realize just how powerful these skills are.

Most important of all, though… you will finally be able to attract QUALITY WOMEN – women who are beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated – like never before. All you have to do is give it your all during the weekend, and then apply all the lessons when you get back to your regular life. Again, attracting top notch women is a goal most guys NEVER reach, no matter how many years they try to learn “Flirting and Attraction Skills”! But you’ll be miles ahead of the competition after just one weekend.

Whatever your abilities are now, we have the skills to bring you to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. You’ll learn everything from how to attract beautiful women in any situation to how to find and get the type of long-term girlfriend you want. The in-field portion of the 1 on 1 Coaching is where we demonstrate that Kamalifestyles works.

Right in front of your eyes you will see Kamalifestyles instructors approach and attract beautiful women with the very same techniques taught at the Seminar. That way you can see it actually working instead of just reading it in someone’s theory. Your instructor will analyze your abilities and help you achieve maximum success in minimum time. We are used to dealing with clients on all levels, so whether you are advanced or just beginning, we will guarantee you achieve your goals. We will push you forward in a matter of hours which would take years via unguided training.

“If you are single and have been for some time, forget everything you know about dating and relationships because what you know is wrong. Your relationship status proves this! Give us your attention for the next two days and we will change your dating life forever.”

one on one training

What Your One on One Coaching Course Looks Like

Here’s what’s in store for you during this once-in-a-lifetime weekend:

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Your One on One experience will begin on Friday morning, and after introductions, will jump right into accomplishing the goal for Friday, getting to know yourself and defining who you are. Successful dating is about creating a consistent image, and that all starts with you. We will work on increasing confidence and changing your whole inner-game. In the second half of the seminar we will also focus on the approach and your conversational skills. In Friday’s Seminar, we will cover the following:

  • The 5 Crucial Mistakes Men Make With Women
  • The Correct Way To Start A Conversation With A Total Stranger
  • The Process Of Approach Visualisation
  • The Mental Slideshow
  • The Top 6 Body Language Sign You Must Display
  • Embedding NLP In Your Stories
  • Introducing Role-plays Into Your Stories
  • How To Attack Your Limiting Beliefs
  • The Attraction Elements Of Female Psychology
  • How To Be An Alpha Male
  • How To Develop Your Attraction Tests

Later that night, we will hit the bars and clubs for the In-Field Section for the course. In these unscripted interactions with multiple beautiful women, the Kama Lifestyles Method is put to the test. The Infield Part is truly amazing and this is where we build our reputation through client testimonials and word-of-mouth. We prove that it works time and time again, and we’ll show you how it can work for YOU. In the bars, we will..

  • Show You The Complete Approach From Approach to Number/Kiss Close
  • Personally Wing You In Many Sets Over The Night
  • Breakdown And Analyse Your Sticking Points
  • Open Mixed Sets And Multiple Groups
  • Instruct You In the Actual Interaction – In Front Of The Women
  • Show You How To Demonstrate Incredible Social Proof

By the end of the night, you’ll have so many great new ideas and thoughts, your head will be spinning, but in a good way as you realize the doors that this information will open for you.


In the morning we’ll start with an analysis of the previous night, have a Q&A session (trust me, you’ll have plenty of questions after the In-Field!), and some recap on yesterdays theory. After a brief break, with some light refreshments, we will dive back into the Science of Attraction. Yesterday was about covering the foundations and building up your basic skill set. Saturday is about covering the more advanced theory and the finer points of seduction. In Saturdays Seminar we will cover the following:

  • Verbal First Impressions
  • The Science Of Sexual Communication
  • Embedding Attractive Qualities
  • Creating An Intimate Connection/li>
  • Occupying The Position Of Power
  • The Go-First Principle
  • Isolating The Target
  • The Art Of Kissing
  • How To Successful Get A Number
  • Wingman Rules
  • Attraction Signs And Body Language
  • Giving Her A Range Of Emotions
  • Mastering The First Date

On the second night, we will again go the best bars and clubs for the Infield Training. This time you will see a huge difference in the level of interactions and you will start to see how different people respond to you, why they do and what you can do about it. Saturday night is about bringing your game to the next level and by the end of the night, 90% of our clients have succeeded in at least getting numbers. In the venues, we will focus on the following:

  • Number Closing And Isolation
  • Instructor Feedback And Analysis
  • Bouncing Sets To Other Locations
  • The 5 Minute Number Close
  • State Booster Exercises
  • Time Constraint And Opinion Openers
  • The Situational Number Close
  • Instant Dates

While in-field it will become more obvious to your personal instructor where you need to improve your skills. We will point out your sticking points and give you detailed advice on how and when to change them. The night will end with a debrief on the whole 2 days in a hotel.


On Sunday we will meet again to recap on the whole course and to provide you with your tailor made goals for the next few weeks. By the time you wake up on Sunday, you’ll realise two things. That learning is fun, and that you can already feel the difference and confidence you have with all the new tools we’ve given you. We usually meet two weeks after the weekend so you have a chance to work on the principles of attraction in your own time. Every single minute of the training, you will be one on one with an instructor and you will be the only client present and this includes the recap also. Infield training will start after the recap and we will make sure you practise all the strategies. Even though the Course ends after the infield training at this point, your journey has just begun, and we’ll give you the tools and information you need to continue your success when you get back home, and more importantly, for the rest of your life.

one on one training
One on One Training Course Details
Course One on One Training
Duration 3 Days
Sessions Length 9 hours
Frequency Daily basis meeting
How it’s done? Face to face meeting
Total 26+ Hours
Email support Unlimited, 24/7
Phone support Unlimited, 24/7
Analysis and Feedback Daily basis

Remember We Offer A GENUINE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE With All Our Services!


one on one training

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose … and we want nothing more than to see you succeed. So don’t wait another minute.

Looking forward to hearing about your success,

P.S. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you order this RIGHT NOW – You get all of your money refunded by us… and you still get to HAVE A WHOLE NEW SKILL SET FOR FREE as a thank you from us for trying it!

P.P.S. What’s the BEST THING that could happen? You will immediately portray confidence and charisma … and will be successful in attracting more women and friends than you ever thought possible – and with so much more ease than you ever imagined. You will eliminate negative impressions from your mind forever! Sounds like a must-do to us!

one on one training