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Most people think of PUA Training London as introverted guys that want to get laid but use sketchy techniques to get what they desire. Most of the PUA techniques that people use are indeed aimed more at manipulation than forming a real connection. If that’s what you were looking for, then you are in the wrong place Training London.

Kamalifestyles PUA Training London is not going to give you cheesy lines that you can use to pick up women. The goal of the PUA training is not to tell you what women want that you can use to manipulate them. The PUA training London will take you on a deeper level of understanding what women want and using it to form genuine connections that will make you irresistible.

Most men indeed have more questions about women and modern dating. However, the answers are very few answers to help them make sense of it all.

Do women want guys with money or ones that look like they’ve been photo-shopped? Where do the independence and dependence in modern relationships merge? How does the modern man show that his in control of his relationship and dating life?

Training London

The questions become more and answer blurrier as you ponder on what gives a man an edge in the modern dating scene. PUA training is mastery that revolves around increasing your ability to be persuasive when you meet a woman. Master PUA can get what they desire because of their silver tongue and understanding of the setting.


Why would a woman say no to Garry but yes to Steve a few minutes after? It’s not a fluke that some guys are more successful with women than others. However, it’s not an inborn skill that one can’t learn at any point in their life.

Success in the dating world comes with who has the best experience to offer. Women are not looking for mates to just have children and sex with. They are looking for something that takes them closer to their fantasy whether imagined or adapted from the smoke screens.

Another trick is you can have what women want but you are unable to display it persuasively. Gentlemen, dating is an extreme sport. You have another guy in the queue giving out his best trying to impress the same woman that you hope will see you for the good person you are; that’s how the good guys always maintain their singlehood status.

Kamalifestyles have been on the forefront for years to help men become good with women. We understand the frustration and stress that can be triggered by failed relationships and low success in gaming women. We have come up with various programs that lift men from feeling sorry for themselves to skilled Casanovas that enjoy the dating scene.

PUA Training London

The Kamalifestyles PUA Training London is tailored to help any guy that wants to enjoy success in dating gets the right skills for the job. Our programs have the perfect blend of street PUA techniques and other game techniques that inspire genuine interest and attraction. The beauty of becoming a master PUA is you can start mastering it at any age.


▪         The persuasion master

Men are problem-solvers. We are always trying to come up with a solution for something. That happens a lot when guys are interacting with women and it’s a connection barrier that more often than not goes unnoticed.

For you to fully become persuasive, you have to understand the connection barriers and how to delicately overcome them. The PUA Training program is tailored to get you in on the female dating mindset. How to think like a woman but still assert masculine dominance.

The transformation to becoming a persuasive master is not an easy road. You’ll have to have deep and genuine confidence in yourself to be able to convince others. You have to believe in what you are saying even if you are giving the woman a half-truth.

Provoking the right emotions and displaying them with the right intensity is a skill that can make you persuasive to women. You’ll be able to inspire comfort and trust and maintain it as you escalate.

One thing that PUA doesn’t have the luxury of is time. You have to be sleek and precise with your techniques to get what you want. Mastering the art of persuasion makes you influential.

You can buy time when you influence someone’s decision-making process. Most women take a passive seat when they find a man whose masculine qualities display leadership and certainty.

▪         Speak with women in their language

Earlier on the blog, I said that some guys have the qualities that women desire but don’t have much success with women because they don’t know how to display them. You can only be persuasive when there’s communication.

There’s an urban legend that suggests that men speak with their minds and women with their hearts. Words are simply words but they become something more when emotions are attached to them. And it’s the emotions that create a strong sense of purpose to commit to something or reject to be part of it.

The PUA Training London is a place where you’ll learn how to speak to women in a language they understand. For example, when you approach a woman, how do you understand the woman? It’s easy to understand a woman when you know the emotions that are attached to the words she’s speaking.

And the best way to become persuasive to anyone is by understanding what things hold value to them. The PUA Training will help you become better at identifying cues that will make you better at understanding women.

Most guys are susceptible to trying to impress women with techniques that backfire on them. That’s because they choose techniques that they feel will impress the woman.

True artistry lies in understanding the woman’s love language because you want to inspire sexual attraction and tension. You’ll learn from some of the most experienced coaches in the dating industry how to blend your love language to get what you want and communicate in the woman’s love language to give what she desires.

▪         Become sleek in creating rapport and trust

The mistrust that exists in modern dating has made it very challenging for men and women to easily create rapport and trust when sexual desires are involved. Some women see men as hunters just leering around them waiting to make their mark felt.

That puts them on high alert and as a PUA when you approach a woman like that, you have to anticipate strong resistance. The truth is once in a while you’ll unknowingly approach a bitter woman or a woman that hates men.

Nonetheless, with the right skill set, you’ll find creating a good rapport and building trust comes naturally to you. Skills make it easy for you to navigate through barriers and conversation tests.

A master PUA pays attention to detail to understand triggers for each emotion. You’ll find the soft spots in a woman’s emotional composition. There’s also a bonus of identifying where she has strong opinions that might make the conversation difficult.

One secret about having a conversation with people is when the conversation is easy and it flows well, rapport and trust come automatically. You’ll find that you’ve together explored a wide range of topics and you know more about different parts of each other’s lives.

You become irresistible when a woman takes the moment she’s with you and associates it with the emotions of pleasure, joy, and freedom.

