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Discover How To Talk To Women, Get Dates & Make Them Want You

Conversation and communication skills are among the most crucial skills in dating and relationships, but they are also the most challenging to master. Sometimes men and women seem to understand each other, and that’s a game killer. But…

  • Did you know you can attract more women by mastering the art of conversation?
  • Do you ever wonder why you don’t get dates?
  • Have you ever wondered what women want in a conversation because no matter what you say, nothing seems to work?

Like most men say, “Women say one thing and mean something totally different.” But women are not that challenging to understand when you can hold a conversation with them from a specific position as a man..

Here’s the secret why most men struggle with talking to women; it’s because when a guy likes a woman, the stakes go high. You subconsciously place the woman on a pedestal that makes her out of your league. Some guys build confidence and overcome the anxious and nervous phase but still fail to connect. It’s because subconsciously, you can create your confidence by feeling that the woman is in your league or below, and success is guaranteed. That feeling of overconfidence can make it difficult for a woman to relate to man.

Most men experience struggle talking to women because women are naturally defensive regarding who they allow accessing their emotions. These emotional defense walls make it difficult to connect with a woman and almost impossible to game her. However, quality and engaging conversation can bring down emotional barriers and make the woman accessible. Whether you use online apps or a cold approach, a woman has to feel connected to hook up with you. The connection makes you feel familiar to a woman, and it builds her trust in you. The trust will bring down the emotional walls and allow you to connect with a woman. A master conversationalist uses talking; to build trust, build interest, initiate sexual tension, and take the woman home.

Guys that haven’t mastered the art of conversation will always overcompensate it with something else. That can make you look desperate and push the woman you desire away. For example, you have a hot woman, but you struggle with the conversation because you keep running out of things to say and experiencing awkward silences in the conversation. The woman will become bored, and you’ll lose her interest in you.

The multimillion-dollar question on my client’s mind is how to master the art of conversation and increase my success with women? I have been a dating coach for a long time, and in my career, I meet men that have exhausted their reserve strength in women. They have given up pursuing women because they don’t know how to talk to women and they did not get a girlfriend. And it can be emotionally devastating because the stress in our dating life and relationships can spread in every aspect of our lives.

Before I become a dating coach, I was a shy guy. I struggled to get women and handled more than a handful of heartbreaking rejections. I wasn’t good with my conversational skills, and that was significantly fueled by rejections. That’s why I have a personal attachment to this crucial dating skill. At, we pride ourselves on intense research that we into our training programs. We have been working on a program that would make men better at talking to women and boosting their connection for more than five years.

We discovered that women were more attracted to men they could have quality conversations with. A woman will be attracted to a man because of how the man makes her feel. You can use conversations to introduce the feelings you want in a woman and connect with them to make yourself indispensable.

It took me years of heartbreaks and failures, but we finally got it. Any man can now avoid rejection and heartbreak by mastering easy skills to improve how you talk to women. Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the Conversation Booster Training Program. It’s an intensive 8-module program that looks at different aspects of conversation with women. The program contains a series of 10-12 videos in each module, pdf, worksheets, presentation slides, and other materials that are essential to conversation mastery.

You may ask how the Conversation Booster Training Program can benefit you and increase your success with women?

Module 1 – Storytelling

One of the most crucial skills to learn when you are in the dating game is storytelling. Women are attracted to men they can relate with, and storytelling is a sneaky technique to make yourself relatable. In the first module, we explore different storytelling angles to help build a good rapport, make a superior first impression, and build trust. We also explore what types of stories will get you laid, and what types of stories will get you a long-term relationship. By the end of the first module, you’ll know how to start a story, thread our story, use storytelling to make you attractive and irresistible to women, and how to capitalize on storytelling to win her trust.

Module 2 – Motivate and Empower Yourself

Conversation starters are an essential aspect of conversation because they give your intent and give direction in which the conversation flows. How you start the conversation is crucial because you only have one shot at it. Your choice of a conversation starter will also be part of your first impression, and it will speak volumes about your personality and attitude to women and life. In the second module, we explore different aspects of conversation, starting with the woman you like. You’ll learn the sneakiest icebreakers techniques, body language mistakes to avoid, common mistakes guys subconsciously make at the beginning of conversations with women, and how to start like a high-value man.

Module 3 – Conversation Hooking and Bridging

Module three will be about one of the most crucial skills you’ll need in talking to women, which is conversation hooking and bridging. Topics have a lifespan, and you can end up in a difficult conversation when you keep going with an exhausted topic. Module three will be about mastering the skill of conversation hooking and bridging to eliminate awkward silences and boring topics in a conversation. In this module, you’ll also improve your cold reading skills and the ability to tell when a girl is in a trance. It’s a skill that will help you hook the woman in a conversation and increase her interest in you when you hook and bridge different stories.

Module 4 – Attraction

Module four is about building attraction with the woman you desire. Physical attraction is okay, but the emotional appeal can make you irresistible to a woman. In this module, we explore different ways you can use your stories to inspire attraction. We take things further in module four and explore nonverbal and verbal signs of clear interest or disinterest so that you know when to push hard or withdraw. By the end of module four, you’ll understand the attraction model and use attraction to avoid the friend’s zone, attraction tests, use kino escalation, and double conversation to build desired emotions in the conversation.

Module 5 – Connection

Learning how to connect with feelings that you trigger is crucial because that will make you different from a woman point of view. Module five explores the emotional, physical, and mental connection and uses it to make a conversation comfortable with the woman you desire. Connecting with a woman allows you to gain her total trust. A deeper connection makes the conversation easy because women tend to be less irritable when talking to guys they are attracted to and connected to. The areas you’ll discover in this module will also help you understand a woman and what she wants in life and relationships. You become more confident and relaxed when you talk to a woman that you understand.

