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Pulling Hot Women | My Story

Hi guys it’s Iain here and so today I really wanted to come back to the heart of why I do what I do. I wanted to talk to you about pulling hot women, as the title of the video suggests. I wanted to talk about this and I think it’s really important because it really is the reason why I got into this stuff in the first place.

But first, let me take you all the way back to a time that was 2009. It was New Years Eve, and it was a really cold New Years Eve too. So at the time I had a group of mates back at home, it was actually a mixed group of guys and girls, so we kind of had a social circle together which was really cool. But let me caveat when I say ‘girls’ because they weren’t models by any stretch of the imagination! They were just an average- looking group. So it was the type of thing where we would only meet- up once a year, just to catch up on what everyone’s been doing and to spend the New Year’s together.

Pulling Hot Women | My Story

However whenever we met up, there was always a bit of tension in the group. There was always a bit of sexual tension between me and one of the girls there, with whom I actually had no interest for. And what made things worse was, our mates had this master plan where we would be together and they constantly tried to set us up but I would always avoid the situation as much as I could. So anyway we all meet up and party away. And as the clock gets closer to midnight, my friends lure the girl and I closer together. It was like a scene from the movies. And as the clock was just about to strike midnight on that New Years Eve, the girl gets launched into my arms and all eyes are upon us. The girl gets so close and her eyes start looking at my lips, oh dear god. I kid you not, it was at that moment that my life just flashed past me in a split- second. I saw images of me 20 years into the future. I saw images of me with a family, with an average- looking chick and I basically felt over- whelming feelings of unhappiness and emptiness. It was at that moment that the universe told me I needed to make a change and I realised I couldn’t settle for mediocrity.

So what did I do? Well I sure as hell didn’t kiss her and sell myself out. No I started to go out, I started to get into self- development, and I started to cold- approach countless numbers of women. And I would go out for days and days upon end. And I’m not talking about going out two or three days a week, and that’s it. That’s pathetic! I would go out seven days a week and sometimes even 30 days in- a- row.

So I basically got into this stuff in order to get the highest quality of women. Because I realised that if you stay as you are and if you keep doing what you’ve been doing all of your life, the chances and the likelihood of you hooking up with a beautiful girl are going to be really slim. So you need to change, you need to change your ways and you need to find a new way to go about it. So why let fate decide how you should live or who you should end up with? Take time to educate yourself and take time to find the solutions – it never hurts to try new things and to test new strategies.

And it’s interesting because even back when I was a newbie, I was never a believer that it was always about the money or the looks. Maybe I was just more aware of my surroundings or more positive than the average guy and I could see through the lies that we’re brought- up with, and I could visualise grander things. But I do think it’s because I saw, first- hand, some guys with really attractive women where the guys didn’t look particularly wealthy and some guys were pretty ugly too, but they’d still have a gorgeous bird around their arms. One thing I did notice though about these guys, one commonality was their personality, their wittiness and their energy. They certainly didn’t seem like boring guys so there’s definitely something attractive about being witty and energetic when it comes to pulling hot women, I thought to myself at the time.

So I got into cold- approach and I got into self- development really to increase the quality of women I was getting. You see I would hear about guys hooking- up with less attractive or fatter women and gloating about it purely because they got laid but I just didn’t get it, I didn’t get the point of it and it just wasn’t me. And there’s also the classic example of when guys obsess about the number of women they’ve been with. When they talk about the “magic number”. I mean it’s such a one- dimensional measurement because those types of guys add women they weren’t attracted to to that number. So what the hell’s the point of that? I mean who cares if you’ve been with uglier, boring or fatter women. It’s hardly an achievement. And likewise if you’ve slept with hookers, just to boost that number. Is that really something to be proud of? Is that really good for you in the long- run? You obviously don’t need to answer that because it’s not good for you in the long- run.

So you really need to be doing things for yourself and not for others. Don’t buy into that fake peer pressure, with guys telling you to hook- up with a certain girl because it’s the easy option. Or to hook- up with her just to boost your magic number. Open your mind and think about what’s going on around you, and figure out what it is you truly want not what your mates want or what society wants. I think this is really important as once you know what it is you want, you will know what journey you have to take, and the solutions will start appearing in- front of you as your reticular activation system and your unconscious mind becomes alert to your desires.

