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Psychological Tricks to Make a Girl Like You!

Psychological Tricks to Make a Girl Like You

Psychological Tricks to Make a Girl Like You! Impressing a woman you like is an art that only those who have mastered it get girls to like them. Not every man can James Bond or Brad Pitt his way to a woman’s heart. In fact, the smooth operators always use psychological tricks that get girls to like them. Psychological tricks work on her subconscious mind and she will like you without even knowing. Once you know how to play with us at a psychological level, you won’t even need the flowers and chocolates to impress us. Here are the Psychological tricks to make a girl like you:

Make her adrenaline pump hard

Romantic dates and beautiful flowers are sweet but it does not completely get the work done. We like men who are different because it is almost impossible to predict their next move. Depending on the girl you want there are various techniques you can utilize to get her adrenaline do the work for you. Creating a mystery is one of them; make the girl find a challenge when they are trying to figure you out. Make her try something daring that she has never done before (try choosing something she will not hate you for doing it). She will start associating dangerous fun with you and such a guy keeps any woman on edge.

Play with her senses

You can trick a girl psychologically into liking you by playing with her senses. We are sensitive and very cautious of our surrounding so the first thing you will do is make her feel comfortable. Bright colored clothes help in capturing and maintaining her attention; so wear bright colors but in a stylish way. You can play with her sense of smell by wearing an excellent cologne. Playing her favorite music is the best way to play with her hearing sense. Her mind will be registering all these events and she will create an association in her mind with the senses that you manipulated. You will be in her mind each time she experiences a sensory trigger which eventually will get her to like you.

Psychological Tricks to Make a Girl Like You

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