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PUA Bootcamp London & Have you always wanted to become more confident in the way you move, talk, or make your presence known? When interacting with the opposite sex, do you find the interactions difficult to maneuver, and do you clam up every time a woman is standing in front of you?

Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who acts as a female repellent when you’re out with your friends? Maybe you just struggle with making firm life decisions in everyday situations. With this Bootcamp, you will be able to work on being a regular Casanova and your skills will extend to your life outside the dating scene.

Kamalifestyles has been on a mission to help men achieve their highest potential when it comes to relationships and dating. And now we want every guy to feel included in this great change that men are bringing to the modern dating scene. We bring you London PUA Bootcamps!

Do women want guys with money or ones that look like they’ve been photo-shopped? Where do the independence and dependence in modern relationships merge? How does the modern man show that his in control of his relationship and dating life?

Interact with the most brilliant minds in the dating and lifestyle coaching scene. The London PUA Bootcamp will connect you with coaches that will help you overcome barriers in dating that are limiting your success with women. They’ll help you build core skills in dating that will improve your day and night game.

Building your game is building a successful habit that can transform your life in more ways than you can imagine!!

Sadly, not all men are enjoying success with women as they should. But the difference between a guy that’s successful with women and one that’s not is the skills each of these men possesses.

Bootcamp London

The guy equipped with the right interaction and dating skills will find that connecting and attracting women comes naturally to them. They attract women even when they don’t consciously intend for it.

You can be the guy that women find attractive even on days that you don’t feel like you are a chick magnet let alone being seen in the public. You’ll find that success is always your portion when you are used to it. Confidence in approaching and gaming a woman you desire is the kind of confidence that lets you knock on doors and bring down mountains when they are between you and what you want.

That’s the aim of the PUA Bootcamp in London. It’s structured to bring you closer to the man you feel you have the potential to become.

You’ll have the structure to naturally help you to overcome approach anxiety and any shyness that occurs in social situations. Sometimes your insecurity and fears are triggered by the fact that you have insufficient mastery in a skill that’s crucial to the situation.

The Kamalifestyles PUA Bootcamp London is not a magic pill that will solve every relationship and dating challenge that you encounter. It will not magically make women start chasing after you.

However, our programs are designed to help you see your strengths and weaknesses in relationships and dating. They’ll further equip you with the right skill set to counter weaknesses that might act as a limitation to your game while enhancing your strengths.

You have to be willing to put in the work to make yourself irresistible in the dating scene. You have to make a solid decision like SIGNING UP NOW for the program because you feel that you need it. After all, what you’ve been doing has not been working.


Let me give you a sneak peek of what you’ll find in the Kamalifestyles PUA Bootcamp London:

▪         The persuasion master

Men are problem-solvers. We are always trying to come up with a solution for something. That happens a lot when guys are interacting with women and it’s a connection barrier that more often than not goes unnoticed.

For you to fully become persuasive, you have to understand the connection barriers and how to delicately overcome them. The PUA Training program is tailored to get you in on the female dating mindset. How to think like a woman but still assert masculine dominance.

The transformation to becoming a persuasive master is not an easy road. You’ll have to have deep and genuine confidence in yourself to be able to convince others. You have to believe in what you are saying even if you are giving the woman a half-truth.

Provoking the right emotions and displaying them with the right intensity is a skill that can make you persuasive to women. You’ll be able to inspire comfort and trust and maintain it as you escalate.

One thing that PUA doesn’t have the luxury of is time. You have to be sleek and precise with your techniques to get what you want. Mastering the art of persuasion makes you influential.

You can buy time when you influence someone’s decision-making process. Most women take a passive seat when they find a man whose masculine qualities display leadership and certainty.

▪        Dealing with Negative Beliefs

Women are out of this world! There’s no way a guy will ever understand a woman! Dating in the 21st is a hoax because women are….

These are just some of the negative beliefs that circulate in the modern dating space. When you think that something is impossible for you to attain, you don’t give the right effort to attain it. You might try to do so but you’ll only fail because your mindset is in the wrong place from the jump.

On the other hand, most men try to be logical in every situation even those that sometimes require us to think with our emotional minds. That’s why it’s very challenging for most men to pinpoint negative emotions that are dragging them. Silently, negative beliefs that stir negative emotions will drain all the fun and enthusiasm that one needs for a happy and fulfilling life and relationships.

Negative beliefs play a key role in inhibiting your ability to create a connection with other people. You’ll have biased ideas and perspectives that will detach you from the actual situation thus making it hard for you to make a meaningful connection.