So once you establish that you do in fact want to pull hot women, you need a strategy to commit to and to abide by at all costs. Guys any successful pursuit requires a strict strategy or plan to follow, day- by- day. And this holds true for the likes of sports people and even investors, they have a strategy in which they execute regardless of the conditions around them. Whether it’s snowing outside or whether it’s a recession, these guys will always commit to their strategy and will never let anyone tell them otherwise.

Pulling Hot Women | My Story

In terms of success with beautiful women, you broadly speaking have two options. You can master the ability to approach women from cold in any sort of setting, any environment and any time of the day. Or you can master the ability to swipe left and right on an app, however I must point out that even the latter requires skills from the former, when you physically meet your girls for the first time. I’m not going to talk about online dating too much, today, because I could go on and on about this for hours but as you already know I’m an advocate of meeting women from cold- approach because it’s so much more efficient and the sheer quality of women you can meet in this way is really incomprehensible. If I were to give you the closest analogy, just watch the Wolf of Wall Street again but imagine them cold- calling women and setting up dates, imagine how much sheer volume you could generate with that skill and determination! So let me show you my world my friend, it’s insane.

So how do we pull these hot women from a cold- approach? Well first off, you need to work on your mindset big time. You need to work on your mindset because you will have various pre- conceptions about women being approached which are just not true. You will have beliefs that women will get offended if you approach them or that the worst possible thing will happen when you approach them or it could simply be that it’s completely outside of your reality, you probably don’t think it’s possible for someone to attract someone, just like that. Well, I can tell you for a fact that women don’t get offended if you try to strike- up a conversation with them. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now and I’ve done thousands upon thousands of approaches, and I think I’ve only ever had 2 or 3 approaches that back- fired on me, which were rarities, and nothing even happened to me so they didn’t really backfire. So trust me, your life is not at risk when approaching a woman.

So you definitely need to work on your mindset and I guess you need to understand how the human mind works – because you see our beliefs form our thoughts and our thoughts form our actions. And if you have a healthy way of thinking, or should I say the correct way of thinking, then you will take the action you need to take. So there’s nothing wrong and there’s no shame in accepting you need to work on your mindset. I know some guys will find it hard to accept that there’s anything wrong with them. I mean, there’s nothing fundamentally ‘wrong’ with you, you’re fine you just need to make a few minor adjustments to get you thinking in the most efficient way to get you pulling hot women, that’s all!

The second part to this. The second part of that killer strategy is your skill- level around women. You basically need to improve your conversation skills around women because you might be, to this day, communicating without any sort of structure in your conversations. You’ve probably been communicating with girls in the same way you do with guys, which is fine if you want to befriend these girls – nothing wrong with having female friends. But this won’t attract them to you if you’re looking to hook- up with them. So you naturally need to change your style of communication and it has to be much more of a persuasive, emotional and a personal- type of communication if you see what I mean, which is so different to how you’re used to communicating.

And look it really isn’t that hard to change your mindset or your skill- level around women. You just need to commit to it, have a daily plan in- place and take action upon it each and every day. You might be thinking that all of this is so difficult and it’s a whole lot of work to do. But it’s amazing I can tell you, it’s hardly what I would define as work. Not only do you improve on yourself and your confidence but you will get the best and the most amazing memories of your entire life when you do this. Whenever I find myself thinking back through my memory bank, I never think back to that moment on that cold New Years Eve some 10 years ago now, no. I always think back to those amazing experiences I’ve had pulling gorgeous women where the emotions flowing were great. And I can vividly picture all of the experiences and it feels great, time really well spent.

So even though it might seem like a lot of work to do and it might seem like a mountain to climb, I can assure you it’s all worth it in the end. I mean at the end of the day, when our bodies deteriorate when we’re old and frail, all that will be left of you will be memories. And those memories will echo with you for the rest of eternity. So have a think about it, and have a think about what it is you truly want, and have a think about taking your first step on this incredible journey.

Alright guys, that’s sadly all I have for you today, hope you liked the topic. As always though I’m interested to know what it is you’re truly looking for in this life – is it a hot woman or is it just more confidence and to improve on yourself. So please do put your thoughts and put your insights in the comments section right down below so we can hear about your story too.

As always, there will be many more videos from myself and from the rest of the Kama Gang. Today you were joined by Iain Myles and I shall see you next time!

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