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Psychological tricks to seduce a girl!

Psychological tricks to seduce a girl

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about Psychological tricks to seduce a girl.
The art of seduction is not something that comes naturally to everyone. That is why we have wingmen, rely on the vulnerability or the ‘friends with benefits’ clause. However, in our current society, in a world where psychology and mind reading is for everyone, it is not that hard to get a few and use them to suit your relationship situation. Here are some psychological tricks to seduce a girl you like or want to hook up with.

Be a good listener

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason, use it. Women are known to use over 50,000 words per day, and if you listen carefully, they share so much about themselves. Besides, the more you listen, the better your chances of getting her since she is very comfortable with you. She also believes that you are sensitive and genuinely concerned about her which is a plus for you.

Benjamin Franklin Effect

Benjamin Franklin proposed a psychological phenomenon that posited that people reason that they help others because they like them. This is so, even if they do not in fact like those people because their minds struggle to maintain logical consistency between their actions and perceptions. This means that you should get the girl to do you a favor so that she begins to think that she likes you.

Humor her

This proves that you are intellectually strong/capable (which is something most women crave for because they don’t want to give birth to dumb children). Moreover, laughter releases the hormone oxytocin which is the hormone of ‘love’ (which helps bond individuals and groups together). Crack jokes, and if childish jokes are not your thing, sarcasm is one of the best humor. You can be like Chandler in Friends who always cracks people up with dark humor. Alternatively, you can show her or even send her funny memes that way she can always relate funny memes with you, and it would be like you told the joke yourself.

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