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Secrets To Get Laid

Secrets To Get Laid, Hey guys it’s Iain here. So today I wanted to get straight to the point, straight to the holy grail, as I really wanted to talk to you about getting past that final hurdle with women, which is basically getting her into the bedroom with you. So today I’m going to be sharing with you some “secrets” or should I say, top tips, to getting you laid. Okay but before we get going though,

To Get Laid

I thought it might be a good opportunity to show you an infield clip of me in action, doing just that! In this very clip, I cold- approach a really cute girl right off the street and take her home with me and incredibly quickly too. I mean I basically use the tips, that I’m going to share with you in a moment, in the interaction with the girl so keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the video. Anyway, let’s see how the interaction went and let’s see what happened with the girl.

Okay so as you can see it was amazing! It was an amazing interaction and the girl was really hot. And all of that happened in such a short- space of time too, which made it even more exciting. So how did I pull this off and what really are the secrets to getting laid?

Well first and foremost, and probably the most important secret of them all is your mindset. It’s so vital to work on developing a strong mindset because it really will give you an impenetrable foundation when it comes to meeting women. And when I say mindset, I don’t simply mean being positive or staying positive because that’s such a vague and generic word. What I mean is, you develop the type of mindset where you will do whatever it takes to get laid and you will never ever give up until you get laid, on any given day you’re out.

So you want to get into the habit where you will keep approaching on that same very day or night until you get laid. Build that type of mindset. You know I always think back to Ayrton Senna – for those of you who haven’t heard of him, he is regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time who sadly died in an accident many years ago. You see when Senna used to race, he would get so much into the zone, he would get so far ahead of the lead, that he would literally lap other drivers in the race. I would highly recommend watching his famous race at the 1988 Monte Carlo Grand Prix when he completely obliterates the guy at 2nd place, when at one point he was a full 55 seconds ahead of him, which is just astonishing. Senna himself remarked with his performance that day, ‘he transcended his sense of reality saying he was driving the car by a kind of instinct within a different dimension well beyond his conscious understanding’. Incredible stuff!

So develop the kind of mindset where you just keep going and where you never ever give up. Guys 95% of this is a mental game and I would say only about 5% is about your skill. It’s really about how long you can fight for and how many rejections you can take. So you have to become relentless, you have to keep wanting to prove yourself wrong and you have to keep fighting against your fears. And this is despite of how cold it is outside, or the pain you feel in your legs from walking too much, or even the stress you have from work. You have to develop that mindset where you break these thinking patterns to shreds, because when you’re out and about you don’t have the time to think about anything, even how good or bad you think you are or how many times your friend got laid. You don’t have the time to think about that and you have to leave those thoughts at home, where they belong. When you’re out, you’re in the battle field and you need to keep fighting until you succeed. Because honestly my friend, the conditions will never be perfect and will never be ideal for you, it’s just a fallacy. There will always be something missing on that day – you might think it’s not busy enough, or you might think it’s too late in the day and the girls have gone home – there will always be something preventing you from getting that success and it’s your mind playing tricks on you.

You might even find yourself doing this stuff when it’s a warm lovely day, with lots of girls outside, and from the outset the conditions could not be more perfect and the volume of girls too. But you see the human mind always always finds something to blame for when it feels an anxiety – you may suddenly get distracted, someone might call you out- of- the- blue to meet up and to go for drinks with you, for instance. Instead of ignoring that call you may decide to take it, you may meet your friend and before you know it, you’ve just missed out on the most perfect time of the year to be going out to meet women. It was your decision, it was your choice and you bought into your fears and gave up. So just be mindful of these things and really do try to develop that relentless attitude of a fighter.

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And the beauty is, when you keep going and when you foster a tough attitude, you will actually get success in what might seem the worse conditions for going out! Literally, there have been times when we’d landed in the quietest, most remote and most conservative family resorts, there were NO single girls around at all! Yet we still managed to pull and we still managed to get laid because we would explore every single crack and cranny of the place, we would walk for miles upon miles on end until we found that group of girls who were available. We would have that relentless attitude, we would literally carve that blood from the stone, until we get the success we wanted. So you see it really does depend on your attitude towards this stuff, and how you go about this stuff.