Module 6 – Building Trust and Comfort

Trust and comfort are crucial to a conversation. You’ll feel tension and resistance in the conversation when a woman doesn’t trust or is uncomfortable around you. However, we use conversations to show people our perspectives and let them in for a trip in our lives to build trust and how we mean well. Module six is about mastering the art of making a woman trust you and be comfortable around you. The module is packed with techniques to help you control the conversation, so things don’t get out of control and jeopardize what you’ve already built. You’ll master the ability to build sexual tension and escape the friend’s zone. You’ll face this challenge confident because the module contains common trust breakers with a new woman and emotional bonding techniques.

Module 7 – Conversation Traps and Answering questions

Have you ever been caught in a conversation trap or asked a difficult question with a woman you like? Module seven is your powerhouse because its action-packed to make sure you always have control of the conversation to avoid any surprises. Women use conversation traps to determine if a guy is hiding something or sometimes a topic makes you uncomfortable. Your body language will communicate your discomfort, and it will trigger doubt that can harm your trust. By the end of module seven, you have mastered the skill to answer boring questions, use humor and flirtation to lead conversations, handle conflict, avoid conversation traps, and so many other skills. One of my favorites is how you can use silence as a powerful tool. You want to know how it’s all in the Conversation Booster Training Program.

Module 8 – Dating Objections and Goal Setting

Module eight is the last module of the Conversation Booster Training Program. In this module, we focus on dating objections and goal setting. These are aspects that prepare you for any conversation you might encounter with a woman. Women are cautious about guys they let near the cookie because of the mistrust that exists. The mistrust has given rise to dating objections that are inspired by stereotypes and limiting beliefs. Module eight sheds light on you and what will make you happy in a relationship. The module has explored goal setting in dating to make you determine what you want in a woman and a relationship. By the
end of module eight, you’ll have mastered:

  • How to overcome and handle dating objections
  • How to breakdown your dating goals into actionable steps.
  • Build your skills in dating
  • How to turn your weakness in dating into strengths

You can use the Conversation Booster Training Program as a tool to build your conversation skills with women. It can be frustrating when women reject or friend’s zone you regularly. But there is no situation that a sweet tongue can’t get you in or out of. Mastery in conversation skills will make you sleek with women because it’s challenging for a woman to dismiss a guy that makes her happy and confident. The skills that the Conversation Booster Training Program helps you with are priceless because you can use them in any area of your life that you use conversation which is almost everywhere.


Dating master

Amazing program!! I can proudly say that the Conversation Booster Program changed my dating life from zero to hero. I used to feel very anxious and nervous around women that I liked. Words would refuse to come out of my mouth sometimes. Well, you can get laid if you can’t say it, and that’s how I used to lose on women. The Conversation Booster Program built my conversational skills and confidence in life. I started using the Power of Silence, which is a technique taught in the program. When the technique started working, I become bolder by the day to try out a more challenging technique. It’s been a month since I completed the program, and I can talk to any woman I want. I have gained a lot of confidence in my life because of talking to beautiful women. I would recommend this program for anyone that wants to improve their success with women.
Donovan, Wales

dating coaching for men

Growing up, I had an issue with my weight, and being picked on made me a loner. So, trying to game women became a real pain for me when I got into college. I kept getting rejected because I never knew what to tell a woman. I used to run out of things to say in a conversation before we even finish the first drink. I went for Residential Training at Kamalifestyles, and the online Conversation Booster program was one of the programs I did. When I finished the program, I could talk with a woman for a reasonable time. It’s been two years since I completed the program, and I am a master in my game. I score women all the time, and I’m living with the happiness I deserve. Thank you, guys, so much for everything you did for me!
Chris, USA

dating coach for men

Excellent program for all guys. I took the Conversation Booster program because I had challenges connecting with women in conversations. I would establish trust, and we’ll have a good conversation, but later the girl would change her mind. While taking the program, I discovered some behaviors that showed desperation on my side, among other negative traits that I was not conscious of. The coaches were super amazing because they used to reply to my questions when I wanted to know more. I started working on my conversation confidence and started taking control of conversations like a man should. I never knew getting women can be this easy. I smile and sweet talk myself to her phonebook and late-night chats. Try the program. It will change your life.
Troy, Sweden

dating coaching for men

Thumbs up to this program! What do you say when you don’t have words? I have learned a great deal in a few weeks than I have since adolescents about talking to women. The nonverbal cues are louder sometimes than what you hear. You have to listen to what she’s not saying, and you have to know what you are not saying, but you’re communicating. I used to have many nonverbal mistakes that act as barriers between the woman I would be gaming and me. The Conversation Booster Training Program taught me how to use my body language to communicate intent and interest. I am smooth with my tongue now, and it’s become really easy to talk to women. The knowledge and skills that you’ll learn in the program are worth more than we pay for. Thank you, guys.
Patrick, Norway

Dating master

The Conversation Booster Program is actually one of the best courses I have taken during this lockdown period. I used to argue a lot with my girlfriend for no reason sometimes. The communication breakdown damaged our relationship so much to almost a point we were breaking up. During the program, I learned a lot about myself and my relationships. I was allowing my girlfriend to violate my boundaries, and I subconsciously resented her for it. I did not know how to communicate my boundaries without upsetting her. I started learning conversation skills and started applying them. It has worked magic for me. Thank you, Iain Myles, and My girlfriend and I are good and engaged. I am happier in my relationship than I have ever been.
Earl, Canada