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Seduction Techniques That Work

Seduction Techniques That Work

Terence never thought of himself as good-looking. His job as a barista keeps him going while studying accounting part-time, but doesn’t leave a lot left over at the end of the month for luxuries.

Although he met scores of beautiful women at work each day, he always felt that they were out of his league, and that he didn’t have much to offer. Since all his friends were settling down, he was becoming increasingly aware of how lonely he was.

However, he wasn’t interested in long-term relationships with any of the women he was going out with and felt that they weren’t really right for him.

Terence’s Kama Lifestyles dating coach helped him to set some dating and relationship goals, identifying his weaknesses and needs. His training was focused on building confidence, and included simple seduction techniques that work.

Techniques That Work

Becoming more confident meant that he had to work on his attitude and behavior without changing his personality. Attracting women is all about confidence and social skills, and money and social status have little to do with it. He learned how to identify and challenge negative thoughts, gaining inner strength and better self-esteem.

This way, Terence became confident enough to show women his true self, share his passions, and open up to others.

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Once Terence was more confident, he started working on how to seduce women.

Step one: using touch to build attraction and create intimacy.

Touch generates subconscious emotions and desires, and sends non verbal messages. People tend to be more comfortable around others who touch them casually when they speak.

The touch should be suitable to the situation and kept light to avoid looking needy or lecherous. Starting with light touches to the hands, arms or shoulders will give one an idea of how receptive the women is, makes one’s intentions clear, and allows one to escalate contact slowly.

The training included information about the psychology of attraction, and decoding body language and non verbal cues. Terence knew how to spot signs of interest or encouragement, taking the guesswork out of seduction

Step two: it’s all in the kiss.

Kissing, whether in a club or bar or on a first date, tells a woman a lot about a man. They use kissing to decide if they’d sleep with a man, and a bad kisser almost always sleeps alone.

Terence learned when to initiate a kiss by reading signals and body language. Tips included kissing with soft lips and tongue, how to create sexual tension with kissing, and how to leave her desiring more.

Step three: moving to the bedroom.

Terence’s dating coach explained how to use sexual tension to create arousal and excitement. This builds the right atmosphere to move on to sex. To keep a woman satisfied, it is crucial to know exactly what she wants. It is also essential ammunition when attempting to seduce her.

Armed with this knowledge and more confidence than ever before, Terence’s approach and attitude to life changed significantly. His feelings and thoughts about himself and what he has to offer are far more positive, and his enthusiasm for life is engaging and attractive.

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Instead of shyly mumbling when he encounters beautiful women at work, he has started chatting to them. He gets at least one phone number a day and has been on several dates.

Even though he hasn’t met anyone he’d like to settle down with, Terence is practicing his seduction skills regularly, improving with every passing week. He is learning more about himself, his needs and what he wants from a relationship as time goes by, and knows that it is only a matter of time before he finds someone special.

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