The biggest difference between the guys who are advanced level and the guys who are the pros, and I’m talking about the guys who are the real pros, okay, not simply the guys who post videos online pretending that they go out. The guys that are the real pros and the real deal will have that tough attitude along with a whole host of conversational and communicational skills too. The guys that are the real pros would literally eat all these online marketeers alive; these keyboard jockeys would collapse in the same environment with them. So it’s all about that mental attitude and it’s definitely something you can cultivate too, it’s not just something you’re born with. Get into the habit of powering- through your weaknesses and get into the habit of being better than who you were or what you did, yesterday. And it’s sometimes a good idea to track your progress too and see how long you stay out for, for example, or how many approaches you do. I mean don’t obsess about it, just have a rough idea as to how active you are and simply muscle your way through. But the whole idea is to get kind of competitive with yourself.

Okay so the next thing I want to touch on is to learn to relax. It might seem obvious but it’s a really important aspect in getting laid. Learn how to relax when you’re interacting with beautiful women. The reason I say this is because the more relaxed you are and the more relaxed you become, your conversations will flow effortlessly. Plus your body language will be amazing, your eye contact will be flawless, and chiefly, you will remember to smile confidently, which is highly attractive to women. So figure out how you can relax when you’re approaching and interacting with women. I guess the obvious answer here is to practice. Practice, practice and practice. Keep practicing and keep going out because you see the more you do it the more you’ll get used to it and it will become like second nature. And when I say practice, I mean you really need to be proactive in short spaces of time. It takes a few seconds to approach a girl you like, so you really need to stop over- thinking the situation and approach her as soon as you can. The ultimate goal is to do a large number of approaches in a very short space of time as that will get you an immense amount of practice.

Now starting the process is always difficult, it can feel difficult. It might seem like a mountain to climb because you need that initial momentum to get you going. But you see once you get into it, it gets so much easier trust me. You will become so much more relaxed and comfortable.

And I think when guys set out to do this stuff they seem to forget how important it is to relax when they’re engaging with women. They get so caught- up with all the fancy tricks and routines, and the pick- up lines. They end up delivering the routines but the way in which they say it is just not congruent because they look like a nervous wreck. And it’s because they’re not relaxed when they deliver it, simple as that. So yeah, without a doubt, there’s no magic pill or magic formula to get you relaxed you just need to keep practicing, you need to keep going out and you need to do so consistently. Don’t be one of those guys who waits for other people to go out with him, don’t be one of them. Take the initiative yourself and just get yourself out of your house. The moment you step outside of your house, you’re already half of the way there. It will get easier and easier over time, so take the initiative and take the lead and don’t wait for your friends. Developing yourself in this way is something that you need to tackle yourself and it’s a journey of self- discovery, you will become a completely new person 6 months down the line when you take the necessary action.

Okay and the last secret or tip to get laid is none other than knowing your logistics. You need to know where you’re going to take the girl like the back- of- your- hand, this is so crucial to getting laid, and you need to plan this well in advance too. Never ever leave it last minute because it will be a huge state- break, your head will be spinning with confusion and the girl will get the wrong message from that – she will automatically think that you’re not interested in her when in reality, you are, you’re just unorganised and so unable to lead the interaction. So definitely prepare your logistics well beforehand – whether it’s your room, your car or even a hotel room, know where you’re going to take your girl. You also need to have a clear picture in your head as to how you’re going to get there when you meet the girl. So do your research, check how much the taxis are from where you approach your girls to your place. Also find out where you can catch them when you’ve kissed her or when you’re leaving the club. I have to stress this because it’s sometimes difficult to catch a taxi during peak hours in the evening, especially when you’re at a central location. And that can also kill the mood and the interaction and your chances of getting her home.

Okay guys so remember the three key points I’ve talked about in this video today; your mindset, learning to relax and knowing your logistics well in advance. If you can work on all of these your chances of success and your chances of getting laid will be greatly increased. As always, let me know your experiences in trying to get girls home yourself, let me know where you’ve stumbled and do put them in the comments section right down below so we can all get into a healthy chat. Also guys, don’t forget to check- out for my various coaching services and eBooks.

As always, there will be many more videos from myself and from the rest of the Kama Gang. Today you were joined by Iain Myles and I shall see you next time!

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