The PUA Training will help you understand your strengths in social interactions and where you need to work. Sometimes you subconsciously self-sabotage your conversations with women because you don’t believe in your ability to attract women as you are.

You’ll learn ways of being comfortable in a conversation and how to transition it to maintain an interesting flow. You’ll be able to create a good rapport and build trust by keeping the conversation going and the woman hooked on it like a drug.

▪         Master of day game

Gentlemen, when the competition is less you have more chances of winning. And when women are getting attention from every eye that looks her way, she tends to become choosy. That means she’ll be unavailable to some men that she might have if she wasn’t getting all the attention she’s experiencing.

Most men prefer the night game to approach women. For example, you are out at a festival or club and you see a woman you like.

Chances are four other guys are on her case too. You’ll have to outshine all the other guys in one way or another if you want to be the one that goes with the woman.

The PUA Training takes the advantage of day game to give you an edge in the modern dating space. Also, during the day women feel comfortable being approached because everyone is watching and there’s a sense of security.

We have a confidence booster program that has been instrumental in helping thousands of guys overcome their fears and build an unstoppable kind of confidence. The program demystifies some of the relationship and dating aspects that trigger anxiety. During the PUA Training, you’ll have a chance to build your confidence using tools and programs that Kamalifestyles has used for years to make a positive impact.

When you have unstoppable confidence, you feel comfortable approaching women anytime and anywhere. You’ll display a superior sense of masculinity as compared to men that feel confident approaching women under the cover of the dark. However, I’m not saying that night game is lame.

The PUA Training will introduce you to the modern dating structure and how without changing much on your personality, you can get your mark felt.

▪         The Secret to scoring hot women

Do you want to know a level you’ll unlock with Kamalifestyles PUA Training? You’ll not go for the average woman that doesn’t turn you on or fulfill your secret desires and fantasies. You’ll have the ability to approach and score the hot women in the room.

Let’s be honest! The hot ones are built differently or at least the experiences they’ve had with men, make them different. Most guys are intimidated by super-hot women because they don’t feel they are in the same league. Hot women are not shy when they are approached by men because they are used to it.

It takes a different type of style to approach a hot woman and make a lasting impression that will get her thinking of you. It takes a PUA to look where most men overlook when it comes to approaching a hot woman.

Beautiful women get the front row seat to study men and their approaches. You have to be different if you want to make the woman smitten with you. Displaying powerful and confident nonverbal cues and body language can make you visible even when 10 men are flocking the woman trying to impress her.

During the PUA Training, you’ll be taken through a series of techniques and approaches to disqualify a woman to keep her interested and get her chasing after you. It will be an incredible chance to harness the experience that the coaches have in the field.

▪         Blending routines and natural game

I am a firm believer that every guy has an IT factor that makes them unique when they approach women. Women are attracted to men for different reasons. Understanding what works for you and learning what you find challenging will put you at the top of your game.

For example, you are a funny guy and your natural game is structured around using your sense of humor to score the women you are attracted to. Nonetheless, you might still feel that your natural game is not getting you the success you desire because you are not always in the mood to make people laugh.

The routine approach is a technique that sermons your confidence when you see a woman you like but your natural game is not at its best. When you are a PUA, you know that opportunity can come knocking at any time. The routine approach gives you a structure that will not require you to think too much about how to impress the woman.

The two techniques are not stable in isolation. But when they are blended, they can make you very sleek with your approach and game.

The PUA Training allows you to find a balance between how you use a routine approach and your natural game. You’ll identify areas in your personalities where the two styles complement each other. It will be an opportunity for you to work on your imperfections by using a routine approach where the natural game falls short.

▪         Overcome the chasing mindset

If there’s an important lesson that you’ll learn in the PUA Training, is that you don’t need to chase to get the women you want. The best strategy is to place yourself in position that women will want to be associated with you. That way, you’ll experience less dating and anxiety.

You have always been told that to get the woman you desire you have to chase them. Keep up with their games even when you are not sure if they are playing hard to get or not interested in you. It’s a vicious cycle that makes a lot of men susceptible to dating burnout.

Kamalifestyles has programs that it has used before in in-house training and other coaching classes which has proved to work in most of the guys that take the program. You’ll find the programs in the PUA Training to help you overcome the chase mindset.

Sign up for the PUA Training and find out how easy it is to attract women when you are not chasing them.

What’s different about Kamalifestyles PUA Training?

The programs offered during the training are well tailored to respect the aspect of individuality and difference in personality. They are not intended to change who you are. But help you gain new skills that will be crucial to building your holistic ability to maneuver the modern dating world.

You learn from a variety of coaches. You get different insights on how to navigate the dating scene as it evolves. You’ll be ahead of others because you’ll have interacted with some of the best minds in the industry.

Our programs are structured to inspire you to find the solutions you seek to the challenges you feel you are experiencing. Guys come to the PUA Training looking for different things and telling you what to do might not help you much after the training. But when you find solutions it builds your confidence in yourself to find solutions to your problems.

We have done it before it helped a lot of men master different skills and become better in whatever they were aiming for. The training is your gateway to the transition you want to see in your dating life.

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Iain has appeared in numerous newspaper columns and radio shows across the world.He is a regular contributor to BBC Radio in the UK.