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Player or nice guy? | What women want?

Player or nice guy? What women want?

Hi guys expert dating coach Annabella Rose and this Dating Coach Emre and today we will be talking about What women want… Player or nice guy? Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way! Take it from a woman, every woman has found herself I a situation where she cannot seem to get herself a stable and nice guy who can treat her well and make her feel special. Trust me, women have longed for emotionally understanding men but have ended up in the arms of players.
Emre: well said Annabella, a friend of mine mentioned that she is usually looking for good for her but always ends up choosing the complete opposite of what she wants. A majority of women have been played by their “prince charming.” It is almost a must go through thing for every woman. The funniest thing is that after they are over the hurt, they will go out and choose a player yet again.

Accurate Emre. It is widely known that women are more attracted to players than nice guys. It is a truth that all women can attest. The word player is used figuratively to mean who make the woman’s life harder than a nice guy would.

With that said, what are some of the reasons why women are more attracted to players? One of the reasons is the fact that players are decisive. Unlike nice guys who overthink things too much because they do not want to come across as too sexual, players usually have planned prior what they want to happen; which in most cases is often to get laid. Also, players are determined to push through with their plans without any hesitation. Women want men who take the lead and control of things as opposed to men who ask them what they want. Any woman would prefer a, “let’s go out tomorrow night. Will pick you up at 8.” Kind of man as opposed to, “do you want to hang out sometime? Maybe? No? Okay.” Sort of man.

Player or nice guy? | What women want?

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