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Change is inevitable in the history of man. Nevertheless, it has always been a challenge to get the whole species to adapt to changes as they occur. The ones that can adapt live to fight another day.

Now, you work from home, order food from your phone, and interact with everyone from where you are seated. The lifestyle change has affected dating as we used to know it. The process of approaching and gaming women has also changed over time.

You can now approach and meet women in dating apps, chatrooms, and social media. However, at a time when it is so easy to meet women, a good number of men are struggling with getting their grip on dating in the 21st Century.

The right PUA training opens up guys to a set of skills and techniques that can make them competitive and successful in modern dating. PUA training can range from confidence building to learning the art of flirting.

Your coaches throughout the PUA training play a crucial role. At Kamalifestyles, we focus on integrating the dating and approach skills you learn with your personality. Most guys never see results because the training they get does not blend well with their personality.

In this blog, we’ll explore the crucial skills you need to increase your success with women. We’ll also look at some of the PUA training programs at Kamalifestyles that have helped thousands of men build their dating legacy.

1.    Confidence building program

Confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Building confidence is the first step to form an irresistible personality that women crave. Most men don’t achieve their dating desires and fantasies because of a lack of confidence.

Confidence is a crucial spice that will add sauce to other dating skills you’ll use when approaching and gaming a woman. Most of the skills you’ll learn in PUA training need confidence to be executed swiftly.

Kamalifestyles has a Confidence Booster Programme that is structured towards building a positive self-image to inspire positive emotions and dating techniques to improve performance. Your confidence in dating develops at a high rate when you get the outcome you desire.

The common denominator in most guys that lack dating confidence is unpreparedness. Not many guys get the chance to be well prepared before tossing themselves into the dating world. Not understanding what you are likely to experience can build anxiety which might have a ripple effect on your confidence.

A good PUA training confidence-building program builds your preparedness for the dating world. The Confidence Booster program equips you with easy to master techniques that you’ll use to attract women. The program also takes it a step further and prepares you on ways to deal with rejection.

Understanding how to handle rejection in dating can help you maintain your confidence. True confidence in dating is tested when you are not getting what you anticipated.

2.    Conversation building program

Women find it challenging to turn down pickup artists because of their silver tongue. Skilled pickup artists can build a conversation from nothing and redirect it to what they intend. They understand the dynamics of holding a conversation with a woman and how to use it to get what they want.

Building your conversation skills is a crucial part of the PUA training. Most guys that have not mastered the art of conversation have low success with women. Conversations are an integral part of understanding a woman.

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When you master the art of conversation, you’ll understand how to use various conversation techniques and timing. The best pickup artists use both verbal and nonverbal cues to introduce their intention and get women hooked on them.

Understanding a woman’s conversation pattern is also a skill that you’ll get when you have the best PUA training. Most women interact with guys with one foot on the door. If a woman notices that you are coming to her too strong or your main intention is the cookie, she’ll withdraw.

Mastering the art of conversation gives you sneaky techniques to introduce the thought of you sexually to a woman’s subconscious. It’s easy to get the woman you desire when she starts toying with the idea of being with you.

3.    Functional approach techniques

Approaching women is a crucial skill that most guys overlook. Women mostly are hesitant when a new guy approaches them. That is why most pickup artists master sneaky techniques to approach women and initiate a conversation that will get them the woman.

PUA training takes you through a sequence of approaches that you can apply when approaching a woman. You’ll understand the approach that will blend with your personality and also the woman. For example, the approach you’ll use in a club and a grocery store are different.

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The trick to a superior approach is to inspire curiosity, trust, and comfort with it. You’ll be in a better position to game a woman when she’s comfortable with you.

Finding the right balance when approaching a woman is vital. A woman will withdraw when you come too strong or get bored when your approach is low.

Nevertheless, getting trained with experienced dating coaches can reduce the time you’ll take to master the balance by more than half. You’ll understand how to tone your voice, body language, and a catchy icebreaker that will trigger a woman’s curiosity in you.

4.    Identifying your target

You can get confused with all the beautiful women you might desire to approach. However, some women are easier to score than others. Understanding a woman that might feel your vibe is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to all men.

PUA training introduces you to various strategies you can use to identify the right target for you. For example, how a person dresses can tell a lot about their personality. It’s easy to score women with similar personalities to you because you’ll have a lot in common.

You can also tell a woman that’s looking to mingle. A woman’s body language and nonverbal cues can tell you if she’s yearning for a male’s attention. For example, a woman that keeps looking at guys has a higher chance of being single and ready to mingle.

Tip: How you identify the woman you approach is equally important as your approach and gaming strategies.

5.    Appealing to a woman’s emotions

Have you ever wondered why beautiful girls end up with average guys sometimes? Well, women are not attracted to physical appearance like men. Women are lured with the emotions you are able to make them experience.

Guy’s with a good sense of humor have more success with women because they inspire women to feel good around them.

The best PUA training will show you different ways to appeal to a woman’s emotions. It can be challenging to inspire a woman to love you when you approach her. But most pickup artists know which emotions women are susceptible to and use them to connect with them.

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For example, a woman that’s from a nasty breakup is likely to connect with feelings of betrayal. The feelings of betrayal will fuel the woman’s emotional wall. Understanding how to connect with a woman’s dominant emotion can pave the way for you to appeal to the emotions you desire.

6.    Turning the tables

If you are always chasing women, you’ll probably find dating to be an extreme sport. You might encounter more rejection than what’s recommended for maintaining and building your dating confidence.

Turning the tables around is an approach and dating technique that allows a woman to pull her weight. A woman grows emotionally closer to you the more she attempts to impress you.

Your game will be a landslide when a woman starts qualifying herself to you. You’ll know what she desires and you’ll be in the perfect position to show her it’s within her reach.

Turning tables can be a struggle because of timing and level of attraction. When you have the best dating coaches guiding you, you’ll find the balance that most guys desire to attain in attracting women.

You’ll find techniques to build irresistible attraction that will make it hard for a woman to let you go when you pull back.

You can start your journey of becoming irresistible to women by checking out The Persuasion Master. This eBook will take you through a series of strategies to become persuasive with anyone.

You’ll get the emotional hacks that persuasive people use to cast a spell on the audience. This eBook is just one of the many materials at Kamalifestyles that will build your dating skills.

PUA training is very beneficial because you learn more about women and how to score them than you would alone. You also learn from the thousands of approaches, gaming, and dating mistakes that other guys have made.

Kamalifestyles has credible and talented dating coaches that will help you achieve the skills you desire to be a success in dating.

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Iain Myles

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Iain has appeared in numerous newspaper columns and radio shows across the world. He is a regular contributor to BBC Radio in the UK.