For example, you’ll see a beautiful woman that you desire to approach, but since you believe all women are liars, you’ll have your reservations about approaching the woman. You’ll not approach the woman when you feel that she’s too good for you; unpopular known as “out of your league!”

Feelings are feeling whether negative or positive. However, if they act as a barrier to the connections that you desire or how you relate to a group of people, then mastering ways how to control them can give you the edge you desire in initiating and building meaningful relationships.

Kamalifestyles has for years been coming up with programs that help guys reflect on themselves and build skills that help to overcome negative beliefs and boost confidence. The PUA Bootcamp London is designed to equip you with skills and techniques that will give you a chance to get hold of the negative beliefs.

We’ll demystify the urban myths that trigger negative beliefs that undermine the game of many guys. You’ll take an eagle’s view on modern relationships and dating that will give you a clear look at how to approach women and score them in the 21st.

▪         Conversation skills mastery

Skilled PUA knows that the power they have is in their tongue and the signals they send. Most guys think about what they are going to tell a woman once they see a beautiful woman they desire to approach.

A master PUA centers his focus on what will bring down the woman’s defense systems. Forget the cheesy pickup lines that you read on the net and see on videos. Cramming those lines will only guarantee you to make a clown of yourself.

A master PUA understands how to cold read a woman and get an idea of where to start the conversation. The conversation starters are designed by a master PUA to understand a woman’s interest and the common qualities they share. This technique gives a master PUA the chance to swing around until he gets the bullseye to what makes the woman tick.

The good news is that every guy can master the conversation skills and tricks that make a master PUA. You’ll have the best coaches at your disposal in the Bootcamp in London. They’ll take you through carefully designed programs to give you the mastery essential for a master PUA.

You’ll get to know how to approach women in difficult social situations.

You’ll master ways how to identify and get off conversation traps.

You’ll become a pro at transitioning topics in the conversation to get what you want.

You’ll be able to come up with conversation starters.

Building connections through conversations will come naturally for you.

There’s a special surprise for those that will be in the Bootcamp. We have been in the game for years, and we understand how women respond to men when subjected to different approaches. Get conversation hacks that will always build a woman’s interest in you and make you attractive in all the conversations you have with women.

▪         Creating the wow effect

There are two types of men that most women can’t resist their charm; they are wealthy guys and funny guys. You become irresistible to a woman when you show her that she can explore her desires with you. However, not everyone has the bank account to make a woman drop dead for them

As a PUA, you only have a few minutes to capture the woman’s interest and attention. Wealthy guys do it easy with the expensive toys they come along with and funny guys make the woman laugh her way to his bed.

You can also impress a woman and capture her interest and attention if you know what you have and what the woman desires. Not all women want a huge bank account or a guy that makes them laugh until their oxygen depth is insufficient. Women have a wide range of qualities that they look for in men.

The PUA Bootcamp is your ticket to self-discovery that will help you understand how to create a wow effect with a woman you’ve just met. We’ll take you on a trip to discover your strengths and qualities that make women crazy about men.

How do you know what the woman wants within the first few minutes of interactions? How do you display yourself as a limited edition to any woman you interact with without appearing cock? These are just some of the questions that you’ll find the answers to in the Bootcamp.

▪         Bounce back techniques

PUA has to be one of the most challenging techniques for approaching and gaming women. You’ll approach women and try to impress them in a short span which sometimes can backfire. That makes PUA susceptible to rejection as compared to other techniques of approaching and gaming women.

One crucial skill that every master PUA needs are mastery of how to handle rejection. Although PUA techniques make you susceptible to rejection, it also exposes you to a high level of success. Mastering how to handle rejection will help you maintain your game.

PUA knows that every woman is a different case but the game should never be compromised. Rejection can trigger self-doubt and reservations that can take a toll on your game. Mastering bounce-back techniques will make you sleek when experiencing rejection.

The PUA Bootcamp will show you ways to create anchors that will be used to maintain your confidence and self-worth when you experience rejection.

For example, how do you remove yourself from a negative perspective that has been painted about you by a woman you’ve approached? The trick is not in denying that the situation has not happened but in revisiting the facts you know about yourself.

The bounce-back techniques that you’ll master in the Bootcamp will form your confidence anchors in the dating and relationship scene. You’ll find it easier to transition from rejection to approaching another woman and gaming her with the momentum of a winner.

▪        The art of listening

It’s interesting how you can tell where the conversation is heading in its early stages by just listening. Most men have approached a woman that told them they are married, in a relationship, or gay just to get rid of them. This is the point that some men act extremely desperate or give up when in a real sense it was a test.

Now, before you start getting moody on why a woman would do something like that as a test, understand what you were offering before the statement was bombarded on you! The art of listening goes beyond what you are told.

Master PUA listens to the nonverbal cues that a woman displays. Women are very cautious of guys that randomly approach them. Listening to the nonverbal cues gives you an insight into what the woman is not saying.

However, let’s be real! Sometimes it’s difficult to listen to everything that a woman has to say especially if she’s very chatty. Understanding hooks in a woman’s story that will make them familiar to you can make you irresistible to the woman you’ve approached.

The Bootcamp is the place you want to be if you want the listening hacks that will prevent you from an ear beating from a woman you just want to hook up with. You’ll interact with coaches that have mastered using the art of listening to boost your influence and persuasion.

▪         Get laid on the first date

The ultimate test of a PUA is determined by how comfortable is able to make a woman and get what he desires. It’s challenging for most men to get laid on the first date because they are unable to forge the right trust and comfort.

Some misconception about sex is that women are interested in having sex with guys that are interested in a long-term relationship. Or women cannot have sex with a guy that they just met. That is very far from the truth.

Women can have sex with any guy as long as they feel comfortable around the guy. Master PUA understands how to make a woman feel comfortable and build irresistible sexual tension. He creates a safe environment for the woman to want to explore herself.

The Bootcamp will give you insights on what skills can make a woman comfortable and ways to inspire sexual tension. You’ll find sneaky ways to prevent last-minute withdrawal and escalate with the woman.

▪         Be a man with a plan

PUA has to be organized and understand how to structure his approach and at the same time understand how to blend the woman into the plan. Knowing what you want and the strengths you possess to keep a woman hooked on you can make you irresistible.

A proper plan also has to be inclusive of your weakness. When approaching women, a lot of guys focus on their strengths and get stuck once their weaknesses in highlighted during the interaction. Understanding how to be the man with a plan when you go out to approach women makes you confident and smooth in your approach.


So, how’s the Bootcamp going to help you become the man with a plan?

You find sleek techniques to approach women and understand a unique way that you are going to connect with them and build a good rapport within the first few minutes of your interaction. People are creatures of habit and there’s a pattern in how women respond to men. You’ll get deep into the topic as you enjoy the Bootcamp.

We’ve talked about the crucial skills a master PUA should have. The mastery of cold reading skills can make you an exceptional PUA and precise with your timing. And you know that timing determines a lot when you approach and want to escalate with a woman.

Sometimes you form the plan as you escalate with the woman you desire. The Bootcamp is tailored to help magnify your ability to keep a woman interested in you without having to do a lot of talking. You’ll learn about alpha nonverbal cues that women have admitted make a man an interesting catch.

You’ll interact with coaches that are excellent at what they do and have a remarkable experience in relationships, lifestyles, and dating dynamics. You’ll enhance your perspective in the game as you get to view dating and women from different scopes.

One important thing you’ll learn that we’ll make you a master PUA is how to handle and overcome rejection. You’ll have the confidence to respectfully accept rejection and move on without regret but lessons to make you better and sleek in your game.

You’ll have a deeper insight into what’s limiting your game. You become vulnerable to your weakness when you are unaware of it. The Bootcamp is tailored to help you self-discover as you build supreme confidence to ask yourself the tough questions and overcome barriers that are limiting your full potential.

I wouldn’t spoil the day by telling you everything that you’ll benefit from attending Kamalifestyles PUA Bootcamp London. But you can come with an open mind and the will to make a difference and you’ll come out of it on a clear path on the way to mastering your game.


It’s amazing how getting mentored by an experienced person can make you a master in the field very fast. You have the chance to interact with some of the most brilliant minds when it comes to female dating psychology, self-improvement and development, dating and relationships.

PUA Bootcamp London is the start of your journey to becoming a master. It feels good when you can score the woman that you desire rather than getting a woman that will accept you. Sign Up and let’s take you right to the top!!

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Iain Myles

Iain Myles is an internationally recognised dating coach and co-owner of the UK’s largest dating coaching company, Kamalifestyles.Iain is also an internet sensation thanks to the multiple viral videos posted through the YouTube channel KamaTV, which has grossed over 100 million views.

Iain has appeared in numerous newspaper columns and radio shows across the world.He is a regular contributor to BBC Radio in the UK.